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Bradley and Weinstein

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Bradley and Weinstein Reports & Reviews (46)

• Feb 24, 2021

I received a phone call from(844)470-0941 said I took out a loan from Instant Loan and they will settle with me over the phone. This Michael person called me by my last name I hadn't had over 20 years now. I haven't taken anything out and especially online. BEWARE THEY ARE A SCAM

• Feb 23, 2021

I received a phone call today (02/23/21) about a loan I supposedly took out with EZ loan. I have never taken out any loans with this company. They said they were suing me for over 1,000. This is unreal how these people are trying to scam people. I say our them out of business!

• Feb 23, 2021

These people have called several times from what looks like a local number (440) 316-0516. They call maybe 3-4 times a day. Asked for me by my maiden name. The messages they leave say to call (855) 650-1359. That just goes to an automated recording and hangs up. I called the number they called from back finally. All they said was it was about a debt and they're from Bradley & Weinstein. I said, "Sounds scammy." He wanted me to confirm the last four digits of my social. I said I wasn't confirming anything until I knew what d by they were speaking of. He said he was going to note that I refused and send it back to the original creditor. Sure, buddy. ✌️

• Feb 23, 2021

I am overwhelmed by the constant stream of phone calls and I don't even know what or who this is calling me multiple times daily.

These scammers called me 02/17/2021 at 8:40 am on the east coast. The guy stated I took out a Check in Cash payday loan in 2013. My phone number has a collection account tied to this number. I yelled at the guy and told him I don't owe them money, I informed him this scam tactic happen to me a few years back and told him to never call my phone again. He tell me' pay your bill and I yell back at him,. pay yours and hung up. I called about at 3 hour later. I asked for the name of the company so my attorney can get involve. The guy gave me the name and stated my file has been marked " a refusal because I was rude on the phone. I ask how much I owe. He said well that for your attorney to find out. Your record is marked refusal and we are going to report you to the credit bureau and he hung on me. You were rude to our rep. Dang on right I was rude. We are in a COVID-19 environment who got time for this crack. I called back and my phone number is blocked. Thanks to this website I confirm they are scammers

• Feb 16, 2021

They called from 701-401-3057. Since they used a North Dakota phone number I asked if they were based out of Fargo or Bismarck and he wouldn't answer me. Tried to get me to verify the last 4 of my social. I'm not giving that info out lol. I have had no written communication from this company (Bradley and Weinstein) and to my knowledge have no unpaid debts.

• Feb 17, 2021

I have been getting some crazy calls as well but used CA number. Said the same thing too asking the last 4 of my social. I said if you need to reach anybody send me a mail like you I have no unpaid debts and I even informed that person that I literally check my credit every month. Damn, I got even a brand new car with 0% about a year ago - are they damn crazy but it did scare me honestly. I don't need this type of call right now or anybody.

• Feb 16, 2021

Yes same happening to me they are calling a number times a day from 855-650-1359. Saying last 4 of social using my maden name and i been married 2 years and said i took a pay day loan out last year. Which in North Carolina we don't have them they are illegal. And its a pandemic im lucky to still have my job rhat cut hours and my husband to have his but we been saving and working on our credit since last year and haven't applied for a thing and all credit files frozen. So i just laughed never acknowledged anything he wanted me to confrim.

• Feb 15, 2021

Hello, I just received a phone call from 1-307-209-3756, it was identified by my cell phone company as a junk call but I picked up anyways. The guy did not have the four digits of my social correct and it was 8:30 in the morning. I looked him up and asked him what was the name of the lead attorney (All of these firms have a lawyer that handles legal items) he told me he could not get me that, then I asked them for their professional license number (all collection firms need to have a license number and they must be prepared to provide it when asked) and his answer was "are you going to pay this debt or do I put that you are refusing to pay the debt". I said I am not going to pay you anything until you verify who you are. Why is it so difficult for you to tell me who you are? And he hung up.

They have a website page so that if you look you see them online but they are not a registered collection agency anywhere. Definitely a scam because who hangs up like when you are asked a common question. Also, collections companies can only call after 9am so that was another clue that this guy probably does not live in the US so he miscalculated the time zone.

Received a call made go look local. Said call 888. 604.0481 they have my name. They do not have my correct last 4 of social. Tell me if I feel this is fraud it's my responsibility to figure it out. Refuse to provide so called original creditor info. Ask if I work for attorney or something tell them work in finance, they hung up. They are not ligit.

• Feb 11, 2021

Scammer's phone +1 877-297-7928
Scammer's website Bradley and weistien llp
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

So I asked them to please give me creditor that said I took the loan out with and they said I had a payday loan from some online sources that I never heard of and this is the last attempt to collect payment they knew everything about me said I took a loan out last year and I never did so I tried calling them back and I keep getting a busy signal from all the lines that I tried calling and the number is still busy

• Feb 02, 2021

They told me the same thing that I took a loan out in 2015. I tried to get their info & they hung up on me & now am getting a constant busy signal. They # the called from is: 307-269-7198

• Feb 02, 2021

Has anybody had any ligament dealings with these people? Has the debt they claim to hold have ever caused anybody any real problems? Like did it go on your credit report? I asked for them to provide paperwork regarding my debt and a mailing address and they hung up on me. Everything I've read says if they're a legit company they are required to provide written validation of debt as well as a mailing address. Any info you have about these people would be helpful.

