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CASH ADVANCE AMERICA Reports & Reviews (142)

- Woodbridge, CT, USA • Dec 12, 2023

I was completing applications for cash advance loans and was approached by a woman name Nora stating that I was approved for the loan. She asked for my bank account information for the direct deposit but they hacked my account and did fradualent behavior and my bank account was immediately closed. Beware of Cash Advance America it is not a real company!

- Woodbridge, CT, USA • Dec 05, 2023

I applied for a loan and was told I was approved. The gentleman said he needed my account information which he took to login into my account and it was flagged by my bank and my account was closed immediately.

• Nov 29, 2023

DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN! I received an email saying I was approved for 6,000 loans. I called to verify, and a man named Julian Marshall answered. He told me all my information, ss, address, and last four account numbers, so I thought it was legit. However, I knew I needed to search his name once he asked for my bank login. NO BANK WILL ASK YOU FOR THIS! I also called America Cash Advance to look up my account, and Once it didn't come up under the numbers HE provided me I realized it was a scam, I called and advised him to lose my information because I would be reporting to all of the appropriate resources. His exact words were " b**** ill [censored] your account up you open your mouth"-very nasty. Protect your information and call your banks! Don't let these DH'S get us yall!

• Oct 23, 2023

A Jerry Adams contacted me through a text message saying I was approved for a loan for either $3000 to $10.000 , stupid and in need of cash I applied back, he asked if he could call me, he did I gave him all my info because it sounded real, I got an email from [email protected], with the contract, signed it and sent it back, he Jerry Adams called me back and said the money should be in your account by this evening that was Friday October 20th, today is Monday and still no cash in my account so I called him and the number is no longer in service.
Cash Advance America

• Aug 14, 2023

Offer me a loan have no email address but cash advance it s really suspicious to because they wanted to have my debit card number I feel that this should not be asked for a loan otherwise it just a little sketchy over all i really need a loan but i dont want to lose my money

- Hoboken, NJ, USA • Jun 21, 2023

A man named Jerry Adames called regarding a loan I needed for my mom’s funeral expenses from Cash Advance America. He asked me all the correct questions. He deposited a check in my account and withdrew it. I check my bank credit cards etc several times a day so I caught the transaction quick and got in contact with the fraud department right away.

• Jun 10, 2023

Offered loan, they sent 800 for me to send back, my online banking got disabled. & personal money is gone

- West New York, NJ, USA

I apply for a loan since i lost my job to pay some bills, in my email found a link takes you to a form to fill up asking name dob , adress tel , bank name , bank account number amd routing ssn and user name of my bank account and password of my bank account , when asked them why you guys asking for my password and user name of my personal bank account , their answer is : we want to check and see all your transaction history aince we giving you 8000$ as loan and i dis not submit for them my ssn or pssword or user name and asked him again saying if you change my password what will happend , he said oh we are not gonna change it , so i felt i am talking to an bollywood beginner scammer , i could not even umderstand what he was saying and i give them a calls 4 times to understand how they work and how the process is but i feel like waiting my time ,then decide to report it and share it to prevent others innocent people from having same issue and god knows of they are right or wrong i personally do not know..

I received a text message as well as an email for a loan. Scammer asked for my login information to my bank account. I of course denied him this information.


Overdrafted my account by 989.00 now I can't pay it

Approximately 5 months ago I responded to a letter I received via email. I called the number provided and was instructed to purchase various amounts of Ebay gift cards. Roughly totaling $600.. he gave me erroneous tracking numbers for a service like money gram. When I refused to keep buying him gift cards he said I could receive a refund in 45 days! Obviously he is a thief and liar! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!

I just received an automated phone call from Cash Advance America stating I was approved for loan at 11:51 am in which I never asked for instead the message told to select an certain number to be connected with an representative.

I was contacted after looking for a personal loan on a loan website similar to Lending club. There, I entered my personal information to include finances and identification information. This is when action was taken to prevent further information from being taken. I am currently waiting and watching for money or credit to be taken in case of identity theft.


I applied online for an emergency loan. They offered 3,000 for very reasonable terms and sent an application. In a moment of temporary insanity I gave them access to my bank account and they wreaked havoc on my finances. They filed several false claims on items that had already been paid, resulting in temporary credits, and then took the credited amount out of my account before I even realized what was happening. I now owe 3 months of back rent that had been previously paid plus the bank over 4800 for temporary credits put on my account. The bank won’t help me since to them all of these transactions look legit. I now face eviction.

Cash Advance America tried to scam me and also used a company called Vickery Finance but I caught on because their phone numbers matched as and called them out on it. I had already agreed to a $2000 which I had originally applied for through Speedyloans online... So I believe they all work together. Their calls come from Texas, New York and I'm not sure of the other area code but I have all of the numbers. I never received emails or loan documents. I never received money because I very quickly changed my user ID and password and notified my bank. Then they spoofed my Bank phone number and called me and claimed to be my bank and I recognized the Senior loan officer"Eric" voice and he said " This is your bank..are you aware of a pending $2000 deposit? I need your user ID and password to approve the transfer.." I said No and hung up. And then they spoofed my banks email and sent me a fake e-statement and wanted me to click on a link but I caught on because it said not to respond to this email because it would be sent to a monitored mailbox and to reply to an email that was provided below!

So Kate Williams @ (956)- 506-3656
[email protected]
Stated it was the weekend and they would be in touch on Monday
Guess who is not answering her phone or emails or whats app.
Her location was easy so I'm sending the police and filing identity theft

He said I was approved for 5000 dollars and he sent money to my account for the insurance ans then i sent him back the money now that I sent the money he isn’t answering the phone


This same company tried to scam me but I couldn’t send the money so now jokes on them I’m keeping the money now that I know their tricks. Thank you for this info

I am currently a Systemic Lupus Erythematosus disabled woman.. Also a blessed to be alive, surviver but still suffering with COVID-19 after effects. Sept. 3, I was in a hit and run , like everyone else that has been in my shoes. I was left with all my car repairs. Desperately in need of help to continue my doctors appointment for I wasn't get any more blood clots in my legs. So I started looking on line for help, I really don't believe I did an application but some how I started receiving phone calls, a lots of phone calls and text messages and email but the voice I felt I heard before from a scam on Facebook.. He shared with me my bank information, then I hung up and contacted for Scams to report my situation.. I talked to him the last 3days he just called and texted again 1 hour ago.

- Wellsville, OH, USA

I received a call from a women named Hazel White claiming she was from cash advance America and that they received my loan application and I was approved for 1000 dollars. She asked me to verify my information so I told her to tell me what she has and I would tell her if it was correct. She had all my information I couldn't believe it. She then said that she was sending my loan documents to my email for me to sign and send back and she would call back when she received them to finish processing the loan. Sure enough she called back about 5 mins after I sent the documents. This time she told me I would have to pay 182 dollars as a credit booster but 20 mins after I paid the 182 dollars they will deposit 1182 dollars back into my account. That would be the 1000 dollar loan and the 182 dollar credit booster deposit back. I never received the money. And when I call the number no one answers I leave a voice message but never get called back.

I’m being threatened with legal actions when cash advance America deposited a fake IRS check into my bank account.

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