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CASH ADVANCE AMERICA Reports & Reviews (100)

Victim Location 60637
Total money lost $855.80
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Responded to a text message for a payday loan. Talked to someone who asked for online username and password. Scammers said how much do you want to borrow. Loans start as low as 1,500 up to 10,000. I want to borrow 5,000. Okay no problem, Sir. First, we are going to deposit $430.80 into your account. Now, we will discuss the payment insurance protection plan to you. We sent the information in a pdf format to your gmail account. Once, you confirm the money has been deposited into your account, we have instructions for you to follow. But, first we need you to establish a code word so we know it's you. Whatever you do, do not.tell anyone you are doing this. Now, the money that was deposited; take your debit card, go to a Walmart or Rite-aid and call me back at 7:00 am. You are to use your debit card and purchase 8 google play for $50 each and 1 card for $25. Now, scratch off the foil on the back of the cards. Take pictures of all of them and send the info to my phone. Call me as soon as you completes this. All of the pictures are wonderful. Now, we will deposit more money into your account and then we can discuss the insurance portion of this. Okay, now you will repay us 10% for the 5,000 loan. We will call you back. Two hours passed and no one returned my call. Texted the gentleman; what's taking so long. We are processing transactions. After another 30 minutes; there was no return call. The next day checked my account and it was overdrawn. Told the bank the whole situation and one bank teller stated; you were scammed. I am sorry for your loss and there is nothing we can do for you. I have been on the phone with the bank almost every day. I have reported it to the Chicago Police Department.

Victim Location 65233
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They said that my SSN had been red flagged after I had paid $450. I gave them 150 more to have the red flag removed. Still no loan. they said I had been approved for a $3000 dollar loan then a $1200. I gave all my money.

Victim Location 15370
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was online trying to find a loan. I received an E mail from Cash Advance America Pay Day Loans. Their phone number is 717-889-1840. When I called the number a man with an accent answered. He said I could get a $5000 loan. they need to deposit it directly into a bank account. I was suspicious and transferred the money out. They called me pretending to be with Huntington bank. They needed my routing and account number. I did not give it out again. They wanted $150 for insurance. I did not lose any money. I called my bank and closed the account.

Victim Location 44143
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Two men have called, one was named Michael and he has called several times, about 5 of the 6 calls made were from him. Michael stated I had been approved for an installment loan up to $15,000; I said she was only interested in a loan for $5,000. Michael said I had an account number and routing number for my financial institution, but he had the wrong numbers, but, je had the right name to my financial institution. I have no idea how he got the information. Michael asked my financial institution does mobile banking, I told him no. Michael kept asking how do I know if they do or not. Michael hung up on me when I asked if he was working for a legitimate business.

Victim Location 44120
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I went online and applied for a loan. They contacted me saying I was approved for $5000 dollars. They needed my online banking info and account information. They said because my credit was not that good I would have to show good faith by letting them deposit a small amount of money into my account then transfer it back to them to show good faith - then they would deposit the whole amount of $5000 into my account. I have had other Pay Day loans in the past and they have never ask for that info of my online banking and for me to send money back to them. 

Victim Location 63113
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was scammed by this company they emailed me and told me that I was approve for $2,000 to $10,000 I need the money very bad so I apply to them he ask me for my account and routing number so he can wire the money to my account he did ask me for my online banking ID and password I asked him why he said he needed to verify my account so I gave it to him and then he said he would give me a call back. He then call me back and said that my credit score was really low that he has to seen me some verification money he told me that he was going to

send between 500 to $1,000 to my account and I have to send it back to him he then said my bank won't let him do that verification money so he told me the best thing he could do for me is to send him a $100 gifted card and he will refund the money back to me I have to go to Western Union need to pick up the money so I did and he gave me the number to get the money I brought it up to the window and they said that there's no money in this account so I called him back and he said and I have to give him a loan insurance that will cost me $200 I told him that I don't have $200 I just gave you a hundred he then said that he will work with me and that i can just pay him 100$ I said if I give you this 100$ it 100% sure I get this money he said yes I ask him two or three times was this a scam he said no I told him that I have a new born and that i really need this money he keep saying that I was a really good person but all along he was playing me I now can't even get into my account

Victim Location 93722
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Sometime in 2016 and early 2017 I inquire on a payday online. Some Asian Indian guy called me and saying I was approved for a $2000 loan but wanted money upfront because my credit was poor. I never sent money to him and no monies were ever deposited into my bank account. So I keep getting these phone call and emails like a year after and at first says his name is Gary Williams after like 5 messages on my voicemail. Then he uses a name like Tim Smith thinking that will make me call him back and pay for a loan i never received. Mind you, this [censored] has a strong accent from the Middle east and says his name is Gary Williams and Tim Smith. I have emailed him numerous of times to show me proof of the monies being wired to my bank account or stop harassing me. So what does he do? He keeps calling and sending emails that the local police and the D.A. has been informed of my so-called loan default. I just set my cell phone to reject his calls.

