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Acting as IRS

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Acting as IRS Reports & Reviews (25)

- Waterville, MN, USA

They asked for name and SS #. I refused, and they said to pick up the other line when it beeps and that would be the Sheriff calling. They told me to answer the phone. I did.. and they asked me to pay my tax bill or he would be coming to arrest me. I hung up...

I got a missed call from ? ?+1 (320) 321-0340?. No voice message. So I decided to call back. The guy on the other line sounded like he had a masked voice over but I just went on and listened to what he had to say. He knew my name and asked if I still lived in St Paul. He gave me his name and badge. Jonathon Knight, IR 15367. Not even sure what that means. He told me I got a letter from the IRS on June 22 explaining that the was a random audit check and they noticed I missed filed my taxes from 2015-2017. I explained my income did change dramatically. He asked what I used to file. I said Turbo Tax. He proceeds to say I owe $2,477.13. I have two options. Go down to the white house and find a very good lawyer to fight my case. I couldn’t understand the second option. He didn’t speak English clearly so I had him repeat himself a few times so I could understand but I just tried to gather what I understood. I told him the IRS sends letters and does not do phone calls. I said I’ll take option one and just go down to the court myself. I asked for his address and phone number and he hurried to say, good luck, hope you find a good lawyer and hangs up!! He didn’t give me any other information on where to go and what not. That’s when I realized it could be a scam.

- Grand Rapids, MN, USA

I received two phone calls from this number. They left a computer animated message stating that it was urgent I call them back at the number 202-858-4605. When I called the number the man with a thick Indian accent stated it was the IRS. I hung up.

- Saint Paul, MN, USA

They called me claiming there was a tax fraud. I called them back and they were asking for personal information in order to tell me what the fraud was against my name.

They called my cell phone and stated a lawsuit was filed by the Irs stating I owed 4768.12 in back taxes regarding line 7 on my 1040. They said i could hire an attorney or pay them. They said they had been trying to contact numerous times and when I said nasty that I received nothing by mail they hung up. I immediately ran a reverse # search and contacted the

Automated message from IRS indicated there is a warrant for my arrest and I needed to call them.

Leave an electronic voice recording about serious crimes against you and you owe the IRS money within 24 hours. If you don't, you go to jail and all that [censored]. They leave a phone number to call. you call it, and its a call center, India in this case, lots of other voices in the background, phones, etc. I told them to go to hell. And now I'm giving you their number.

Good luck.

- Moorhead, MN, USA

Caller says they are from the IRS and that there is a warrant for your arrest.

- Saint Paul, MN, USA

I received a phone call satin they were from the IRS and that they were in the process of file a claim against me. They needed to verify my info. I was skeptical so I asked what information did they have.on file. They gave me my address I told her thry sounded right she cussed at me and hung up. I called them back to find out why she hung up on me she told me i was rude. We went back and forth which led to.her cussing me again and hanging up. Later that day I received another call in which the let me know that the call was being monitored by homeland security and that I should not interup. Mistake. I asked if someone from homeland get on the phone to verify they are monitoring the call. He repeated that the call was being monitored so I interrupted to ask some questions which made him hang up on me. I never gave either call any info or to actually say what they needed from me to stop the proceedings they were filing against me

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

Called representing the Internal revenue services and when I questioned what branch he said respect me, you white piece of [censored]. Began speaking about my wife's private areas. Caller ID popped up as Erin Franceschi of Woodbury, NY.

We received a phone call telling us we committed fraud against the IRS and there would be arrest warrants put out against us.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

I received a recorded message on my cell phone. Stated it was the IRS. Recording said I am under suspicion for something. I need to contact them immediately to avoid penalties and prosecution. Call phone number 213-297-0023. I did not call the phone number. I did not want to be charged. Reporting the scam.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

The claim they are a part of the IRS and the phone call is based in New York. I have been called two times and they keep warning me that legal action will be taken in twenty-four hours. My mom and I both know the IRS sends letters to say when a person is being audited. So we knew it was a scam looking for my personal information. My advice is to not answer if you don't know the number or in my case you don't know anyone living in New York.

