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Bully Sticks Club

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Customer was refunded in full.

Bought a Groupon and ended up paying $6.95 for shipping. Just received an email saying they would charge me $39.95 for another month. Their website is not non-existent and you are not able to cancel the subscription. Their link to their website (listed on their email does NOT work. I will try to call my bank to not allow the payment to go through before it comes out of my card.


Bought on Groupon like everybody else. They keep sending sticks and the computer generated emails. They say no returns but I got so tired of them sending and charging me I did return and disputed charge on my credit card. They just sent another email that more were coming. It never ends and can't stop them.

I MAY HAVE LOCATED the founder/owner of Bully Sticks Club: I believe his name is JORDAN BLUM. I have attached a screenshot of his profile at There appears to be a Jordan Blum, age 51 (allegedly related to and a younger Jordan Blum (likely unrelated) in the State of California. According to public records, Mr. Blum has a long trail of both active and now defunct businesses.


Jordan Blum (age 51) is located at:
31924 Kingspark Court
Westlake Village, CA 91361
310.306.2942 or 747.222.7179 (source:


- 30700 Russell Ranch Rd, Suite 250, Westlake Village, CA is a virtual office
- The same virtual office address is associated with
- Both and are Shopify powered websites
- Jordan Blum is listed as Owner/President of (expired biz license in California)
- is also related to KarbonBeauty, LLC (source:
- Jordan Blum has previous experience as President of Ecommerce for (source:
- Jordan Blume was also formerly associated with Watson's Pet Co LLC, maker & seller of pet products (source:


Hope this helps!

Additional links:

I have requested 3 times, that I no longer want to receive bully sticks from this comp-any. I threatened to contact the Better Business Bureau, and I finally received a response. Today I noticed that I have been charged again for another shipment. This is a scam...They are paracites. They list no phone number. So I shall have to contact the B.B.B.

Today Bully Sticks Club made a UNAUTHORIZED charge to my visa card for $36.94. I emailed them and they said I signed up for a monthly subscription. I didn't see anything about a monthly subscription when I made the purchase. WHY WOULD I AGREE TO A MONTHY SUBSCRIPTION WHEN MY DOG HADN'T EVEN TRIED THE PRODUCT YET? I will be filing a dispute with my bank.


I am trying to cancel my subscription... and can’t even get logged in... site keeps saying does not recognize email, [email protected] please advise!


Total SCAM. Groupon should delete this vendor from its list. Customers should contact their consumer frauds bureau or the State's attorney general's office.
This scamming company sent me a package of SIX bully sticks that is advertised on GROUPON as a 12-pack:
Bully Sticks from Bully Sticks Club (12-Pack)
$4 for All-Natural Beef Bully Sticks (12-Pack) from Bully Sticks Club ($29.99 Value)
The six-pack is not worth more than a few bucks. I was advised by Groupon support to go to [email protected] website but after entering my email address I receive a message from the scamming company that no such email address exists in their customer base. When I sent an email to [email protected], on the same day I received the six bully sticks I was told that my next order was already being processed. What a SCAM. AVOID at all costs. Caveat emptor.


Hello. I just got scammed by Bully Sticks Club. I read your post and you had suggested that customers should contact their consumer frauds bureau or the State's attorney general's office. I will do that and thank you for the suggestion.

I redeemed my Groupon voucher for Bully Sticks Club on 8/10/20. On 9/5/20 (5 days before the month subscription was to renew), I attempted to cancel. The email address (the SAME email this company sent my delivery confirmation to) was not recognized. On 9/6/20, today, I was told that it was too late to cancel; my order was already processed. When I told them that I'm canceling BEFORE the renewal and I would have to chargeback if they charged me, I received a nasty response telling me they would sure me for fraud. This went back and forth for a few emails, and then I received two automated emails from their company about 2 separate orders I supposedly made. Do NOT give this company your credit card info unless you want a hassel canceling (which their system STILL will not allow me to do), to get charged earlier than you signed off on, or to get charged out of spite.


I agree 100%. It is a family-owned "business", or rather a family-owned SCAM.

Bought 2 Groupon vouchers and was not able to use them when I went to the website and went to check out. I immediately emailed customer service and cancelled the order, but my card was debited anyway with disregard to the complaint. 6 weeks later I receive 13 of the 20 bully sticks in the mail for 37.95 charged To my card and they were approx 12” long by 5 cm wide “ I must say very dissatisfied with the “ for large dog size“ I had originally ordered and that was not cancelled.
I was again was charged for an order even thou My original email to them I cancelled the subscription and they have no other way to contact them.


Bought a bulk shipment of Bullysticks (125 on June 19th, and I received 12. No response to emails and no contact number. They are scam, and the quality sucks!


