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ADR Reports & Reviews (24)

- Horn Lake, MS, USA

Received a call saying I owed 178& up x 378 to Santander for a car loan. I’ve never had a car loan from them or ever heard of this company. They called from 9014672808.

- Deridder, LA, USA

Rep asked many yes/no questions. Rep asked for verification of SSN last four.

- Holiday, FL, USA

I keep getting calls from ADR stating that court papers were sent to me (they were not) about a debt I owe to Citibank which was paid. When I ask them for their information fax or mail to send in the documents showing that it was paid they refuse to give me information to send them proof that it was paid. Then she said she left her name and number at the office with the girl there but would not give it to me. When I said you gave your information to a stranger but you won't give it to me she responded that she left it on a recording.

The person's name is G*** H*** at 704-210-8291, reverse phone number shows it belongs to a T*** S*** at 11401 9th St N St Petersburg, FL 33784 age 45-54. She calls from another number as well a 727-597-5826 which is a telemarketer robo call.

- Greer, SC, USA

An aggressive Ashley Jones called threatening to come to my house to serve legal paperwork & claimed she'd be on the look out for my car if I didn't make myself available. When I called a rude Martha explained the call was about a credit card that was discharged in a 7 yr old bankruptcy. She claimed the creditor had filed an appeal & was now taking legal action. I called my attorney & provided the voicemail recording.

- Lomita, CA, USA

Debt collector scam (866)425-6407

Called me about a past due bank account which I didn't have

- South Portland, ME, USA

I was called by a “process server” from an unknown number who told me to call ?(866) 206-1907? to avoid being served papers tomorrow. I called and a man answered stating “Angelo Stevens”. He said he worked for ADR in Houston and knew my name without me telling him.

- Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA

I was first contacted via voicemail by an ashley smith with an independent carrier claiming she had a certified document with my name on it that she will be serving me with later that week. She provided a day but not a specific time (first red flag) she then proceeded to state at the end of the voicemail that said voicemail serves as my first notification. They try to use threatening legal verbiage as a scare tactic. She provided with with a number incase I had any questions. I called and was told I am being sued by Hunting Bank for an overdraft fee dating back to 2005 (14 years ago) and then asked if I was able to pay off the charges today and if not I would need to enter a plea of not guilty (over the phone plea? Definitely not legal) I told her I will take no action until I have the proper legal paperwork and she hung up.

- Lafayette, IN, USA

Was contacted by ADR stating I had an outstanding balance for a payday loan company. Was told I would be sent to court and placed in jail contingent upon me placing bail for full balance paid. I was told that a lady by the name of Michelle Lewis would be at my home between 3-5 pm and if I was not available I would have a writ of body attachment placed on me. I proceed to go back and forth with a said Lisa Parker on all options available to me to were in my sheer fear divulge my banking information. Be aware as I very educated and well versed on such topics fell victim myself.

The person I talked to was willing to talk to me about a “debt” my husband supposedly owed from 2007 and 2008 from Bank of America and Wells Fargo. The first clue that it was a scam was that they were willing to discuss his accounts with me, nobody ever is willing to talk without the account owners consent. They threatened me with a lawsuit. I asked why the Banks waited 10-11 years to sue and he said that the statute of limitations was up in 46 days for one and 57 for the other. How is that so, if the debts are supposedly 1 year apart?

I received a call from "Martha" "process server" from an unknown number asking for me by an old name (15yrs ago). She stated she needed to serve me a civil complaint filed against me but could not give me any details because of "privacy laws" it was all sealed up and that they had tried to get in touch with me and after several attempts of no response filed a suit. I told her I have not heard from anyone, she started yelling and said your telling me that you haven't gotten any letters or anything? . She gave me a # of 832-847-7473 and a file #. Called and talked to Mr. Ed Cohen with ADR, he explained a debt from 2006 (12 years old) I explained I have never heard of this debt and have cleaned my credit up and have never been notified. Told him that it was past limitations, he gave a bogus answer on that and told me that they will forward this to litigation and legal. After myself getting irritated and upset knowing this was a scam I stopped him from talking and told him I was aware more than he was on the laws because I work in the legal field. He didn't know what to say after that other than have a nice day LOL . Martha called back the next day same spill, I called the # again and no answer - left a message and return call stated that my file was transferred out of the office and to follow the process servers instructions if she calls back.... This is all while they are calling my ex husbands family, ex friends, etc. STOP THIS SCAM!

Somenone called me, saying they were from ADR, a debt resolution company. They said that a civil suit was being filed against my name and social security number from Wells Fargo, for an unresolved debt amount. I had paid the debt years ago. They said they would be coming by my house to serve me papers.

