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Cash Advance

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Cash Advance Reports & Reviews (101)

Victim Location 32952
Total money lost $10,118
Type of a scam Credit Cards

*** *** *** contacted me by phone and offered to loan me money a sum of $10000 so I could start my company. What I didn't know is they had no intention to lend me anything, what they proceeded to tell me after viewing my information was they would use my *** *** card to deposit money into then I would return the money to them. This sounded odd but in this process they had gotten ahold of *** *** and had my deposit amount raised to $900 though for myself the limit stayed at$500. I assumed that if *** *** knew of this then it was fine, my limit was at $500and all I had on that card was $65, so I thought that was worst case scenario. I learned otherwise because with the help of *** *** *** *** was able to defraud my credit card of some $8000. *** company allowed this also which leads me to believe that *** bank is in on this also.

Victim Location 44108
Type of a scam Phishing

I am reporting many scam phone calls I am receiving from Cash Advance on my cell phone. Over 100 calls. The message states to call them back. I call back and am put on hold. They call from many phone number. One of the numbers is 773-869-0918. Same number and the last four digits is different. Another number is 773-869-0913.

Victim Location 44030
Type of a scam Debt Collections

We received a message on our home answering machine. The caller left the company name Cash Advance. this needs to be settled. It will go to court if we don't respond. They left phone number 866-378-3214. The call started us and I called the number back. A woman answered hello. She asked who I spoke with. He did not leave his name. This man knew our social security numbers and the type of cars we had. We did not give out any personal information over the phone. We never did business with this company.

Victim Location 34472
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Saying that i recieved a loan and i never had. And they were going to put me in jail if i didnt pay them with in the next 4 hours.

Victim Location 21244
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Loan ,, I have all the text and the information I provided to him all personal bank information as well as personal information like date of birth ssi

Victim Location 60018
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They contacted me asking if I wanted to take out a loan. They put a check in my account and asked me to send half back to make sure I would pay it back they put another check into my account than stole all of my money out of my account.. the man name is Michael. When called to ask why my money was gone he said he’ll give me a call back I never received a call so I called him back he says didn’t I say I would call you back this is my last time saying it. When I searched the number come to find out he did two other ppl the same way in October..

Victim Location 80225
Type of a scam Phishing

I was called by this number and left an incomplete voice message offering "no upfront fees; no security deposit; or processing charges" and to call our "direct" line number (773) 869-0820. The message was very similar to the messages I was receiving from the "IRS" advising me that my arrest was imminent. To confirm it is the same group of scammers, I called back and as expected the person who answered the phone had a very strong East Indian (?) accent just as the IRS scammers did. Called back a few times more and got different people with the same accent. If cash advance is a legitimate business how do they have my number, I have never done business with any cash or payday loan companies and do they only hire people with Indian accents?

Victim Location 40807
Total money lost $365
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They call say you approved for loan $2000 up $10000 .

$3000 payments $150 a month for 12 months.

1st $150 to show you can pay

2nd $145 ins

3rd $120 western union cause banks won't except deposit.

Then come up want more money for other reasons.

They ask you to buy Google game cards or Steam cards.

I lost $365 trying get a loan should have known better but they know you need money so they trick you in to paying by saying oh you'll get it all back plus $3000 loan. Told them I wanted my $365 back They just laughed at me now they won't answer my calls.

Victim Location 40807
Total money lost $365
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They call say you approved for loan $2000 up $10000 .

$3000 payments $150 a month for 12 months.

1st $150 to show you can pay

2nd $145 ins

3rd $120 western union cause banks won't except deposit.

Then come up want more money for other reasons.

They ask you to buy Google game cards or Steam cards.

I lost $365 trying get a loan should have known better but they know you need money so they trick you in to paying by saying oh you'll get it all back plus $3000 loan. Told them I wanted my $365 back They just laughed at me now they won't answer my calls.