- Grand Forks, ND, USA

I keep getting phone calls and messages from different phone numbers threatening to have me arrested. I called the IRS and they said they had nothing on record. I block the callers number and they call from a different number. Another number used is 585-861-3683. When I asked for some kind of verification the caller got angry and stated he was going to have the local authorities arrest me right away. I told him to go ahead and I would deal with them then.

Calls all originate from New York State. I refused to give them any information. They wanted my Name, Address. That is when I cut them off and asked for verification they who they said and were not a scam.

- Chisholm, MN, USA

The phone call involves an automated message impersonating the IRS. The message warns of a warrant for arrest, that they've been trying to reach you for the past 6 months, your family is being investigated and to call (337) 292-2312. Calling back you are greeted by a live person impersonating an IRS agent. The phone number is registered with T-Mobile Voicestream GSM. The phone number appears to be calling from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

I have been called by this number four times today and the same thing happened two months ago. It starts with a robocall stating that I am behind in my taxes and a lawsuit is being filed against me by the IRS and that I can stay on the phone to speak to an agent. The robocall has a thick accent and speaks in poor grammar. When I have picked up the call I'm connected to someone in a call center and an aggressive man comes on the phone telling me that a lawsuit is being filed against me by the IRS. I calmly told him that I am an attorney and that this isn't the way that the IRS files lawsuits. I attempted to engage the man on the phone, asking him calmly to take me off his list as he is obligated to do, and he became more aggressive saying he is going to, "sue me and beat me down into the ground." I asked him where he was located so that I could determine where I should be expecting this lawsuit to be filed and where I could receive my beat down? He said he was located all over in California, Michigan, and in Spain. I asked him why the United States IRS has offices in Spain? He said "I don't give a damn what you think, I'm going to sue the hell out of you." I explained again that I am an attorney and he could do so if he liked but that this is obviously a scam, that I think it's despicable what he's doing, that he should be ashamed of trying to scam people out of money and that he should take my name off of his list. He said he wasn't going to do that and that I was an [censored]. I told him I was going to report his scam to the and that he should stop what he's doing. And I hung up as he continued to threaten me. Since hanging up I've received three more calls and messages from this company. Anything you can do to stop these people would be wonderful and I'm happy to help in anyway I can.

- Mankato, MN, USA

They claim to be the IRS and state that there is a lawsuit issued against me. If it is not paid quickly local PD will come and arrest me.

- Lakeville, MN, USA

Received a call and they left a voicemail that I was being sued by the IRS and needed to call them. It was a roto message. I knew it was a scam but called to see and a man answered and I told him he was a scammer and he said "fine, then hang up and wait for the mail of the lawsuit to come to you!" Was originally trying to get my personal information. Do not trust this scam or number. It has multiple reports online of the same IRS scam.

- Sartell, MN, USA

I received an automated call telling me that the IRS had a found a miscalculation error on 3 past years of my taxes and had a warrant out for my arrest. This was my "final notice." I needed to call the number they gave me to avoid being arrested. When I called, they told me not to hang up the call or call anyone else. I was given the option of resolving the issue if I had the funds available. If I did not, they would send the police to my house to arrest me.

If I had the money I was to go directly to a government certified store and purchase a Tax Payment Voucher within the next 40 minutes then tell the person on the phone the verification number. They would then send an IRS agent to my door with the paperwork about what had happened.

When I asked how I could verify that this was real I was told to google the agent's name "Troy Anderson IRS" and look at the LinkedIn profile it pulled up (which did not even have a picture). The person on the phone gave me their badge I.D. and Case File number. I asked if I could call the police station to verify the warrant for my arrest, he said they would just arrest me. When I asked too many questions, the man said I was being too difficult and he would send the police over. After he hung up I received 5 phone calls all from different numbers within 3 minutes (which I did not answer). The other numbers were 1-800-849-1040, 1-581-020-2589, 1-497-131-0865, 1-256-471-1802, 1-160-977-5812.

Both people I talked to were adult males. They were heavily accented - sounded like middle eastern accents.

I called my local police department after the call and they assured me it was a scam.

Robocall message left stating the IRS collections had a warrant out for my arrest due to money owed. I should call them back to take care of the issue.

I didn’t call back.

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