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I ordered a bra off them in July, they said it went to the wrong address, they would resend it. Still haven't received it, it is now December, emailed mailed them several times and told its in transit. Keep telling me its in transit,, BULLxxxx!


I ordered some trainers in august. The tracking said that they had been delivered - they never were. 4 months on, I am still asking them where they are. They keep replying with the same answer ‘they are in transit’ but refuse to give me a tracking number.


company is selling lined pants but they are just plain pants and they charged full price for them , total scam and NO ONE SHOULD BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.


Also beware I made an order for a garden swing chair they gave a tracking number the number was genuine but on arrival was a onvelope with small piece of felt inside so they have given you tracking number and proof you have received but not goods it is a shame for the honest China firms as people will not use


Paid for order as advertised on Facebook after one month ask if coming told that must have gone to wrong address they gave me a bogus tracking number and making excuses yes must be a scam now reading about them TAKE CARE a as they keep you enquiring over the pay pal refund time why do pay pal deal with them ?


I have reported them to my credit card company and they will be refunding my money. Biggest chinese scam out there. Heidi Ho scamming [censored].

Site should be shut down scam

I ordered several items from this company and never received them. All subsequent communication results in tHi

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We’ve urged the shipping company for updating the information.
Please be patient.
Thank you!

Selena Phis t


Same here. Major scammer

Yes I agree scam been waiting since sept for goods

Avoid this company! I ordered two items back in the summer, every time I ask where they are I am told to 'be patient' as they are contacting shipping company, I am going to obtain a refund through bank as even though they claim to have shipped these items, they are providing no proof, therefore they are liable for a refund.

In May this year I wanted to buy some Sara Mia bras.I typed in Sara Mia bras and Ordered what I thought were the right bras Apparently it was through allway that the order was placed.Now 51/2 months later,I still don't have the bras.Every time I contacted them they said my order was on it's way and when I asked for a refund they said they couldn't give me one as the order had been already sent.Now when I contact them they do not even bother to reply.They are scamming people I feel


Ordered a pair of golf shoes. Same excuses as the previous responses, blaming the logistics company. This appears to be a total scam. My advice avoid like Covid!
Ordered through my Apple iphone so trying to take it up with Apple to get some progress.

I ordered, back in July 2020, a remote control alligator head for my grandson. To this day, October 2020, I have not received the product. I have emailed and emailed and still get the same response that my product has been shipped! I even said I no longer want the product, I do not have the product and want my money back. They said they can not refund my money because it has already been shipped. This can not be a legal business. No legit business operates this way.

i ordered a jacket from this company at the cost of £35.99. Its been 9 weeks since payment and over 25 emails asking for my refund or the product, The reply is always the same - fobbing me off with the logistics company, They are obviously scammers and dishonest. This is a SCAM !

I ordered a multi-function circular saw and only got saw blades! The confirmation email clearly stated that I ordered a multi function circular saw. SCAM after 2-3 months the blades came when I expected a saw! They will not refund or send me the saw that they confirmed that I ordered as seen below! I’m contacting authorities.

Scammer's phone n/a
Scammer's website
Scammer's address China
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country China
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Email

The company advertised a Raised Plant Bed for Gardening. It looked as if they were coming from CA but that was not true. They only distribute from Walnut CA but the product comes from China. It was over 2 months and no product. I contacted the company and disputed the charge. A month later now 3 months late the product arrived. I had already moved on and replaced the product at a loss and a higher cost. I advised for them not to send the product. They did anyway and are trying to block the refund. This is a very dishonest and deceptive company which seems like an online Scam. The public needs to be warned about this company. It is a SCAM


Victim Location 78741
Total money lost $68
Type of a scam Online Purchase

they offer 10$ extra shipping in 4-5 day i received it in a month. Everything they show about the product is a lie. There is no filter as shown in the video, it looks nothing like the robot vacuum cleaner they video taped. It has no sensor to catch if it is falling. It has only two wheels there for it has no way to move, this literally is a piece of plastic. They claim it has a charging port it runs off of batteries. Even when the batteries were placed it had no suction, and no wheels to move on its own. This is the biggest scam i have seen and unfortunately bought. Most of the post on Facebook are from the same people at the same location. If anyone asks a question about the robot vacuum cleaner all they do is send a link to the video and where to buy it. They are posting on Facebook and have their own website. I was given no receipt when mailed.

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