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Apple Imposter

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Apple Imposter Reports & Reviews (62)

- Boulder, CO, USA • Mar 21, 2023

Sent phishing email which I fell for. Then called me impersonating a fraud prevention customer service rep. Had me install a legitimate workspace app that allowed them to see my screen. May have had a key logger as well. They then called my pretending to be a fraud prevention rep for a different financial company but the phone # they called from was not legit so I knew what was going on.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA • Mar 20, 2023

On a website that said call this number for immediate apple support, I called and they convinced me I needed a firewall so I cannot get hacked. They scared me into believing this needed to be done immediately. I believed them and they spent time installing something on my computer. Today I realized this was not right after talking to my sister. I tried calling them back and while they company spoke to me, they stated that they were unable to refund my money. I am reporting to the police and spoke to my bank to not allow the payment

I was trying to get a fund from They me to download Strike. They took $95, $96, $98 and $148. They say they will refund the money but haven't. My bank has disabled my debit card.

Person calling said there is someone from a foreign source making charges on my account. They have called multiple times but when I tried to talk to a representative they hung up.

I have received at least 5 phone calls stating that my apple devices are compromised and that I need to talk with them to get them fixed. The person name on the phone is Molly.

- Clarence Center, NY, USA

The person called me saying they were from Apple support and my financial information, and my apple iCloud was hacked and all my information was at risk because there was unusual activity on my Apple ID. They asked me to press 1 to speak to a support representative, so I did, the caller answered saying “apple support may I help you”? I said you called me and then the person just hung up. I called the number back and it is a disconnected number. The person who answered sounded like they had an Indian accent.

- Albuquerque, NM, USA

Scammer stating that a fraudulent purchase was made through my apple account, and that I needed to submit my information so the charge of 89.99 could be credited.

- Portland, OR, USA

Apple tech support saying that my cloud has been compromised.

These phone calls all came in a span of one day, know there was at least two more and it comes on Your Apple I cloud account has been compromised and we need to talk to you right away, so press 1. I told them at least 4 times to take me off of the calling list and the calls keep coming. Told them I was reporting them to the better business bureau and going to let Apple know also. He actually laughed at me the last time when I told him.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Said they were Apple Support, but that isn't their number. Calling iPhone carriers saying their icloud has been hacked. My son's icloud has not been hacked

- Spokane, WA, USA

Received a call from "Ethan Williams" stating they were from Apple, with an accent, tech # C0806594, case ID AX100456. Gave access to my computer. Was told that I had a horrible virus. They got in remotelu and showed me what was going on. They were going to get it all cleared up for me. They said there may have been cyber crimes committed in my name and their company would be able to get it cleared for $5000. They would take care of that price and deposit it in my account. They would need to catch the criminals, so I would need to pay by gift cards so the "scammers" wouldn't be track the transactions online. I went Target to get 2 gift cards for $1000 and went to Macy's and got 8 gift cards for $500 each. I gave the caller the numbers from the gift cards, but was told that there was a hold on the Macy's cards. They were able to get the Target money. He kept me on the phone while I was getting all of the gift cards. They had me scratch the numbers off the cards and read them to them, also send pictures of the cards because they weren't able to get the cards to go through. When I got home, I could see that the company was still looking through my computer. I thought they were still "cleaning" the virus.

I called Macy's on my other phone because the cards wouldn't go through. I explained the situation to the lady at Macy's and was told that it sounded like fraud and they put a hold on the cards. At this time I was speaking with Jordan Wilson, one of their special technicians. I told Jordan there was a hold on them and he hung up. The lady from Macy's said for me to make a copy of the front and back of the cards and send them to her. I found out they accessed my savings account and transferred $4000 from savings into my checking, which made it look like they transferred the money directly from their account. At this time, I have my computer shut off and disconnected from the internet. My bank has been notified, but am going down there to speak with a banker and put a freeze on my bank account and get a letter stating what is going on. I will also try to file a police report so that I can get that info to Macy's and call the Federal Trade Commission to file this scam.

- Chester, MD, USA

Have been contacted dozens of times over the last few days by someone stating my Apple iCloud account has been hacked.

Hi this is Alyssa from apple we have found a breach in your Icard account...

- Eagle River, WI, USA

There is one Apple logo in this e-mail. The subject is “Thank you purchases” “ Proof of subscription”.

It says “Your last order at the app store was successful on June 19th, 2020.”

There is an ID# in blue writing (link?).

