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Bin Estrella GmbH

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Bin Estrella GmbH Reports & Reviews (52)

• Sep 14, 2023

I ordered an electric scooter that was supposed to come from London. I live in the UK and the product should have been delivered by now. I will contact via email and then fortunately because I used a credit card I am covered. I should get my money back. I have had no confirmation of delivery date from this company and am still waiting on product.

• Jul 25, 2023

Purchased t-shirts from facebook add for Bravolan owned by Bin Estrella GmbH according to web page. Have not received the goods after over 40 days, replies to email are the same. we are urging shipping company but do not give name or any shipping ref or confirmation. Will not process a refund.
Avoid at all costs. clearly chinese Scam site

- Bel Air, MD, USA

Offered Stanley cups for Mother’s Day sale. Never received items. Checked tracking info and it stated that it was hand delivered to person in a different state. Reached out by email without any response. [email protected] Was the email I was directed to contact. Then noticed that the website was not

+1 Is registered to Bin Estrella
How can they be selling Birkenstocks for $25 when they’re on the legitimate Birkenstock site for $120?
The contact page has a border that says Dick’s Sporting Goods! Like what?!

It’s a pretty good looking site too!
It was advertised on Facebook page under Xbrtag.

I wouldn’t mind the fact that the Birkenstocks would be fake, as long as I would actually receive them!


I have seen a lot of complains about the scam of this company, yet they are still very active on social media scamming and selling goods and no one is stopping them. I have ordered a lot of clothes from this company they promised to ship them in one to 14 days. it's been now 3 months and I have not received anything. I have asked for a refund but no reply. I am only getting a reply to be patient.


Телефон мошенника 064110000
Веб-сайт мошенника
Адрес мошенника Адрес: Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt Германия
Электронная почта мошенника [email protected]
Страна Германия
Тип мошенничества Покупка в Интернете
Первоначальный способ связи
реклама в инстограмм

Искала платье дочке на выпускной и увидела рекламу в инстограмм с шикарными платьями по акции.Сайт оформлен так, что вызывает доверие.Я решила посмотреть информацию о нем в интернете,но никакой информации по нему не было,кроме перехода на сам сайт.Мы с дочкой выбрали несколько платьев, чтобы можно было одеть лучшее, и я сделала заказ. На следующий день вышла ещё одна реклама с того же сайта , там было ещё несколько платьев, которые были очень красивы. И я сделала ещё один заказ на сайте. Итого я сделала заказ на сумму 146.6 $, 4 платья + 2 в подарок +ускоренную доставку+ чаевые. Но что-то мне все таки не давало покоя и я опять начала искать информацию. И тут догадалась проверить по адресу и нашла эту страницу. Теперь я понимаю, что стала жертвой мошенника.

Horrible experience.One of the biggest scam i have ever faced.
They will show its on sale as per range of every category only prepaid order can be placed.Scammers will try to confused with multiple mails,texts.
Ultimately order will never be delivered.

Picked up this advertisement from Facebook. Ordered several pieces from Cidzilla on 7 May 2023. Very reasonable prices, or so I thought. Later I found several advertisements under different vendors but with exactly the same items of clothing. It felt very strange that so many (up to 10 different company names) are using the same advertisement template in Facebook. That's when I became aware that I did not do my due diligence dealing with a new vendor. Damn


I was trying to buy a vape and came across puffing master. Almost ordered sick but something didn't feel right so I started looking for online reviews and all the can up were scam alerts sites saying they can't confirm if they are legitimate. Then I found this site using the company's So called German company's name and here u an writing this.
Almost got scammed
Almost got scammed

Order was placed on the 15 April 2023, received a conformation. Then got a second email on the 28 April 2023 after asking the status of the order informing that the order is out :

Apr 28, 2023, 1:06 PM
to me

"Hello, your goods are already on the way of delivery.
We will urge the courier company to speed up the logistics. please wait patiently. Thank you for your understanding and good luck!"

After this reply sent another email and requested for the 'Shipping tracker', no reply

On the 05 May 2023, sent another email and up to now no reply and no products delivred!
Products never arrived

I ordered a Stanley cup said it was delivered in Kiritimati Pa I live in Ca. I have contacted them many times never hear back


Be careful! Avoid this site. They are internet scammers!
Be careful! Avoid this site. They are internet scammers! I ordered a purchase on this site 29.03.2023 and still received nothing. This site (NAMEBERRY brand) is not working at this moment, the contact mail is not responding. The tracking number they sent to me is wrong and issued to another person and post office. Be aware of their scams!

Date of experience: March 29, 2023

I received an add about a children playground on Facebook on the website Justbw and i bought it and never received it. today i receive a mail saying that is was delivered but i received nothing and the delivery company said something was delivered to another person under another address. It was to beautiful to be true...

I ordered a car jack lift for $88 USD and the global express tracking showed it was rejected at customs. Who know what Bin Esgtrella GmbH (AKA FURST) was sending. No response from company's customer service email.

AVOID - Scammer!


Don’t order from any websites that have Bin Estrella GmbH in the name. This is a scam. It’s a website with a random name and it sells clothing. You order the clothing but it will never show up. This is a scam and when you try to cancel your order then they don’t respond.


Just placed the order from this link />
After transaction complete they send me confirmation email with my order number which is 4404..
After this when I track my order there is no response from the website in fact there email is also looks fake ..I believe I lost my money like other fool peoples
I am also a victim of Bin Estrella GmbH
I am also a victim of Bin Estrella GmbH

Purchased on line, money deducted from my account. Sent me Order number and copy of purchase invoice. Followed up with the tracking details, very elaborate details saying parcel delivered but to wrong State in Australia. Out of pocket $67 AUD. Have emailed, get a robot msg reply each time. Need to be caught and charged.

Wow same thing just happened to me was delivered supposedly to a Flordia address and I live in NC ! I mean I guess that’s how they make their money 😡

No one answered me I would like to know about my Order.
No comments yet
I have been sending emails unfortunately no response.

Please let me know if I will get my Order No. 00215724.
Best regards

The order was placed on 21/03/2023 on the website I paid by card. I received an email with the order number 6201. The number of the payment document is 601201233211835097943. The amount is $42.99, but the product never arrived. Please, for your assistance.

Ordered a Amazon palletfrom this Company March 1st. No response or true email address found at this time

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This website was reported to be associated with Bin Estrella GmbH.

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Bin Estrella GmbH, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This website was reported to be associated with Bin Estrella GmbH.

This website was reported to be associated with Bin Estrella GmbH.

This website was reported to be associated with Bin Estrella GmbH.


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