• Feb 02, 2021

This is for sure a scam. They called me back in October, I asked for a debt validation letter that never showed up. Nothing has ever been on my credit. Nothing came of it. They were trying to collect on a payday loan I never took out, and after some research the supposed company I took money from shut their doors in 2013 for fraudulent activity. How I could have taken a payday loan out from a closed company is beyond me? I would suggest filing a complaint with the FTC and your states attorney general. Never pay these fools, as they will just pocket this money and not"resolve" the debt with the original creditor.
Be on the look out for similar scams in the future, because they will for sure sell your info from one scam debt collector to the next.
Protect yourself!

I have received 4 phone calls from this number within a few hours. I declined the call the first 2 times, then listened to the entire message verbal on the 3rd call. So I called them back and informed them that I was NOT the person they were looking for. I requested that they remove my phone number because I was clearly not that individual. Not 10 minutes later they call again. I requested the name of the company and told them that I would be be making a complaint against them and hung up.

• Jan 19, 2021

they are very rude and where demanding i pay them i called check n go to comfrim they where who they said they was and check n go gave me the company name untied debt holding and the amount was 300 the bradley and weinstein company was never brought and they saying i owe 500 and didnt even have the right address once i called the bradley and weinstein company back and i told them i contacted the FTC to file a complaint and the FTC said to ask you guys 3 question and the first question was what is the buisness phyiscal address so i can send you guys a letter to stop contacting me by phone and only by mail they got very very rude and didnt want to give me the address and i also told them that the better business burea said that they cant be located in the data base they blocked my number from calling them i called back from my job phone to ask why they hung up on me and yall was just calling me back to back and they told me dont call back and than blocked my job number when they were calling none stop from now all i get is a beep beep beep the numbers they was calling me from was (657)279-5118 and the other one was (833)8679961 back to back calls

• Jan 19, 2021

they calling me and when i told them i filed a complaint with FTC they blocked my number i have another number to add to the list but one of the numbers is the list that called me im going to add the number now they were rude and started yelling at me and making threats i called them back from my job phone as well now none of he numbers works that they where literally just calling me from and i called check n go to comfrim they where who they said they where it was a untined debt holding that had my contract

• Jan 15, 2021

Keep getting calls, they say I have old payday loan from 2010. Keep harassing me about owing money but can't provide paperwork.

A payday loan from 2010 is done, finished. over with. This company paid pennies on the dollar to 'collect' on a debt which legally longer exists. They are just hoping enough people don't realize that and just go ahead an pay them to stop being harassed

• Jan 11, 2021

These people are straight up crooked, and should be shut down! I personally think every one how gets a call from them should call the at least 2 times a day and confront 5hem for straight out lies! I have never had a credit card with the people they say and my credit shows the same, never been late and pays on time. 5his has been so for over 8 years and then he tells me to get a job you dead beat lol. He should get an honest job and look in the mirror.

• Jan 06, 2021

They called several times and left a message, so I called them back at 385-220-7431. It's a local number. Steve Johnson said he was from Bradley and Weinstein and he wanted to collect a debt. From what I have read, this is for payday loan type things. The last one I had was over 10 years ago and was paid. Even if it wasn't, in my state, debt can only be collected for 6 years using legal means. Check your state to see how long they can collect where you live before you agree to pay anything like this. Don't verify who you are, your SS number, you address, anything. Tell them to never call again and to contact you by mail only. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act gives you the right to do that. And they have to abide.

• Jan 05, 2021

Called from 629-209-5911saying I owed a debt. I told them to tell me with who because I owed no debt. The guy, Steve Johnson , was very rude saying " Oh you are sure about that " I just bought 2 new cars in November - I am VERY WELL aware of what is on my credit report - I told him yes I am very positive I owe no debit and if he was calling and threating me then he needed to tell me what this was in regards to. He said he never threatened me and I needed to confirm the last 4 of my SSN - which he had - I refused to do so and he told me he would mark it as disputed and hung up on me..

• Dec 16, 2020

Bradley and Weinstein 775-522-5034 so I got a call too. saying I owe money to ez-cash from 2013. I get these calls often and it is a scam. I tried to look up the number but nothing came up. I work at a jail I called back from that number and asked the name of the company. I googled it and it brought me straight here. PEOPLE please don't give these [censored] money. if its not on your credit report its not real. you wont be arrested or sued because it is bull[censored]. and these places use different phone numbers and different names. Bradley Weinstein sounds like a lawyer office but its not. There is too much bull[censored] going on in the world right now for this

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