Victim Location 40403
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Commonwealth Recovery Group

8:43 AM (7 hours ago)

to me

Received below email from Cash Advance Inc. on 10/22/2018. I have never entered into an agreement with this company.


Payment of $1252.16 required immediately

Subject: Notice Of Demand For Over Due Account With Cash Advance Inc.

Case File : 18-2359BH-21

Creditor : Cash Advance Inc.

Outstanding Balance : $1252.16


We wish to advise that payment of the above outstanding amount has not been received.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that this account is over due from July 2016 for your unpaid loan with Cash Advance Inc.

We request that you pay the amount due within 4 working hours from the date of this letter. Failure to pay this overdue amount may result in recovery action being escalated, to avoid this matter being considered for court action.

Should we proceed with legal action, you will be liable for court costs.

Furthermore, if we are awarded judgment through the courts, your details will be submitted to credit report agencies and as a result you may experience difficulties obtaining future credit for a minimum period of 5 years.

We strongly recommend immediate payment of the overdue amount.

If you are not able to pay in full, than we are seeking your attention on this matter for payment arrangement, you must respond us back with your final decision, if you have willingness to take care of this matter outside of court than we can also be reasonable with you for payment arrangements.

Payment Plan: $50.00 x 25 Payments ($50.00 Twice A Month)

To settle this matter outside of court send us email now mailto:[email protected]

Mr. Mark Steger (Case Concern Officer)

Commonwealth Recovery Group

Victim Location 40831
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Sounded good until they asked for my online banking info. And also said they don't work with my bank.

Victim Location 77045
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

OH 614-489-9622 eligible for $3000; $1298 in mybank account, supposed to send money back to them on CVS play card; Icould only get $400 to send back to them and everything else was blocked down in security; I have contacted and changed my banking information and debit card; I have notified the credit reporting bureau to place a hold on anything that is not authorized. I just hope that exposing these two numbers that it will be of a help to others to think they can get a lot of money when they need it the most.

Victim Location 45014
Total money lost $800
Type of a scam Other

These people claimed to be from First Cash Advance in Chicago, ILL. They have enough information on you that it seems to be legitimate, they ask for a credit card with a balance. They then state they will pay off the balance and once the money is in the account I was to send it back by way of a gift card. After checking my account several times I contacted the bank that issued my card. I asked if the payment had come in for the payoff of the balance on my card. I was told that it did and that the balance was paid off. What they didn't tell me is that it was pending. I then called the people back and it was at that time I was told to get a gift card for the amount they paid to my bank. I got the gift card and gave them the access number and card number so they could get the money off the card. They then ask me to now go get two cards for the amount of credit on my credit card and send that amount to them. This is when I stopped the person and told them I would not send anymore money to them. They tried to convince me this was to confirm I was the owner of the credit card. I refused and ended the conversation. Several days later they called back trying to get me to send they the money so that I could get my loan. I refused and called the Fairfield Police to report this incident. I received a call from them again on 9/17/2018 trying to get me to send the money. These people have enough information on me that I'm now afraid they may try to get into my accounts or use my name to open accounts.

Victim Location 63376
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This business has been harassing me and calling me for a month or so. I have blocked their number from my phone, but they call again with a similar, but different number. Today when they called, I decided to take matters into my own hands and talk to them to get my number removed from their system. When I finally talked to someone about it, the service representative, Jacob, said that he was going to take down my personal number and call me from his personal cell phone because “he wanted to talk to me.” Then he said the only way to remove my number from their calling list was to change my personal number. Then I could hear them in the background laughing at me when I got angry with them. I asked to speak with their supervisor, and one person said that he wasn’t there, and the other person said he was on a call. This “business” is a complete scam!! Do not give out personal information! By the way, every person I spoke with had a foreign accent.

