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Cash Net USA

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Cash Net USA Reports & Reviews (194)

Victim Location 36106
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This company or individually wanted me to send them $200.00 through western union then I would be approve for a loan.

Victim Location 49038
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had applied for a short-term loan for some inforseen things that had happened recently and that I needed to pay for. I was contacted by Mike Anderson who stated he was from US Bank, working with Cash Net USA and that my loan had been approved. He then proceeded to call me and get the typical information to complete a Loan. Everything seemed legit until he asked me for my Online Banking information to verify that my checking account belonged to me. I found this odd, but was stupid and gave the information to him anyway. He then stated he needed to call me back after the accounting department gave him more information. He called me back and stated that because my credit score is so low, that they would make a $900 deposit to my account and then I would need to withdraw the money and send it back via a money gram. It was at that time that I realized it was a scam and that this guy had my info. I immediately went into my online banking and changed my username, password and secret questions. But now I am scared as to what will happen and if my identity has been stolen. I am hoping I will find someone who may be able to help me with what has happened.

Victim Location 62067
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Claims to be CASH NET USA and threaten to take me to court for outstanding fee of $478

I have never taken loan out, and when I contacted actual cash net usa they confirmed I didn't have loan

Victim Location 62234
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan through them. They told me they'd deposit $500 into my account, I was told to buy a $100 Apple iTunes gift card Walmart $400 gift card and called them and gave them the numbers.

Victim Location 50075
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They said if I paid them a insurance amount of$200 they would send my loan then asked for another$300. But wanted it on a prepaid card.

Victim Location 30161
Type of a scam Phishing

The only thing they ask for is the last 4 if your social and the banking information. If you don't give them that they will offer a money wire fee through money gram or western union of $59. The person that I spoke with uses the name as Kevin Cooper with a strong indian accent. Kevin Cooper was a man that was a murderer sentenced life in prison San Quentin in 1983. The agents oddly enough uses names of violent dead criminals. Beware! Fortunately I caught this only because of a case study I did in class.

Victim Location 76017
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received an email from this company on 6/1/17 informing me that I had been approved for an $8,000 loan. The email included a word document (loan approval letter.doc). The document has a poorly copied logo for CashNetUSA, multiple typos throughout the document and a questionable web address (not to mention bad page breaks). After researching online, I see that this company tries to get money upfront prior to sending you the loan proceeds. I continue to receive calls from this company an average of 3-4 times a day. I have blocked the number on my phone, but I can still see when blocked calls come in.

Victim Location 53209
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Recieved a call saying i waa approved for a loan that i applied for threw rhe company. Told me that they would deposit the money into my account.

Victim Location 83404
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a statement indicating $ 1708.94 When I contacted CashNetUSA I was informed that this was not correct and that it is likely a scam.

Victim Location 92068
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received an email and then a voicemail about a personal loan. I responded because my sister just died of stage 4 cancer and needed money for her funeral services. I was approved for a $5,000.00 loan. To expedite transfer of funds, I need to go to CVS Pharmacy and buy $72.00 Amazon gift card, text the receipt and the claim code # after I scratch or peel off the sticker on the back of the card. So I followed the instructions #1.All done. #2 Go back to CVS and purchase Amazon card again for $146.00 and do the same process. This time for second processing fee. #3, to receive the loan, final step, send another, 3rd Amazon card for $107 and do the same process. The total is to confirm that I am able to make my first loan payment of $291.00 and processing fee or advance fee which I have paid a total of 7$325.00 total cash out of pocket. I was desperate for this loan and explained to them because of my sister's situation.

After the #3 card was processed they sent it to another website and gave me the ran-around denying they did not received it and then I called this finance/accounting officer who is suppose to be the one transferring or sending the funds to my account suddenly rejected my calls and blocked my calls. His phone is from Florida. I left a message to.the Anaheim number and stated it was a scam. This company is a scam and the.second company I got scammed because of trying to help a family member in need. Please I needed a loan and demanded advance fees. This is a major criminal activity and I became a victim because of vulnerability and desperation for help.

I said to them that I am going to report them and responded to me, "Go ahead". So these people are com artists, criminals and scammers. I am a senior citizen and it is preying on the elders, vulnerable and desperate to get a loan. Please help and take care of these evil people. Thank you.

Victim Location 97367
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Contacted me about a loan I applied for. These people have my ss#!!!!

Tried to get me to pay $200 to cover loan insurance. I did not pay.

Victim Location 19145
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I call responding to the text, I had received., and before I could ask questions about the interest rate due to my low credit score, Harry Morgan got very defensive, because I was not answering his questions, which all was related to where I bank and my banking information. Once I told him I do not give out that kind of information. He started really getting angry. He told me it was the only way I could get the loan, and no one will give me a loan based on my scores. So I might as well deal with them, and I could have the money into my account in 24 hour. I guess the real cashnetusa is aware of theses scammers using their name.

Victim Location 53051
Type of a scam Debt Collections

It said it was from cashnetusa and to pay the outstanding amount of $1653. We made several attempts to contact you by phone. It said they are putting out an arrest warrant starting January 5th at 1pm. That a sheriff will come to my house and serve me papers and arrest me. No phone number to call them but it said attorney Ron smith at ext 253 will send out legal papers. The email was [email protected]

Victim Location 36426
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Got a call from these people it came up on the caller ID as 251-202-3563 (which is a local number) saying that they had a warrant for my arrest and gave me the 1-866-211-6901 number. They said in the message that they were calling from the litigation office and if I didn't call them back today that they would file the charges with my sheriff dept. They also called any and everyone that I have EVER had any contact with. They even called one of my sons friend's who lived with us for a while because his parents moved to a different state. I haven't talked to this young man in years. But they also told every person they contacted what they were trying to get in touch with me about. They told them that they were trying to contact me and that there was a warrant for my arrest and they were trying to locate me from their litigation office. When I called them back on the 251-202-3653 number no one answered.


