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Card Services

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Card Services Reports & Reviews (90)

Victim Location 54914
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Automated message from "Rachel" from Card Services. Last chance to lower my credit card rates. I know I'm not supposed to do so, but I pressed 9 to talk to a person to let them know I was reporting them. The accent was like an "Indian" accent. They asked, Why.... and I said "Because you are a scam" and hung up.

I have been getting these calls over the past couple of years... Same recording... "Rachel from Card Servcies." I have reported these to the website in the past.

Victim Location 95370
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from 702-434-8143 they said they could lower my interest rate to 6% on all my credit cards. I politely told them I did not feel comfortable giving information out over the phone and then hung up. A few seconds later I received another call from 800-945-2000 and the person said they were the floor supervisor and why did I hang up. I said if you want you can mail me the info, he said they already did and so on. I said I was not interested and he started yelling at me and threatened to cancel all my credit cards and charge me a $3,000 penalty, I told him he couldn't do that and he told me I was speaking to Experian and yes he could and then proceed to call me an [censored] and a stupid b.... at which time I hung up.

Victim Location 46619
Type of a scam Phishing

I don't have a credit card but yet claims to lower my interest rates. After I said no, he then asked if he could guess my age. Told him no again & that I wanted number removed from list.

Victim Location 10010
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

We received multiple calls from a robot saying that our interest rates could be lowered and were directed to press 1 to speak to an agent. Typically we hang up but the calls were becoming an annoyance. Today my colleague pressed 1 to ask an agent to remove us from their list. When they requested to be removed, the agent said "no" and told them that it wasn't a sales call. When asked to speak to their manager, the agent replied "he'll kill me." Eventually that call ended.

The robot called back and my colleague pressed 1 again in hopes of being connected to a different and person. They received the same agent from the initial call who promptly hung up on him.

The robot called back a THIRD time (from a third different number) and this time I answered. I asked for the company's name ("Card Services") and the agent started asking me about my credit profile and how I could save money by having my interest rates reduced. I asked to be removed from their calling list, was told no, then I requested to speak to a manager. The agent (same from the first few calls) told me there was no manager. I asked him who he reported to.

That's when he told me that he would remove me from his calling list if I "spent the night" with him. He said he would be willing to pay me to sleep with him. He kept repeating that. I told him that I would report him and hung up.

Victim Location 37122
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Caller stated he was with card services calling regarding lowering my interest rate on my Chase Visa beginning with 4. Asked me to verify the expiration, which I did. He then asked me to verify the full credit card number. When I refused, he hung up. I called Chase & they informed me that it was a scam. The number I was called from doesn't accept incoming calls.

Victim Location 76012
Type of a scam Credit Cards

They keep calling trying to get my credit card info, offering a lowered interest rate. When I ask to speak to their supervisor they hang up.

Victim Location 07601
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Company called offering to lower interest rates on my credit card however refused to provide their company name and hung up

Victim Location 32570
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Wanted credit card info and social security number to consolidate my credit cards. They got mad when I said I was not going to do it now and hung up.

Victim Location 55304
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Victim keeps getting called from "Card Services" that continuously calls her home phone & cell phone.  She keeps telling them to take her of their calling list and then they hang up on her.  

Victim Location 78665
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Called stating they were my card company and wanted to lower my rate. Wanted all my information to run my credit and lower my rate.

Victim Location 73045
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I have had several phone calls from different numbers about qualifying for a lower interest rate on my credit card, and that it will expire soon. I usually ignore them. I pushed 1 to talk to a person and a lady answered "Card Services". She asked me if I would like to lower my interest rate and I told her I only have a Hibdon Tires card and don't owe anything. When I told her I don't have a visa or mastercard that she was claiming to be with she hung up on me. I called the number (217) 648-1122 right back and it said that it was disconnected and no longer in service. I called my bank, because I have a Visa Debit card and they said to call the BBB.

Victim Location 32828
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This was a credit card interest rate lowering scam to get your credit card and personnel information.

Victim Location 84043
Type of a scam Credit Cards

"This is Susan with Credit Card Services. If you've been carrying a large balance . . ."

Victim Location 33461
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Automated system calls to lower your interest rate. I do not have a credit card. When requested to be removed from calling list, the hung up. Unable to reach upon attempts to call back.

Victim Location 08812
Type of a scam Credit Cards

The scammer called not confirming who he or she is but asked for my CC # and expiration date. He wouldn't provide an address and gave a presumably fake alias of Brian Hills.

Victim Location 44107
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Man called saying he could lower my interest rate. Had ALL of my credit card info. Transferred me to his supervisor. Said his name was Jordan Belfort (wolf of wall street) He hung up on me after multiple questions. Recieved a call 2 minutes later telling me that I was scammed and that they had all my info, Social security card, Credit cards, and "How did I feel?"


Victim Location 53713
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a call from 248-240-8595 (caller ID said Michigan) on my cell phone. The man (who was NOT American) said he was calling from Card Services. I asked him to remove my name from his call list and he got angry. He threatened me and made vulgar comments, much too vulgar to repeat. I asked him again to stop calling me and he continued with threats. He told me he'd call me 100 times a day.

This is obviously a scam, as any real company would be respectful and not threaten or say sexually explicit things to their customers.

