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• Feb 10, 2022

Victim Location 53581
Total money lost $2,300
Type of a scam Other

I called on Wednesday January 26, 2022 at shortly after 11:00 AM to make a change on the 2-night room reservation that I had originally made on January 23 at The Frankfort Inn, Frankfort Michigan (Booking Confirmation number 18177) for a total of $356.32, to be changed to a 1-night reservation.

A few minutes later I received a call on my cell phone from a female from who used the name “Willy” (her telephone number came up on my cell as 732-740-7646). After I explained to her what I was trying to do, she then told me that I needed to go to Family Dollar Store & buy a $200.00 eBay card to secure the reservation change & that she would then refund my Visa credit card for the original amount of $356.32. She stressed staying on the phone, going to the store, buying the card, return to my vehicle, scratch off to get the number & give it to her. She stressed not leaving the parking area. I live 6 miles away from Family Dollar so I drove to the store, purchased the eBay card, returned to my vehicle (phone connection still live), parked by the store.

She asked me to do the scratch off to get the pin number. I did & gave her the information (I have depleted the card & receipt).

She then said she had to turn me over to a “SR Closing Manager”. A male came on the line & identified himself as “Harry Boston”. I asked him where the call center was located & he replied “Madison Wisconsin”, telephone number “732-740-7646”. He further proceeded to tell me that I needed to go back in the store & buy two (2) Apple Music Cards in the amount of $300.00 each. (I don’t remember if the phone was open or if he called back). Anyway, phone contact was re-made. He asked for the numbers from the Apple Music Cards. After I gave him the numbers there was silence, no answer of any kind.

I waited expecting a call back. Finally, around 12:45 I drove back home, ate lunch & prepared for my bus driving job. I heard nothing the rest of the afternoon or evening.

On Thursday January 27, 2022 at 8:50 AM I received a call on my cell phone from the same person (same number 732-740-7646). I was just leaving my employment location. This “Willy” apologized profusely stating that they had a complete systems failure on Wednesday & she said the system was back up and we could resume. She then said I had to be transferred to a SR Closing Manager again and she said she would transfer me. A short time later a man comes on the line & identifies himself as “Roger Beltrain” located from a call center in “Madison Wisconsin”. He gave me his direct line a “732-740-7640”. I did not pick up on it until later that it was a different number than the one given to me by “Harry Boston” on Wednesday that was “732-740-7646”.

He then proceeded to tell me that I needed to buy 3 additional Apple Music Cards for $500. He said to buy one (1) each from Walmart, Kwik Trip & Family Dollar & call him back. He stated that I would then get a credit issued to my Visa Card ( noted) for the amount of $2556.31 which was the total of the cards purchased (I also bought Apple and EBay gift cards), plus $100 for my time & trouble.

Why, I don’t know.. But I did as instructed. I was able to use my Visa Card at Walmart & Kwik Trip. The card was rejected at Family Dollar. I then tried my Cabela’s Capital One Mastercard & it was declined as I purposely have a $500 limit on it & I had a small previous balance. So, I charged the card from Family Dollar to my bank debit card. “Roger” instructed me to return home & call him back. I did and he asked for the Apple Music Card numbers, reiterating that I would get a refund as he previously stated.

After giving him the numbers, he then proceeded to tell me that I needed to buy three (3) more Apple Music Cards for $300 each & repeat the procedure. Again, he stressed keeping the phone line connection live while I drove back to town to purchase these cards. By this time the promised credit had increased by $1000. I told him that I felt like I was being taken advantage of or scammed. He assured me that I would receive the promised credit and the motel reservation would be ultimately changed also.

By then, the time was approaching 12:30 PM. I told him that I was not going to buy these additional three (3) cards. He further stated that he would keep the server open until 3:30. After that the whole process would have to start over again. I told him the conversation was over and I hung up.

I received an email from on Saturday January 29 at 2:03 PM from a person by the name of “Raniel Alejano A, Customer Service Team” informing us that the motel will only charge us for 1 night reservation & cancel the second night reservation. I replied by email that I had been scammed out of over $2300 by persons representing themselves as Customer Service Representatives. I told him that any calls from show up on our phone caller ID as “potential spam”. I further stated that I felt restitution should be made by (No reply from

On Saturday January 29 at 9:44 PM, I received an email from Hotel Frankfort stating they would cancel the 1 day’s reservation originally requested, but they would charge me a cancellation fee of $160.50.

Then on Saturday January 29 at 9:44 PM, I receive an email from Customer Service Team that Hotel Frankfort agreed to reduce the cancellation fees from $356.31 to $160.50, meaning a refund of $195.81 is being processed.

Then on Saturday January 29 at 10:00 PM, I received another email from stating the complete reservation is cancelled for free. The email further stated that this would be processed & facilitated by & that a refund can be expected within the next 30 days. (No mention from about my email to them on January 29 regarding the scam incident.)

