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Card Services

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Card Services Reports & Reviews (90)

- Morrisville, NC, USA

I received a phone call from company claiming to be card services. That works with CHASE bank, Wells Fargo and other large companies. Asking for date of birth, and last four of my social security number. Diego Wagner card services representative employment ID/ badge Number BPN3887 (better business bureau identity number) stating to lower my interest rates by paying off my balances and issuing a new card credit card with with a different bank for two amounts of the capital one credit cards.

Report taken over phone by representative BA

Consumer received credit card offer for Milestone Gold MasterCard through Bank of MO at P.O. Box 4466 in Beaverton OR 97076. At the bottom of the offer was information on how to opt out of future mailings. The consumer called the 888-567-8688 and was asked for his SSN number. Consumer did not ask for any other information. Consumer hung up and did not provide his SSN.

- Shell Knob, MO, USA

I got a call from three different people. The man said he was from Card Services. He had the last four digits social security card and my full birthday. He was supposedly trying to get me lower interest in a credit card. He was trying to get my personal information (rest of social security number, etc).

- Wayne, WV, USA

They call theirselves Card services. If you ask them for the name of their business that's what they say. I ask for phone number and they give me the 1-800-847-2911 which is the number if you need help on the back of your credit card. They call as much as 3 times a day. Every time the number that comes up on my caller I.D. is different. When tried to call back the number they say it has been disconnected. They even use local numbers with names like James Dung or whatever. They want you to think someone else is calling. Please if you can do anything to stop these calls otherwise I am seriously thinking of removing my phone. I believe they are trying to get my credit card number.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

These people have been calling me for about two months. I gave him my birthdate and the last four of my social security number. "Richard *****" said that I could lower the interest rate on my credit cards. He already had the information on my credit cards.

Tries to verify type of card, expiration date, first number, and then entire card number. Says they're from Card Services.

- Waverly, OH, USA

He called me to offer a lower permanent interest rate on my credit card. He said he could lower it to 0-3%. He wanted my credit card number. He already had my First four digits of it. I ask him for his company name and phone number so that I could call him back in a minute. He gave me this info;

Card Services 888-254-0049 ask for Antonio.

I call and found out it was a SCAM!

That phone number belonged to a business that had went out of business. Im so glad I didn't give him my credit card number.

- Fairport, NY, USA

They had me buy a gift card

- Morristown, TN, USA

They keep calling me on different numbers about lowering my credit card debt. I keep telling them that I don't have a credit card and that they need to removed my number from their calling list and they keep telling me that have but I keep on getting calls from them. So this morning I told them that I was reporting them to the local authorties as harrassment and to the bbb for appreate action.

I was called by card member services . They wanted to know if I wanted to lower my interest rate on my card I said yes they knew my phone number ,the first 4 and last 4 of my card ,last payment ,the amount ,the last 4 of my ss card . They said if I give them my birthday,the rest of my card and ss they could tell what my rate and payment would be to make sure they had the right person and somehow used the 3 major credit scores to determine this. I gave them this . They went through the program I was not happy with it and told them I was not doing there program at that time they told me they would charge me 3000.00 dollars told them no way then I realized they had my information. They said know way out of it they dropped it to a 1000.00 dollars after alot of discussion.

- Antelope, CA, USA

These people continue to call nonstop. It is serious harassment issue and they call to try to get personal information. The recording says something like 'congratulations on improving your credit and I am approved for a credit at better interest rates'. The thing that bothers me the most is they use the first three prefixes of my phone number but then the last 4 are rearranged in many different ways. Anytime I actually answer the phone and get to a live person, I have tried to say stop calling me, you don't have permission to call this number, I'm reporting you to the police and I'm calling the police. As soon as they hear any part of that they hang up so they have the right to keep calling. I have now realized that the more that I answer the phone the more often they call. There are times that they will call here anywhere between 3 end up to 5 times in one day. It's left me in tears on many occasions. I have reported them to Xfinity tech support because they are my phone service provider and they forwarded over to their Security Assurance Center on several different occasions. They have made their own report and they gave me the call blocking feature but that only holds up to 25 numbers and I have already filled that up with 95% being from this same scam. I downloaded an app called Nomorobo but that did not stop them from getting through. I have double-checked to make sure that I am on the National Do Not Call Registry and at the same time I have also made 2 reports to Federal Trade Commission. I spent time with a representative and a supervisor and they told me that this is an ongoing issue and it is something they've heard before. A few weeks after that report the calls stopped for about 2 months and now they're back to calling me multiple times a day. I got a new phone number March 17, 2018 so it's been going for over a year. Prior to getting this new number they were doing the same thing on my cell phone but after a while the cell phone company just blocked the number but you can still see that they're trying to get through. It always sounds like somebody of an Indian descent and sometimes this voice sounds familiar every time.

This company called me an offered me a lower rate on my credit cards. I gave them two credit card numbers and he was able to tell me a lot of information about my cards. When he asked me for my birthdate, that's when the red lights went off for me. I called my bank and got my card numbers changed.

- Greenville, TX, USA

The scammer offered to assist me in lowering my payments on certain credit cards and to lower the interest rate. They debited my bank account in four monthly payments but did nothing to fix my credit card paymernts or the interest rate on them.

- Columbus, OH, USA

I received a phone call claiming to be from Card Services at Visa & MasterCard. He stated he could lower my interest rates. I knew it was a scam so I decided to play along. I told him I worked for MasterCard. He began grilling me on on the CEO and MasterCard Stock. I asked him why he needed to verify this information. He got angry, started using profanity, talked about my having sex with my mother, made homophobic slurs, then hung up.

- Maple Heights, OH, USA

Another card services call that is using business names. Today Parma Care Center 216 649 8393. On April 11 5:26 pm University Hospital Ahuja 216 5931427. It is upsetting when you get a spam call From a health care institution. Please report these offenders. Thank you.

- Arlington Heights, IL, USA

I asked what credit card they were calling in reference to he said every single one- chase, MasterCard discover, and other companies. I asked he remove my name from his list and he told me to go suck his ***.

- Conesus, NY, USA

A robo-call going by the name "Carrie" has been calling about credit cards...

- Sun Prairie, WI, USA

Card services called. They wanted to lower my credit card interest rates but didnt know any info. When i wouldn't give them any info and asked questions instead, the guy called me a "dumb lady" and hung up.

- Conesus, NY, USA

We keep getting robocalls from Carla at card services. caller id says various names when she calls today it said private caller

- De Pere, WI, USA

Received a phone call from above number and an agent came on the phone and said they can reduce interest payments close to 0% on all of my credit card. I asked which cards and he mentioned Wells Fargo, chase, and some other banks. When I wouldn’t tell him the bank I had he proceed to swear and threaten me. I then hung up.

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