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Address Genie

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Address Genie Reports & Reviews (23)

• Jul 15, 2022

No one needs to pay $39.95
to change their address. This is a scam. I tried to get money back to no avail.
They put up a site that looks exactly like the US Post Office
The ask for the same fee of about $1.00 as the post office

And bang. You are now an owner of the Address Genie account with services. It's not possible to speak to a libe human or get you $39
95 back

You know how hard it is to move?! Well this company needs to be shut down and people need to be exposed as theif scammers.
I'm getting my Attorney General involved.

• May 18, 2022


I gave them money for a service that was never completed. I see they take your money but don't follow through with what they are paid to do. I want to warn as many people that I can. This company IS NOT LEGIT. Please don't waste your time or money. They lie big time!

• Mar 20, 2022

This company sucks

I was changing my address and I thought I was on the ups website but instead was on this address genie. As soon as I noticed my mistake got into contact with them and they told me they would issue a refund. That was February 23 and still nothing. This place is a scam! Have since contacted them 2 other time's and nothing. You stole my money and if you don't do refunds, just an idea don't post that you do on your website.

• Mar 10, 2022

I was trying to contact USPS to change my address online and I thought that is who I was in contact with. I out my cc info in and I was charged 39 99 by address genie. I tried to call them for a refund. Automated service said I was sent a email and to click on that for a refund. Well needless to say, I never received a email or refund. Something need to b done about this! They stole my money!

• Jan 30, 2022

I went to change mine and my husband's address to our current residence and I thought it was an official USPS page so I thought nothing of it. It originally stated that it would only charge me $1.20 so I thought okay cool I can do both of our address changes and be charged less than five dollars. I checked my bank statement about a day later and had two charges for 39.95. I went to my gmail since they sent me a confirmation that my address had been changed. I emailed them saying that I'd like a refund, at first they told me since it had been over 24 hours I wouldn't be issued on. Not sure why but they sent me a satisfactory email asking how their service was. It wasn't until then when I gave a poor rating that someone named "William" emailed me saying they make it very clear their website states they charge 39.95. I went back to the website and looked and found no such price anywhere. Supposedly I will be receiving a refund within the next 3-5 business days.

• Dec 27, 2021

This site used USPS where I thought I was changing my address charge was 1 dollar and 5 cents but I was charged 39.99 fraudulently my processing number is 2135 7900 0044 0530 I've made a complaint with my bank already I expect this to be correct as quickly as it was taken Patric Jean Kennedy 12/27/21

• Oct 27, 2021

I would like to receive a refund

Scammer's phone (720) 279-8028
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 4770 Baseline rd
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Moving
Initial means of contact Email

I went to change my address info, I clicked on usps..I thought I filling out info it said it was 1.05...when I checked my acct it was 39.95 they charged me. I did a refund and they only gave me back one charge. They refuse to answer the change of address i did for my husband. We did it the same time on the same day and they refuse to refund his money. Both charges were on my acct in which i did not authorize them to take any money from us.


Victim Location 99216
Total money lost $39.95
Type of a scam Moving

Site mimics USPS, ending prompts to pay the $1.05. Received a confirmation email from AdressGenie saying total payment was $39.95. Refund process has a “no questions asked” but they state to keep $5 as it pays the $1.05 to USPS and the remainder to employees for processing the order.


I get charge $39.95 I was in usps site trying to change my old address to the new one this is not correct I need a answer of this at soon as possible


Thought I was at the official USPS change address web sight. Turns out it wasn't because Address Genie charged me $40 for two services I did not specifically order.


They label themselves as an "Official USPS Postal Address Change" (as seen in my search history clip below). Filled out the site and gave my credit info for what i thought was the 1$ charge. Nowhere on the checkout did it show you'll be charged 35$. Asked for a refund immediately and the refund costs $5.


I signed up for this service because it seemed it would be super helpful. I paid for the account. The instructions were vague and I was confused as to whether I should register as family or individual. I assumed once I was signed up I would be able to back in and edit my account info, so i went ahead and registered as a family. Got my confirmation email immediately and my card was charged. I logged in to begin working on things. I could not change any account info and could only add companies from a drop down list. Instructions said you could type a company name and hit search but there was no box to type in and no search button. There was no chat support available, only an email form. I submitted two forms with separate issues and received a message that someone would get back to me shortly. I tried calling but there is just a voicemail. I started to feel like I had been scammed so googled a little. I went back to the email I received when I opened the account and clicked a cancel button. Got a message that said my account was cancelled and I would get a refund. I am concerned that I already gave them a credit card number and one other personal account number. I will see if they actually do refund my money. I will do my address changes the old fashioned way. I am usually cautions about checking reviews and definitely failed this time. Hope others do more checking before signing up.


Scammer's website Address genie
Country United States
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I was trying too change my address on the post office and address genie popped up and took money

I went on what I thought was USPS site and did a change of address and they proceeded to charge me a $1.00 then I o back in my account and they took $39.95 from my account unauthorized they need to be reported period!

Victim Location 70122
Total money lost $5
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

claims to charge $1.05 for Change of Address service but bills $39.95. when i cancelled the service 5 minutes after the order they said they'd keep $5 as a filing fee. bait and switch!

Victim Location 87105
Total money lost $29.99
Type of a scam Moving

I was wanting to do a change of address online. I went on a site that looked exactly like, by the time I typed in all my info and card info I noticed it wanted to charge 29.99 so I left the page without confirming any payment through them. About 5 mins later I receive an email that my card was charged! I called immediately for a refund but it sends you straight to a automated voicemail that prompts you to leave your personal info and other details for further investigation for a refund back. I'm about to cancel my card completely now!


Victim Location 11542
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Went online to USPS to post a temporary change of address to have mail forwarded. I have done this several times. USPS charges $1.00 for this service. I then received a notification that I was being charged $25 by a company called Address Genie. Wrote to them and stated never asked for their service. Recived a reply that they were issuing a credit for all amounts,LESS$5.00 -FOR WHAT? Will dispute charge on credit card and have it charged back .Definite SCAM! should be shut down.


Victim Location 90012
Total money lost $29
Type of a scam Moving

Hi there,

I was trying to do a USPS official change of address and realized that I accidentally clicked on a sponsored ad for an Online Address Change Wizard. I noticed my mistake once I got to the last page before clicking confirmation and saw there was a $29.99 auto charge included. I did not complete this transaction and closed the tab, yet got an emailed receipt for the transaction. I called the phone number and one of the first things they mention is free refunds, as well as an entire section in the email about refunding the $29.99. This has clearly happened to several people, now I just worry that this company has all of my personal & credit card information

Victim Location 49230
Total money lost $40
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Went to to do an address change and when done I had to enter credit card info. for $1 charge. Without my knowledge Address Genie took over and then charged $40 to my credit card. I cannot find an address nor phone number but did email them right away my displeasure and requested the $40 be refunded. I am on a fixed incone and cannot afford this.


Same exact situation smh people need to get their [censored]ing teeth punched in for stealing

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