Then on Sunday January 30 at 3:09 AM, an email from stating that our reservation of 1 day (August 6) had been cancelled & that we would be receiving a refund in the amount of $160.50 credited within the next 7-12 days. (Still no response from regarding the scam incident.)

All emails, correspondence has been related to original booking number of 229-901-1278, also assigning a pin# of 6812. I have retained the receipts & useless Apple Gift Cards with supporting merchant receipts.

Any assistance in reaching some sort of resolution to this matter would be appreciated. I hold responsible for the actions of their "Customer Service Team members".

• Jan 07, 2022

Victim Location 84005
Type of a scam Phishing

Needed a refund for a purchase made through I couldn't find the number so I googled it, and then called the number that came up. Young man answered, said he was from and offered to refund my money. He said the server was down and he would have to refund me via venmo. He asked me download an app on my phone called teamsharing which gave his access to see my phone screen. He then used my venmo account to transfer almost $5000 to my friend to her venmo account. He said it was for verification purposes. Then they wanted to get her on the line to "verify" the amounts sent. At this point we decided it was a scam. Hung up, changed all our passwords, deleted the app and have been working with venmo to control the damage. I did not loose any money yet. But the internet should know there are scammers on there!!!

Type of a scam Employment

I received this in my email..."I'm Mrs Veronica Winkler, The Talent Source Manager at We Reviewed your Resume online via Indeed. We have an opening for the following positions: Accountant, Book Keeper, Data Entry, Financial Analyst, Customer Service, Administrative Assistant, Call Center Representative, Technical Support, Chief Financial Officer.

As a result of your application, we are impressed by your history of good skills, and we would love to speak with you about the new available positions we’re creating on our global marketing team.

This company offers medical and dental insurance, long-term disability, sick leave, life insurance, 401K, and profit-sharing are available. Each of the positions is paying $20.00 - $35.00 per hour plus incentives.

You are required to setup a Skype account and invite me on Skype on [email protected] and send a message right away to proceed with the job briefing and interview as soon as possible. Your verification code for the interview is #BOK017 and this would serve as your identification number throughout the online hiring process. This interview will take place online and training is available.

We look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards,

Booking Inc."

I was skeptical but i went through the online interview and said i wanted paychecks and i did not give any personal info out.While i was waiting the requested 45 min to get an "answer" i found another one of these (similar) on the website from April 2020. I then sent it to this Veronica and asked her if she could comment. She did confirm that any software needed would be paid for by them in form of sent money (see other scam that i found on BBB). Why not just send the software? Hmmm.

I am highly experienced and this job would have been very needed and a perfect opportunity for my family and I (I also would have been a GREAT asset to the position). It is really unfortunate that these opportunities are not realistic and sad that people still prey on others like this.

Victim Location 43920
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

These people sent us a booking confirmation for a house in Hungary. We did not make this booking. I can not contact unless I create an account which I am reluctant to do. They claim they charged the room to our MasterCard. We don’t have a MasterCard.

Victim Location 24605
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Was trying to book rooms at a hotel and got to a fraudulant website.   Sent scammers $500 on a Wal-mart gift card.  Asked me to scratch off the back and give them the numbers.

Victim Location 30907
Type of a scam Online Purchase

There is a company that has hacked and when you click the phone icon in the app it calls this # 8889804348.

This is not bookings .com and they try to scam you out of more money. Booking .com is not honoring your ariginal bookings when you cancel and even they try to up the rates. Do not use this site for hotel bookings. My hotel rate went from $271 to $500 did not even care that they are being hacked and did want the information that I had.

Victim Location 61360
Total money lost $84.84
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Booked a room online and couldn’t use it. Called to cancel and now it’s company policy not to refund money.

Victim Location 22026
Total money lost $194
Type of a scam Credit Cards

If you book a hotel with, they will tell you that your credit card will not be charged unless you check into the hotel. This is not true because if you don't check in or you attempt t cancel there is an undisclosed widow to cancel your room that they will not tell you about. I attempted to cancel my room within an hour of making the reservation, but the hotel charged me the full amount plus tax because it was not within their undisclosed 72 hour cancellation window which I was not informed about.

Victim Location 98270
Type of a scam Phishing

The company sent me an email saying I had made a booking using their website and no showed at the check in date. Since I do travel often I clicked the link stating I did not stay as i was confused and wanted to know more about this booking since it was a place i recognized and proceeded go to the website where it asked me to sign in. I attempted a password that if I ever used the site may have been it but it wasn't so I clicked forgot password and it generated another email to create a new password. I then entered the site and realized I have never created any reservations on this site let alone been to it. The further proof came when i went into the my profile section and the only information was my first and last name and email address and it said i had only been a member of the site since 2017. Whoever within the company created my account and made a false booking as me only knew my name and email address. I feel it had to be someone within the company because since no payment information was present any bookings it generated must have had to have someone bypass payment for the booking. Also I watched the link trail when I clicked the link of the original no show email and it tracked through

Victim Location 35111
Type of a scam Other



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