I also received the same thing around the same time! Haven’t had a response and super annoyed that I just wasted $125.

I too saw this offer on Groupon and signed up.
I'll agree these Bully sticks are relatively small, but I have small dogs so it works out.
Luckily I have received my product every month, and I haven't noticed foaming or gas from my dogs. The dogs seem to enjoy it, but the smell is a little off putting.
My issue is that I keep getting different size packages, doesn't seem consistent. One month I'll get an email that talks to 20 sticks then one that talks to 10.
I also get emails saying they have cancelled my subscription due to the high amount of people stating they have been unsuccessful in cancelling their memberships, so I have to keep going online and restarting the membership.
It would be great if the amount was consistent and if they would stop cancelling the membership automatically if I haven't requested it.


I ordered 2 Groupons for bully sticks on 3/24/2020. I haven't received anything. I haven't been able to contact the seller at their email address. Groupon takes no responsibility for anything they sell. They said it's in the fine print.

Dont do it! These were extremely small chew sticks and my shipment was short on the number of sticks sent- their customer service is terrible and makes it virtually impossible to work with them. Not to mention between the smell, consistency and seconds it took for my large breed dogs to inhale them, I do not believe they were true bully sticks, I think they were cheap knockoffs from a scam company. I've been giving my pups bully sticks for years and have never seen them foam or cause gas as this product does. Do your pooch a favor and spend the money on a quality product!


I guess they charge what ever they feel like charging! After I received the $6 Groupon coupon I was charged full price of $50.25 emailed them 3 times and no reply! Then I cancelled my membership 2 times! Then about 2 day’s after my last email they sent a notice of a shipment! I then emailed them that I would return it and not to charge me! The next thing they did was charge me $50.25! I have sent emails and contacted Groupon about this company they represent! No answer from them except to ignore everything I forwarded to them and say generic answer it was for shipping and it was a membership like everything I typed went in the round file! DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THE BULLY STICK CLUB THAT ADVERTISES ON GROUPON!


Scammer's phone No listing
Scammer's website
Scammer's email
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

Purchase thru Groupon for $6 trial plus shipping! I ended up being charge full price which was $50.25 I then contact them 3 times with no reply! I then cancelled my membership twice and finally got a email that they received my email! 2days later I got a Email that they shipped another month package! I then sent them a email stating that I had cancelled and the package would be returned which I did! They charged me another $50.25 ! I requested a refund for the $100.50! I have also contacted Groupon!


I ordered 2 sets of Bully Sticks from the Groupon site. It says one month membership on Groupon. When you go to the Bully Sticks site to redeem the Groupon order, it requires you to create an account. So, with no other option, I did so. I waited a few days and tried to cancel my monthly membership. I was unable to login as the Bully Sticks site said it could not recognize my email address. I sent Bully Sticks an email to their customer support email because there is no other contact for them. I was billed $31.53 for another months membership for which I never received anything. My dog did not care for the product. We did not want any more sticks. I’ve sent several emails begging for a stop and cancel to my memes and to stop charging me. No response received. No products record. Bully Sticks Club is a scam!


On 3/8 and 3/9/20, I also ordered two Groupon deals on Bully Sticks Club for the promo amount of $5.95 and $8.95. I went up for the second order for what reason, I have no idea. However, I haven't received the product as of today and I've received an e-mail from Bully Sticks Club yesterday advising that they were going to sent me my next auto-renewal order. I haven't received the first ones yet, and they're going to bill me already. Of course, they now offered a different price from $39.99 to $24.99, unless I want to cancel at their website. I went to the website and I had the same experience. They couldn't find my first e-mail address and my spouse's e-mail address was allowed to be activated, but it showed no prior order of the initial promo order and nowhere to cancel. All it does is take you back to their lengthy terms and conditions page. I've cancelled my credit card so the new charges cannot be added. It's a scam and Groupon should be notified of this. What a waste of time...disappointing.


Bully Sticks Club sells a very poor quality product for double what you would pay for high quality sticks at the pet store or other retailers. I got suckered in with their Groupon deal and regret it. Even though they require you to pay shipping on the Groupon deal this somehow doesn't activate your account. So when I tried to login and cancel my membership I was told my email address didn't have an account. Only after being billed for a second shipment did I make another attempt to login, same results. They give another option to register/activate so I did and then began receiving emails that a second shipment was billed and sent. I was able to cancel but, as the previous reviewer states, there's no option to remove your card information. I've emailed three times asking for a refund and am being given the run around with counter offers like $19.99 for the membership that supposedly costs $24.99 even though I was billed $39.99. It's definitely a sketchy company with an inferior product, don't waste your money.

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