Then I called them on the 866-211-6901 and they proceeded to tell me that I owed the money and they gave me my SS# and birthday. I told them that I had not received a bill or anything in the mail and that I didn't pay anything over the phone so they needed to send me something in writing. They said it wasn't their fault if I had thrown it in the garbage and I said no I have not received anything, I open ALL my mail so I told them to send me a bill in the mail so that I can see what it is all about. They said that they didn't send anything like that in the mail. I told them to give me their physical address so that I can come to their office and take care of this. They refused to give me their address. One lady tripped up and said they were in Chicago. I asked to speak to the lawyer that had been assigned to my case (since they gave me a case number) they said that they were a huge conglomeration of lawyers that spread out over several states and there was not one lawyer that was assigned to my case. I used to work for the sheriff dept. and I know that if there is a case number against the person, it has to be filed by a lawyer. I told this to them and they repeated what they said earlier about the large conglomeration of lawyers. I told them I wouldn't tell them anything over the phone and without talking to the lawyer assigned to my case and that I would come to their office and try to get this taken care of.


They got very defensive then because I backed them in a corner and hung up on me. I called back and asked for their physical address and they said we don't give out that information. They said with the state of the world right now, they don't give out that information. they asked for my name and I refused. I told them all I wanted was their physical address. They said I will be glad to talk to you but only if you tell me your name. I refused again and said I didn't want to go through the whole spill again. They refused to give me the address and hung up. I called back again and the guy that answered gave me his name (Mark Allen) (first time anyone had even offered a name) and I asked for the address they refused and once again asked for my name. I told them I have already talked to someone and I just need your physical address so I can take care of this and he said if you give me your information and I will try to help you from here. I said no I just need the address of your office. He refused and I told him that If he wouldn't give me the address I have no way of taking care of the bill and he said we can take care of it by credit card and I told him no I don't pay anything online. He said give me your information and I will help you and I told him no give me your address and he said we will just file charges(how did he know there was charges)!!! then he hung up!!1 Total scam!!!! Please be careful!!!

Victim Location 44130
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Said I was approved for a loan. In the email I received it said no up front fees. He said I had to pay $300. For insurance. The phone number was not the same!e number. That was on the e!ail. 661-246-3362.

Victim Location 29644
Total money lost $426
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I went online looking for a loan. Checked my e-mail and Cash Net USA sent an e-mail back telling my loan ws approved for $ 7, 000.00. Victor Jones with Cash Net. USA was the person who sent the e-mails. Phone: 229-380-8929. e-mail address is [email protected] Mr. Jones said to get an apple I tune card with first installment of $213.00. The Accounting Dept. said there was a mandatory wire transfer fee of $200.00. I was to get another Apple I tune card and put $290.00 on it. Once you show the transfer fees the money will be transferred to your account within 10 minutes. This money will not be visible to me because I had a block on my account.

Victim Location 60621
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

said could a loan up to 10000 dollars and they wanted all my bank info plus passwords.and said they were under the guildlines of bbb and federal trade commission ftc.

Victim Location 60644
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Good Afternoon,

I have a feeling that this person is a scammer and I want to bring it to you guys attention. It is a guy with an Indian accent (his name is Alexander Anderson a Senior Loan Officer from CashNetUSA in New York). The number that comes up is (347)434-5391. I felt like that something isn't right and I wanted to let you guys know. I have had an excellent banking relationship with Bank of America for the past seven years and I would never do anything so deceptive like this. (it was a false claims filed with my bank and I know I didn't file them) I am also e-mailed my bank (their Fraud department) and let them know what was going on. I thought it was a red flag when I asked for a copy of the contract and they never sent it (and they did give your website I don't know any payday loan companies that will ask customers to send money in order to receive money (not legitimate to me)? They wanted me to go to Walgreens and purchase an iTunes card (red flag#2). They sent a text message saying I was approved) If someone can reach back out to me via e-mail (which is ***), I would appreciate it. I do not want anyone else to become a victim.

Thank you very much,

*** ***

Victim Location 30504
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Cash net usaa called and text my phone saying that they received my information meaning my account& ssnI was trying to explain to them that I didn't send them any information and that my information was stolen this person asked me since it's been stolen can I use this information anyway I still have the text he sent when he asked me that

Victim Location 45238
Total money lost $385
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

About two weeks ago (about August 24, 2016), a man on the phone that sounded Indian called me from Cash Net USA from number 713-597-6952 and said I could get a $3,000 loan. All I had to do was get an I Tunes card, and send him $385 and I would get the $3,000 back. And when I did it, he gonna ask for more money for Money Gram, and he was going to charge me $236. So, what I did, I said never mind cancel everything and give me my money back and he wouldn't do it. And we were arguing on the phone, and I didn't get anywhere arguing with him, he said the $385 they couldn't cancel it because they already collected it, and he didn't want to. After I gave them the money they didn't want to give me my money back, I told him to cancel everything and he said he couldn't. I said I want my money and he wouldn't listen to me. 

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