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Cardmember Services

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Cardmember Services Reports & Reviews (25)

- Denver, CO, USA

Received a letter from Card Services regarding the inability to establish an account for me as they were unable to verify my identity. I never requested an account, letter had atypical wording that made me suspect it was fraudulent.

- Strafford, MO, USA

Rodger *** gave that 800 number to call back. Wanting balances and information to bring my interest down to 0%. Was phishing for information that I didn't give him.

- Richardson, TX, USA

I get a call EVERY DAY from some Indian sounding individual (not the woo-woo kind) offering me a lower interest rate even though I tell them I always pay the full amount due, which means there is no interest being charged. I can't get them to stop.

- Stockton, CA, USA

Cardmember services calls everyday from an unknown number. I work with the courts so I have to take these calls. They want your credit card# , zipcode and they ask how much total debt you have. I gave them a bogus # and they said "oh yes and you owe 3000$. I had already told them my limit was 500$ . When I asked for a web ste I was told the manager will give that after he gets all of my information. When I asked for a phone number I was hung up on. Indian accent . Gave me 2 different names. 1st asked.... he said Lee Carlos, 2nd time he said Peter Lanker. I'm clearing out my voicemail and letting my unknown calls go to voicemail.

- Lodi, OH, USA

I was contacted by CardMember Services and went through the process with them to get an interest reduction. As part of this, I had to give them my account numbers. Once they told me what they were offering, I told them I didn't want to participate. They have continued to call me. At least 20 calls since yesterday morning. I've hung up; told them not to call any more, and have simply refused to accept their calls and have blocked numbers. They just called me again while I was typing this note to you. Should I contact all my credit cards and tell them to issue out a new card with a different number? I spoke with Victor Adam. Badge number BVB1998. He also put his manager on the phone. They continue to call.They would lower my credit card interest rate to 0 %. They have about 15 different phone numbers. They always call my cell phone. One phone number is too long. 330-416-877-0066.

- Palatine, IL, USA

Cardmember services has called me over 20 times, I have told them numerous times to stop calling me and remove my phone number but to this point they haven’t and they keep calling me

- Columbus, OH, USA

I received a call from Card Member Services offering me a 0% interest rate. I having worked in credit cards knew it was a scam and told them I had an American Express Card and he said that they are contracted with all card issuers after I advised him that  Mastercard, Visa, Discover, & American Express were separate companies he told me I was wasting his time and hung up.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

I received a phone call from Cardmember services, who offer to lower interest rates on my credit cards.

He said he represents Visa/Master Card, Discover, and he said, that he had info about me from Experian.

I am usually don't answer this kind of calls, but I was like hypnotized and give them all that they ask for.

After phone call ended, I try to check on the company, and found out, that it's a scammers.

Got a call from a 608 area code (south-central Wisconsin), Madison, WI number from "Cardmember Services" telling me if I don't answer this call now, I won't be able to lower my interest rate. "Press one to talk to us, press two to give up all chances at getting a reduction". I pressed one just so I could confront a person. It was somebody from India who answerred asking if I wanted to lower my interest rate. I said "this is a scam, you haven't even said what credit card company you are calling from/what card you are talking about." She repeatedly said, "no this is not scam, want to lower interest rate?" I said take me off of your list, and she kept saying no. I am sick of these calls, and they keep coming more frequently.

- Creston, IA, USA

This company called from my local area code and wanted to reduce my credit card debit. I asked for the persons name it is Mark Daniel and his supervisor is Chris Bowman. I asked to remove me from their list. When I called the number back it was not a number that existed.

Answered phone call because it said city where I live, told me to stay on the line. Cardmember Services answered, I told them to take me off their list and the person on the other line swore at me.

- Kingsville, TX, USA

I have been called by this company using probably 50 different numbers. I have told them either put me on their do not call list and/or that I do not have a credit card (which I do not). Yet they persist to call from any and every possible number they can.

This number called me and told me they were "card member services" with my credit card and they needed information in order to lower my interest rate due to always making my payments on time. I asked for their company name and they got defensive and said "cardmember services I already told you that" I then told her they could go ahead and mail me the information since they should already have my address and she said she couldn't it was all done over the phone, once I questioned her and asked why this needed to be done over the phone she became more defensive demanding information from me. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they woman clearly changed her voice, it was at that time that I knew it was a scam and informed her that I would be reporting her. I called the number back and got a man who was equally rude and defiantly not a business. Your credit card company will never call you like this please beware of people like this.

- O Fallon, MO, USA

This is the 3rd time I have been contacted by the same scammer, each time using a fraudulent address and telephone number. I reported the one last month and Tuesday I was called from Atlanta, Georgia by a Shawn David who hung up on me when I started asking for addresses and information. Today I was contacted by Dustin who was the one who contacted me last month and who gave me the exact same address he gave me then which was for a Honda company. When I kept telling him that I had been contacted by him before and reported him to BBB he tried to tell me he had not contacted me before and I told him that I knew he was a scammer and each time I have been contacted by Cardmember Services in the past 3 years I have told them to put me on their DO NOT CALL list but they keep calling. He said this was not true and then hung up on me. The last time he called me he attempted to get me to pay $1,550.00 that he claimed would be paid by the credit card companies on my Mastercard and Visa by the card companies since they would lower my interest to almost 0%.