The strange thing is, in the details of purchase, the date is listed as June 20th, 2020. That date had not occurred yet.

It says I purchased “MOBILE LEGEND 5000 DIAMONDS” for $50.69.

Then it says: “For more information and cancellation of purchase, please open the attachment (PDF)”

there is a downloadable attachment.

I did not click on anything in this e-mail, since I did not make any type of purchase of a game or in a game, EVER !

- Plano, TX, USA

Did not answer the call - went to answering machine. Called multiple times on 01/21/2020 and started again 01/22/2020. Says the cloud was breached - do not use apple devices. Press 1 to speak to someone or call another number later.

- Plains, MT, USA

Recieved 7 calls from this number in 1 day, I finally answered the call to tell them to quit calling me, that when the guy Jacob stated that my apple I cloud has been hacked, I told him I don't have a apple account. He proceeded to tell me that some one in Russia or Romania or China has opened an account in my name. The only info of me he said was my first name and my old address. I told him I was busy and wanted a number to call him back and he wouldn't give me one saying that he wanted to transfer me to an apple agent.. I said i wanted more info on who was opening up an account in my name and he said that the apple agent could tell me all that when they look into the account. I said i wanted a number to contact them back and he resisted. I asked for more info and he wouldn't tell me so i told him i would get more info when i talk to the FBI and i hung up.

Scammers used some sort of way to get apples phone number and called my number. Once I called back, they stated if I were to pay them $5,000 they would remove my phone number from their list and stop calling.

- Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

On Friday 11/8/2019 midday I received voice message on landline from Apple inc. female voice notifying me of a breech on one of my Apple devices. Message options press1 to talk to a support adviser, press 2 to repeat message or 3 call 208-262-0000 later for assistance. Shortly later probably within hr of voice message I received another call from Apple Inc. Since I do have two Apple devices I picked up the call. Caller was male gave name of Edward Thomas, with foreign accent advising me of a breech of my Apple account. Someone either in Russia or Germany was trying to log into my account in the last 36 hours. They tried 6 times. He asked if I was traveling out of country. Told him no. He Asked if I shared my password/log-in info with anyone. Told him no. He asked if I used my devices for purchases. Told him yes. He advised my personal information could be compromised.

He asked if I could sign in to computer or laptop. I told him my only devices were iPad and iPhone. He then asked me to log into www.appleinc. I did. He asked what page looked like. I told him (iPhone 11advertisement) He then asked me to click on Apple logo in upper left corner but nothing happened. He then asked me to scroll down page to product and support service section. I did. He asked me to jot down the phone number for Tech support which I did. 1-800-694-7466. He said someone from that number would call me back and ok to pickup that call and then asked me to hang up. Shortly did receive that call from that tech support number. It was same caller Edward Thomas but he was going to transfer me to his supervisor. Another male with foreign accent came online saying his name was a Jonathan Buyer (sp?). He said if I don’t have computer or laptop he can help with “offline method”. But I would need to supply money card such as Best Buy or various store card but I would be refunded by Apple because Apple doesn’t let their customers pay for anything. He asked me if I drive. I thought that was a strange question. But told him yes. Also through out our conversation he was trying to reassure me I was talking to an Apple employee. He then asked me to get my cell phone and give him my cell number. I was hesitant to do this and he asked me if I was having doubts. He still tried to assure me not to have doubts. I told him I was not going to give him my cell number at this time. He said “the* *** good bye”. I said “thank you” and hung up.

He did not get as far as to the dollar amount of the cards he wanted.

At first this call sounded convincing but I became more suspicious as it went on.

I got an email receipt from Apple stating my purchase for an app that I have never bought from Apply Pay, which I don't use. This has happened to me before but it was real and someone has hacked into my account. It had a link to cancel the purchase and it took me to the Apple website, so I logged on and it had a question about my moms maiden name, which is generally what I use for my security questions, so I didn't think about that. It said to verify my account to cancel and I also didn't think that was weird as I have had to do that before. However, I wasn't thinking just trying to cancel it quickly and it asked for my SSN. I didn't realize my mistake until I got to the next page and it asked for a front and back pic of my debit card. NO. I knew it was a scam then. This was a result of me being naive, but also THIS IS A SCAM. I googled it and this exact thing has happened to others. I'm not quite sure what to do now as my SSN is out there, but I figured this was a start.

- Federal Way, WA, USA

Claiming to be apple. Called number they said number not in service

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