They first called with an unlisted number claiming that I would be served papers between 3-5pm.

I called the number referenced and they claimed to be ADR.

Said the debt was for $*** of an overdrawn BofA account.

Didnt have a BofA account in 2006.

They even called my mother.

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

Caller reached out to my grandfather and wife by phone. He (Carl Waters) expressed that he needed to set up a payment plan for a bank dispute from a old bank account that was closed 8 years ago. I called the number back and asked the man who he was with, after a short pause he told me he was with ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). He informed me that I had 24 hours or until 3 pm to file a stop order or I would be issued a court date and could face charges up to 3 times the amount "owed" to the bank. I asked for his address and he said he was only able to give a PO Box. I asked for his email and he had to put me on hold just to give me a billing email address. I asked if he could email me a copy of the charges owed or any information from courts saying I was going to be sued and he was "not allowed to do so". I googled the company and there was two ADR company's in Houston but none with the same phone number that I have been receiving calls from. I am concerned as to how and why this man has personal information about me. Carl was able to give me my birth date, an old address, and my middle initial.

- Miami, FL, USA

I received a call that my debt has been forwarded to collections and if I don't resolve it, they are going to file a lawsuit against me. She said that I need to contact ADR to settle the debt and wanted to give me an 800 number to call them. Fortunately, I had just read about phone scams and told her that I would not call and hung up and blocked the number. Needless to say, I don't have anything in collections.

They called notifying me that they are a representative from my county (not true as I live in Illinois and they work out of Texas) and I will be served papers the following day to be seen in court over a debt I had paid and closed out over 4 years ago. They would not provide their address and email. I spoke with a James and a Sean who claim to be lawyers who said I would have to go to court with fees upwards of $1,600. I then got proof of my debt paid from years ago and asked to send to them so they would no longer threaten me. They then hung up and I have not heard back since.

- San Antonio, TX, USA

I rarely do not answer phone calls from number unknown to me the number 832-753-1478, left a message stating he was calling from ADR in regards to a Ace Cash account, case #73226, that I made a payment in Feb that was declined, he only left his first name of Edward, he also stated that if I do not contact him back within 24 to 48 hour he will take actions to serve me at approximately 10:00am on Wednesday morning.

I have not moved nor change address, I was never given anything in writing in rewards to this a loan, and I will not provide monies to a third party company, if the company I owe a debit to contacts me in writing i will comply, but I will not transfer funds to an unknown company who throw out threats and do not provide their last name, or business address.

- Pierre, SD, USA

Left me a vm saying they will be serving me papers between 3pm and 5 pm. When I called, they claimed I owed money on a closed account from 9 years ago, and when I asked for proof, they said my phone call was all the proof they needed. No one showed to serve papers. When I called back about it, they put me on hold, and then hung up. I called back multiple times, no answers. Finally I got Steven wilson who fed be the same story, said he'd press charges if I kept calling. Couldn't tell me why no one showed to serve papers. I contacted the debtor dirrctly and they assured me i had no legal pending actions with them now or ever, and that my file was no longer in their systems.

We received a call from a private number, saying that they were arranging to serve us with notice of a legal claim; we were invited to call the number above and give a case number, to make arrangements to settle the debt. The people at the number said they were "ADR" / "Alternative Dispute Resolution", and were assigned by Wells Fargo to "mediate" the case before going to court; said "mediation" meant that we would agree to pay $1756 to settle the debt (instead of being sued for over $5000). This looks like the same folks warned about at they used the same Kirby Drive address, but would not give a suite number. I was able to reach a reception desk in that office building (which appears to be managed by Regus), and they did not believe that any such firm operated there, or even used it as a legitimate virtual address.

They had an outdated address, but the real birthdate and last four digits of SSN, which is worrisome. I'm not convinced the original debt is legitimate, though; and they were unwilling to send me anything in the mail or even by e-mail. (They said they'd send settlement documents to me via e-mail, but only after I agreed to pay the $1756...which I would not do based on just a phone call.)

I received a phone call stating that I was going to be served with court papers for oweing US Bank from going on 10yrs ago. US Bank has nothing on file for me AT ALL ( because its too old). I was told that I owed an exact amount of $3,864 in court and if I didnt go to court that I would owe $1,288. They wanted my bank card information to start a payment plan, I ended up giving it to them because I was a nervous wreck. I did cancel out my card and notified my bank about this. The original debt collector that my information was sent to directly from US bank has been out of business for the last 4 years and that information was given back in 2009.

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