I received a phone call number that showed up as a local number and since I am currently scheduling test with a cardiologist I answered the number. They identified themselves as Cardmember Services for Visa and Mastercard and that they were the direct company representing companies like Equifax and Experian and recommended by to contact regarding these cards as the bank was charging additional interest and they could have that interest rate lowered to .09% or less since they would deal with the banks. A man named Dustin transferred me to Eddie Brown who had the authority to deal with the banks and have the interest rate lowered to almost 0% for a one time fee of $1,550 which would be paid out of the saved interest. I asked for their mailing address from Dustin before being transferred, who was at extension 4147 in case we were disconnected and he gave me the above address. He then transferred me to Eddie Brown who was a man with the authority to get the interest rate lowered. He asked for more information than I was willing to provide and I told him that since I am 71 years old and have a brain injury I am unable to authorize any legal transactions without 2 of my children approving due to a power of attorney. I told him they were both out of town until Tuesday night and he could call me back on Wednesday afternoon and I would provide him with an answer. I do not know if he will call back but I doubt it since he cannot get authorization from me individually and 3 people involved would be a problem for someone trying to scam someone. I told him that IF any charges showed up on any of my credit cards I would be contacting the legal authorities since he did NOT have authorization from anyone to charge any fee. has a cardmember services with a different street address in Orlando and zip code but they show it has been closed. I have just been notified that this address belongs to Classic Honda so most certainly is NOT cardmember services. It is a scam and even you receive a call with a number showing up as a local number you cannot believe them. Both men spoke with an accent and made me quite concerned. I tried to get as much information from them as I could to help others not be scammed by them. I also wrote all information down for future reference. No charges have shown up today on any cards and I will be monitoring them daily.

- West Sand Lake, NY, USA

Calling from spoofed numbers, will not give contact info, or real name. Want to lower your debt. Sick of getting these calls, everyday!

- Batavia, OH, USA

I had just called all of my CCs this week to ask for a lower APR, so when I got the phone call regarding debt relief I 'pressed 1'. The offered to pay off all of my cards to the banks and make one payment on a new card at 0%. They would add a fee on to my overall debt for their service. I have done something like this int he past, that was legit, so I really went for it. I thought that my recent inquiries triggered this call. They said they get paid by the banks and from the fee. Before you know it I had given them my card numbers and personal information. They were able to tell me my balances, APRs and even my last payment dates and amounts. I did not realize that anyone other than the banks and the credit reporting agencies could get that information. I even asked how he was getting access to that and he said through Experian. I called Experian and applied for their recent breach insurance coverage for identity theft. I called and reported all of my cards lost or stolen. I did not finish authorizing the transaction with these people, but too late - already had given the information.

This company calls saying that Capitol One has noticed that I am a customer in good standing and am paying a high interest rate on my Capitol One cards. They offered me a lower interest rate to pay off my highest paying credit cards. They were able to pull up all my Capitol one credit card numbers and then offered my a zero interest for 18 months and lower than 5% afterwards on a new credit card. The catch is that they charge $1,100 one time fee to be withdrawn from your checking. When I asked if this was an offer from Capitol One they said that it was Cardservices that provides services to all major credit card companies.

I began to get suspicious when first they asked for the last four numbers of my Social security number and later in the phone conversation they asked for the first five numbers. I didn't give them the first five and terminated the conversation. I called capitol one and they said they never solicit their customers by phone. I requested new credit cards from Captiol one and am grateful that the warning bells went off before I made a big mistake. The other warning bell is that when I refused to give the first five digits of my social security number the representative starting pressuring me and sounded angry. I began to feel very uncomfortable with everything.

They have locations in Iowa, Florida and Texas.


- New York, NY, USA


I was just called by this number, there was an automated system that said that this was the final something, or the deadline of something (sounded very bad). I pressed 1 to speak to an advisor, hoping there was nothing wrong with my account.

The man on the end "Alex" had a very strange voice, and I asked him where he was located. He said California, so I asked where and he replied "why would I tell you". He became very abusive after I asked again, asking if I was "Indian" or a "Canadian ***".

He demanded to know why I wanted to know (!!), so I said that my finances were very important, so he replied "important to you, not to me".

He claimed to work "with all the major banks" and was apparently working to lower my credit card rates. I hate to think how much futher he would have gone if I hadn't challenged him.

Please could you investigate who was leased this number - it was a classic intimidation scam.

I signed up to have my number removed from all automated calls but this seems to have slipped through.

Best regards,


The company has called me over 20 times in the past two weeks. I asked to be removed from their calling list and they told me "no". As you imagine I am very upset and want to stop receiving calls from them.

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