Victim Location 33543
Total money lost $2,589.88
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was called by Shirley Jones who worked for the company texted me and said that they can give me the loan I am looking for I just need to call them back. So, I called them back I spoke with Shirley and a guy named Jaff. They promised me my money if I took out the money that they place in my account in the amount of 972.40 the next day. So, I went to the bank withdrawal the money and sent the money to a loan officer in GA. Then my credit score still wan not to their liking so they wanted me to do it again. This time they place 1485..10. Which I was able to withdrawal 1326.00 and sent it western union again but this was a different loan officer his name was Juan Castro in GA. Then finding out that one was not verified and they want to do it a third time. This time they deposited 1659.30. WHich I never pulled out. The other checks came back unpaid. AT this point the bank closed my account to rules and regulations. SO Now I have no account and a fee of 2589.88 in the bank in charges they are holding me responsible for.

Victim Location 58504
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Saying they are taking legal action against my ss# and my place of business and are calling my job over 50 times a day threatening me. I do not have a payday loan with this company.

Victim Location 79072
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Received email stating I had been approved for $5000 loan with a message they had tried to call my phone it had an attachment with all documents to send back, all of which was marked confidential with BBB approved logo on all forms. It stated to call and they could help me. I called the number listed above man answered with heavy India accent. I told him I didn't apply and to remove my number and email I was then hung up on and when I called right back I got a recording. I waited 30-40 minutes and called back and same guy answered and when I told him the same thing, he ignored responding to my statement to take me off his list. He then ask where I did my banking instead. I told him that he would not get any info from me and who would be stupid enough to do so-hung up again. Called right back he answered stated again my name with which he said *** *** and hung up.

I just thought the company with this name or a name that is close to it needs to know that either their employee is a problem or somebody i9s using their name and BBB needs to know about the company that is advertising their name is stealing names off internet and sending scam emails

Victim Location 54901
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Offered me a $1400 loan if I send $1275 up front. I did not fall for it. Also called me from, 818-813-8870.

Victim Location 08054
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Notification stated: We regret to inform you that due to your unpaid debt amount of $950.78 (full debt amount, additional charges and interest cost) to Cash Advance America from today, 10/10/17 (date) we have passed your case to court. You are now to be contacted by official court attorneys, who will notify you of the hearing date. Therefore you will be served a subpoena to appear at court where you can present your defence.

Victim Location 45459
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

A man named Kevin contacted me by e-mail then by phone. He promised that I would be granted a loan for $4000.00 if I followed a few instructions. First off he said I needed to open a bank account with the US Bank in my town, It was to be a checking account and a savings account, which had to have a activated debit card and access to online banking. After I did this I was instructed to go to Walmart and purchase two I-Tune gifts cards totaling $150.00, then to call him back after I had the card in hand. He then instructed me to scratch off the silver bar off of each of the card and to read him the numbers and letters that were revealed. I questioned him several times about this did not seem right and that it sounded like a scam, but he guaranteed me that it was legitimate. After this information was given, he promised me that the cost of the cards plus the loan money would be deposited to the US Bank account at midnight on Wednesday 9/27. As of Friday 9/29 at 5:45 pm it still has not happened.

Victim Location 28546
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

said that they need to send funds to your bank account. then when it fails to go through. the want you to get iPhone card to send them money from them

Victim Location 27886
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

applied for different loans online, cash advance America called and text an email. Spoke with a man name shan Watson few days called he gave me a different name Michael David. He asked for my bank account information as well as my username and password to get into my bank account, he stated I had to pay a insurance fee, right then it was a red flag. I did my research and its not bbb approved or even in business, I read reviews of how they are scaming ppl. please someone this fake business needs to stop

Victim Location 44622
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Had me purchased $500 in I-Tunes gift cards for processing fee

Victim Location 29020
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan


Victim Location 94598
Total money lost $1,050
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan. Cash Advance America contacted me saying I was approved for a loan of 4000.00. They took all my information then because of my credit record the said I had to show proof that I could pay the loan back and they took my money 1050.00

Victim Location 33543
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I am being deluged with offers for a loan - right now, more than one outlet and business outlet, but mostly this one number. This is unsolicited, and they offer fairly good terms. But I've read that unknown scammers have been using the name of "Cash Advance America." They are pursistent, and speak with an Indian accent but have American names. Right now there are 2 different phone numbers using the same company name.

Victim Location 65802
Total money lost $50
Type of a scam Debt Collections

These people have called my business hundreds of time repeatedly trying to collect money from one of my employees. They say its a past due bad debt and the want paid with Itunes gift cards. I have blocked them every way I know how and now they call around by blocking capability . They call and hang up over and over. I have file complaints with every organization I can think of. Do not sned them a dime.

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