Victim Location 14420
Type of a scam Debt Collections
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Sent email stating I owe them over 800 dollars never took out a loan and I have great credit said I had 4 hours to clear up this matter or take legal action. Only email no phone number given

Victim Location 50701
Total money lost $48.82
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Per my conversation with Adrian Scott from
Cash Advance America on 06/07/18 Scott had stated he initiated the
direct deposit (for 9k loan per signed loan contract. attached) to my
checking account per loan contact (signed and attached). I checked my online checking
account on 06-07-2018 and saw three debits on my checking account (1)
for $46.62 and (2) for $1.00 per piece (pending as of 06-07-18 at
~10PM central time). I have begun to suspect I am being scammed and
want the money returned per my verbal agreement (with myself and
Adrian Scott of Cash Advance America). I was to receive a 9k loan
direct deposit, not said debits. The resolution I seek is to have my debits refunded
and my 9k loan disbursed as per signed loan contract there are to be
no “upfront fees” for said 9k loan, please see below email and
attached documents. I claim 9k loan fraud against Adrian Scott of
Cash Advance America loan ID: FM10017 (presumably of New York, NY;
contact number for Adrian Scott of Cash Advance America is:
The fraudulent charges are highlighted in yellow. I gave Adrian Scott my debit card
information as he asked for it to initiate the 9k loan which was an
error in my judgement to trust Adrian Scott from Cash Advance America.
Below are the fraudulent charges incurred by Adrian Scott of Cash
Advance America in bold print. I was aware of (1) $1.00 charge for:
“magic jack” phone services to phone number: 561-594-9925. I was not
aware of the $46.82 charge on 06-07-18 for magic jack phone services
to said phone number.

Victim Location 98901
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This person texted me after 8pm pacific time his spelling was terrible. , he said it was regarding a loan I had applied for I told him I already got one and he kept prodding for information And was being rather rude.

Victim Location 71137
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan


Victim Location 74525
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Several, two days ago actually I tried to get a loan online through banking and initially was denied many times, so I stopped and forgotten about it. When this morning I received two different emails from two different online lending and assistant lending companies. Each stated I was approved for the loan application I submitted the first gave a number to call and complete verification over the phone before continuing, I did these steps and gave personal information to the Representative I was conversing with and went through the entire process and then told I was denied. I didn't and still can't understand the whole encounter. Upset and now thinking something isn't right I quit answering all loan emails, texts, and calls. Then 11:42am I received an email stating I was approved for two separate loan amounts and each had complete agreement forms with detailed and seemingly accurate loan document information. Also a number to call and the name Paul Anderson title loan manager. I first googled the loan name and several pulled up with similar numbers so I callled went through another personal information giving conversation and was told expect a deposit within 24 hours, hours later I received a call from the same number I'd called and was told I need $280 before I could receive any deposit. I said no this isn't any process I'd ever done previously and it didn't sound correct. I was given so hawked up guidelines and regulations that are questionable. I've sinced received a total of 14 call since 12:15am from the same initial number and another similar number and was told to save this number and after a minimal X amount of dollars were sent but not to be deposited for the loan agreement but for me to with draw and send back to the company through western union as a beginning towards building my credit up stro ger. When I continued to ask questions about policies and refusing to give my banking login info. I was then spoke to very rudely and the gentleman which name was always Mike never Paul told me to then just forget about the loan and try asking someone else or my bank for the loan. They. Because even though the only name I was given was Mike I spoke with I'm positively sure at least 3 different male voices and they also have personal information pertaining to my banking information and personal information that can destroy everything I've worked so hard to have and fix do to younger years. I feel uneasy as to what's yet to become and don't know how to legally and protectively now secure myself. Please if anything can be or if anyone can do something I would be a wiser dummy and not possibly crippled.

Victim Location 43232
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Caller received a message that she would receive $400 in her bank account and was to draw out the money and send load onto a Google card. She did this in promise for a loan for $6500. She provided all necessary banking and ATM card details. She is now negative funding in her account as the $400 did not arrive. They have also used additional phone numbers: 909-440-6850 and 913-276-1499, no phone numbers show as assigned to this business. I covered financial scam tips with her.

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