Victim Location 45030
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Card Services calls implying that they are your credit card company. They say that they will give you a reduced interest rate on your existing credit card. In my case they promised a 6.9% fixed interest rate, which is 3.0% lower than what I am currently paying. Then the phising (fishing) begins.

After I gave them my credit card information I realized that they were Card Services, not Bank of America. They said that for the priviledge of this interest reduction I would have to pay $996. When I refused to do this they threatened to bill my credit card or turn this over to a credit collection agency.

At that point I hung up on them and they have been harassing me all afternoon with phone calls.

I called Bank of America and ask them what I should do. They said wait and see what happens.

Victim Location 34104
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Received a call from this company offering to reduce my credit card interest rates to 6.99%. Fee was $996.00 for this service, to be paid over5 months starting June 9. Worked with them with 2 of my credit cards. Had 3-way calls with 2credit card companies and the man from Card Services introduced himself as my financial advisor. As the proceedings went on, I felt very uncomfortable. Things seemed a little odd. We had a phone appt. today to finish the work we started yesterday. When I called the company, the answering machine said, "Thank you for calling---,

please dial the extension now". No company was mentioned. I felt more and more uncomfortable, so I called back and told them that I changed my mind and wanted to cancel their service. I was told that was impossible as they already put the work in gear. They also told me that when speaking to the credit card companies, they helped me authorize a balance transfer for a 0% APR, and helped me reduce one APR from 13%to 10.9%. I explained that I could've done that myself, but their promise was to get me a 6.99% interest rate for the rest of my life. I told them I didn't want to proceed with this, but they insisted that there was no way out of our agreement. I told them that we had just made the arrangement 24 hours ago and that I should be able to change my mind. They were very unprofessional and I feel certain they are not legitimate. We argued and I eventually hung up. They continued to call me many times and then left a message telling me they were sending this to collections.

Victim Location 47909
Type of a scam Credit Cards

HI, I called the fraud department of my credit card company to report activity I experienced Monday, in talking with him he requested that I submit a written claim to my local BBB.

Over the past few month (more than 6 months) I have received pre-recorded phone calls from something called "Credit Services". The phone number that shows up on my caller-id is typically a local number that is a cellular phone number. I have called the numbers back at times to see who answers on the other end and it is typically a person who owns a cell phone with this number. Monday, when I received this call from phone number (765) 426-9391 around 10:43 AM EDT I proceeded to hit the "9" button as the message told me to which then put me in contact with a live person. Upon reaching this person I requested information as to why I was being contacted by them, how they got my contact information and how to be removed from this list. The person proceeded to tell me that they have been hired by Experian credit reporting agency on behalf of Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express to work with card holders to lower interest rates and payments in an effort to pay balances off faster. This person proceeded to tell me he needed to confirm my Capital One credit card information and he gave me the last 4 of my credit card information and asked me to confirm the card number starting with "5" which is my Mastercard and "4" for my Visa along with the last 4 digits of my SSN. I, at that point, asked if why he needed to confirm this if he already had my card information. He then went on to tell me he understands my hesitation but again, he has been hired by Experian on behalf of the credit card company's to contact me and work with me on making these changes. At this point I confirmed the card numbers and expiration dates for both of my credit cards. Within a few seconds of this information being provided by me, he came back with my balance and most recent payment information. Along with this information he provided my current interest rate on each of these cards, he then told me he needed to forward this information along to the department who reviews the accounts and works out the new interest rate and payment. He then asked if he could call me back in 10 minutes, due to work related commitments I told him I would not be available until after 3PM EDT.

Around 4PM I received a call back from (317) 200-0001 and the person announced themselves as Mark Hudson, employee number 0011 which he then claimed to be the last 4 digits of his SSN. At this point he proceeded to repeat my balance, payment and interest rate information back to me and then proceeded to tell me his company's 3 commitments:

1. Save me up to $2000 every 6 months by lowering my interest rates and monthly payments therefore allowing more of my payment (I typically pay more than the month minimum) towards the overall balance.

2. Lower my current interest rate

3. Lower my current monthly minimum payment

I asked if these commitments would be provided to me in writing and he confirmed, yes, it would be mailed the next business day. He then went on to try to explain to me how they are paid for this service being offered to me by this company. This was very hard to understand because this person had a very thick accent but it had to do with they would charge my credit card at some point. This charge would be ~$1800. They would not be collecting debit or checking account information from me to pay this expense, it would be charged directly to my credit card.

To start this process, he wanted to confirm my names on the card by asking me this information and my mailing address, again asking me for this information, I confirmed both of these pieces of information. At this point, my office phone rang and I told him this, he insisted on holding as oppose to calling me back or providing me with a phone number to call him back-I put him on hold and then hung up on him. Within 10 minutes of me doing that I was called back from the following numbers:

(317) 200-0001 (2 times)

(800) 955-7070 (3 times)

(317) 200-0001 (2 times) leaving 2 messages that was captured by my voicemail (no actual voice message).

I have not heard back from this person since 4/25/2016 when I spoke to him around 4PM EDT and I immediately called my credit card company to report this to the fraud protection group.

I have talked to several people regarding this incident and these initial recorded phone calls are being made with the same scenario in that they are coming from what appears to be local cell phone numbers.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact me either via email at *** or ***

Hopefully I have provided enough information that you are able to take recourse on these people.

Thank you,

*** ***

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