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Apple INC Reports & Reviews (53)

In less than two hours, I received FIVE home phone voicemails from 'APPLE INC' saying there was suspicious activity on my iCloud account and that it had been breached.

The recorded woman's voice said not to log in on any Apple device until speaking to them.

Option #1 was to speak to a tech support advisor.

Option #2 was to repeat the message.

Option #3 was to call the following 'toll free' number later (518) 312-4090.

I looked up the real Apple support number on They said they would never leave such a voicemail and to ignore this and any such voicemails.

Kept getting calls that came from “Apple Inc”

When I finally answered because it was disturbing, the recorded message let me know that my “iCloud” on my “Apple device” had been compromised and they Strongly advised I speak with one of their advisors. “Press one to speak with an advisor now. Press two to end the call.” As I type this they are calling again.

I pressed neither option and simply hung up. Apple doesn’t work like that.

They attempted to get me to log onto my computer in order to steal personal info.

- Muncie, IN, USA

I've been called 3 times in one hour by Apple, Inc from phone # 281-204-0500. I own no Apple devices, do not use iTunes or iCloud. Pressed 1 twice to talk to "advisor" and asked to be removed. They hung up on me.

- Niagara Falls, NY, USA

There is scam caller who comes up Apple Inc saying "do not use any apple products your account has been comprised. "They then tell you to call Apple Customer Support at a phone number they give. They are using a rotating call machine using different numbers each time they call. They have called 12 times in an hour, all on different phone numbers. It appears to be a robo-call, They are using Apple customer base; The object is to either phish by pressing the button or talk victim into paying for service to fraudulently protect apple equipment that has not been compromised. Blocking the numbers using Spectrum which sends a message "number is no longer receiving calls-"seems to prevent further calls as it appears your number is not in use. This calling cycle also happened two months ago.

Claiming there is a problem with your cloud security called using a phone # 708-645-5401 then again using another phone # 516-739-8540.

Apple doesn't call you.... you call the number directly on apple store 1-800-MY-APPLE, if you really need apple support... Don't believe the APPLE INC call....

Apple Inc called me 11 times of the day. When I asked for the tech to verify that he was from Apple he said he could not do that. This is a scam!

Apple Inc. calls from numerous numbers i have gotten 7 in a 24 hour period. they claim to report my apple i cloud has been breached. I spoke to them and told them i dont own a apple device and they harrass me with saying they are calling the cops.I have told them to stop calling but they still call every hour and wont stop

- Corpus Christi, TX, USA

got a call from this number but i hung up. check bbb and found it to be a scam

- Amarillo, TX, USA

I received 12 calls from these number all different stating they were from Apple to please call there toll free number which is 360-245-6944. I called Apple so they would know and the FTC. Apple would call you I knew that.

- Bryan, TX, USA

They claim that my Apple ID is being hacked by someone from oversees and I need to go get to Apple cards and put 50 dollars on each in order to fix the problem. They ask me how far I’m from the store and ask how long will it take for me to get the cards

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Call received, asked to press 1 or 2, pressing 1 to be put in hold then transferred to real person, told them to stop calling and remove to list. Received calls again continuing every 10 minutes.

Pressing two means to hang up but we didn't do this as we tried to get removed from list.

- Abilene, TX, USA

RepeatedVM warning, supposedly from Apple re loss of warranty on computer. Attempted call to number given then realized scam.

March 27, 2018

Calls were. From Maine

978-838-5000, 413-493-3878

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

They were calling for two weeks now and every time using a different phone number. They leave a voice message saying that because of a breach of big proportions in Apple Inc. we have to call them back so that an adviser can help. I returned only one call because I was so tired about it and a real person said that the breach was real and so and so. I was scared and told him that I would report them as a scam caller. After this, they continued to call me twice more.

- Madison, WI, USA

On Sunday, April 8th I received repetitive phone calls from APPLE INC starting at 07:30 in the morning. At first I did not pick up but they called literally every 90 minutes or less. After the 5th call I did pick up. The call gives an automated message of there is a problem with your Apple devices on the cloud. Please press 1 for assistance and press 2 to hang up. I pressed 1 and was routed to a call service it sounded like Indian accent. The man asked how he could help me. I said I don't know you called me. He hung up on me. Unfortunately the calls continued. I picked up again and pressed 1. I spoke with the same gentleman. I told him that he was harrassing me to be repeatedly calling me and to STOP AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY. He apologized and I hung up. 90 Minutes later the phone rang again from APPLE INC. I picked up and pressed 2. Unfortunately the calls kept coming all day and into the evening. I finally disconnected my phones to get some peace in quiet. The funny thing is I don't own any APPLE devices or do I have any information on the cloud. This was clearly a spam. Unfortunately they kept calling. Of course I am on the do not call list nationally and state, but that is a joke. I wish there was some way to stop these people.

- Madison, WI, USA

Automated phone calls - 8 throughout the day (Sun.) - asking that I contact Apple supervisor to fix any Apple devices I have. Gives option to speak directly to supervisor - press 1 or to cancel the call - press 2. I did not answer the phone at all, but the messages were left on my answering machine.

I got a call from Apple Inc. I recently bought a new Mac so I thought the call was related to that purchase. It was a robocall but they told me to press a number which connected me to a real person. She was able to gain access to my computer and all sorts of stuff started popping up on it which confirmed what she was saying about there being a problem. She told me I had to go to a Walgreens, CVS, or Dollar Store to buy $500 worth of itunes cards which would be refunded to me. I asked her how that money would be given back if she didn't have an account #. She just said it would be taken care of. When she told me to go the Walgreens I figured that this was probably a scam and something just didn't feel right. I didn't buy the cards and then my brother got on the phone and told them to give a callback #. The woman just said to use the number on the screen but wouldn't give a legit Apple contact #. We hung up the phone, unplugged my router and computer and called my internet provider who reset my IP address so they wouldn't be able to hack in again. I also got a call from Walmart who flagged a purchase that these people were trying to make w/ my account! Also found out they were trying to hack into my google account and make purchases through there as well.

- Fort Pierce, FL, USA

Received four calls from someone pretending to be Apple support this today claiming an identity breach with my iCloud account. Caller ID showed APPLE INC 405-767-6600. Answered a couple of the calls and when I got connected to a person they hung up when I tried to ask them questions.

- Abilene, TX, USA

Since 4:22 pm Tuesday 3/27/18 until noon on 3/28/18 I have received 16 telephone calls 7 numbers in 6 area codes from a number identified as Apple Inc. A recorded voice woman's voice (named Molly) says Apple has detected a suspicious activity in your Apple ID account and you should stop use on all Apple devices. They offer help to fix the problem and you are directed to press one for help to fix this problem. I have pressed one and asked the recipient (Indian accent man's voice) to stop calling me and he disconnects. You can clearly hear other Indian accent voices in the background. I have also asked the recipient a series of questions, he gave vague answers and eventually he hung up. I have blocked each of the numbers after several calls and they simply call on another number.

I also have received several calls from my area code during this same time period and no one answers. I am assuming these calls may be connected with the Apple Inc calls.

- Amarillo, TX, USA

Got an automated call from Apple that said my account had been breached. Told me to call Apple. I had no idea what Apple even was so I called the to ask them about this. They told me that the call was a scam.

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