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Abella Mayfair

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Abella Mayfair Reports & Reviews (40)

I signed up for a free trial and then my credit card was charged the initial "pay the shipping only of $4.52 and $6.80." I received the trial. After reviewing my credit card statement, the company charged me $134.83,$120.86,$123.13. and $138.28 over the next 2 months. Thankfully my bank blocked this months charges. I was charged for a product I did not receive monthly, nor want. I had received the trial product and then a month later the same product came again. I called the bank who's is following up. I called the company to ask about the charges and see if I could return the second unopened product and to inquire as to the charges. They said that I had a agreed to receive the product, and be charged every 30 days...The company said that I had 14 days initially to return the product...nothing came with the product stating this...They would not return the product but offered me $100 US to be credited back to my credit card...$500 does not equal $100 US...My bank is trying to get the money back as I actually received the trial product and , another the same sample size...not product every 30 days.Of note, the company said that this product was endorsed by Ellen Degeneres.

Abella Mayfair Canada claims that they will give you a free sample face cream that is endorsed by Angelina Jolie. I only signed up to get a free sample of 2 kinds of face creams, only having to pay the shipping cost. But after I received the product once, I got another one, thinking it was another sample. but realized my credit card got charged for roughly an additional US$250, which I have never agreed to purchase! They continue to charge my credit card every month! I don't know how to contact them! I am trying to stop the payment from my credit card, hopefully that works.

I have been caught in this scam after responding to an offer for a free sample of Abella Mayfair Rapid Wrinkle Control. I don't have the exact date of order, but it was likely late January. I received a 15mL sample and a 30mL sample of Maximum Moisture 24 Hour Day & Night Cream in the mail about a week later. I then received a second 15mL sample of the Wrinkle Control. Charges appeared on my Feb. and Mar. Visa Statements totalling $517.52 for product I did not order.

At no time did I agree to open an account with this merchant. I simply requested the free sample and gave my credit card number for the shipping charge of $20.

Today (Mar. 20/17) I have received the following email in response to my email requesting immediate cancellation:

Thank you for contacting us upon your concern, we will be more than glad to assist you with this matter. First let me introduce you to our company and explain our deals and offers, so you can have a clearer picture about us.

We provide a service, in which we ship our product directly to the customer’s home on a monthly basis so he can enjoy from our high quality product without the hassle of going out to purchase it. We do know that a monthly subscription requires a commitment to a product that can’t be obtained at a store, therefore our way to introduce the product to the customer is to let him try before he commits to the monthly subscription-this is done through our trial offer. That’s how confident we are about our product.

Our trial offer is a way to get the full 30 day supply of 90-Second Rapid Wrinkle Control where you pay only $3.95 USD upfront and enroll in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $99.95 USD for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $99.95 USD and shipped another bottle. A trial is not a free sample. The price of $99.95 USD that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. The Maximum Moisture trial is only $4.95 USD upfront and just like the 90-Second Rapid Wrinkle Control trial, you will be enrolled in our monthly subscription. After the trial expires (14 days), you are charged $89.95 USD for that initial bottle. Every 30 days thereafter, you will be charged $89.95 USD and shipped another bottle. A trial is not a free sample. The price of $89.95 USD that you pay is for the full 30 day supply bottle that was shipped out. When you order a trial, you have to check that you agree to our terms and conditions and enroll in our monthly shipment program.

A trial in general is a way to let the customer try the product so they are sure about the purchase, and it’s not a way to handle out free products. Moreover this information is clearly stated at the first paragraph of the terms and conditions you agreed to.I HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO THE OFFERED REFUND.

Pls. see the terms of service that you signed up for:

Regarding your request of refund, we can no longer provide the full amount because you notified us to cancel after the trial period. You will still be responsible for the payment for all the bottles that already been shipped to you at the time of your cancellation request. Since cancellation applies only to future orders that have not yet shipped or delivered, there's no need to return anything. Upon placing your order you agreed with our terms and it says "We will not provide any refunds or accept any returns for any cancellations of trial orders made more than 30 days after placing your trial order.".

However to rectify the situation, even though you are no longer eligible for a refund we will make an exception. We can go ahead and meet both ways for this. I can go ahead and offer you a total of $70.00 USD courtesy refund as a resolution. For us to be able to do this, please reply on this email with a "Yes, I agree" as this would be the only resolution we could offer to justify all of the inconvenience both parties has experienced.

Thank you and will wait for your response.


Free trial, only pay shipping and handling for this product. Then they charge your credit card in US funds $99.95 and $89.98. Then they charge this MONTHLY! Visa said if I cancel my card the charges would still go over to the new card. Contacted Contact Abella support and they will only refund US $50, but will cancel my account. I have returned the product unopened and demanded they refund me February US $99.95 and $89.95 and March US $99.95 and $89.95. This is a scam.

I purchased 2 facial cream Jan 10 2017 for $3.99 US and $4.99 US. I did not receive the product until Wednesday March 1 2017 I did not register or create an account with this company . Since Jan 10th 2017 I have been charged an additional $516.08 CAN to my credit card without my knowledge. This company claims that when I clicked on the complete order button that I was agreeing to their terms and that these charges were legit. I have asked them to provide me a copy of this so called contract and they are unable to provide it, obviously. They have offered a refund of $100.00 US but I can not accept this.

company offers a free trial of their product. If you do not cancel within 15 days (from date of purchase, not the date you receive the product) , they charge you the full price of the initial "free" product and then continue to charge your credit card for the product.

website promotes free sample of face cream. Received "Free sample " then was charged $99.95 Us for product. When I called was told I had to return the product back if not satisfied. Do not give you enough time to return product & was not clearly stated on information sent with product. I cancelled account & was told I would not be charged or receive anymore product. I then received another tube of unwanted cream & was charged another $ 99.95 us. When I called to complain was told they would not refund any money to me & the employee hung up the phone. I have been unable to receive any refund from either this company or my credit card company

I paid for shipping of a product, for a free sample, only to be charge a crazy amount for the product on my credit card a month later...this is not free if they go ahead and charge your account.

On January 3, 2017 I found a website advertised on Facebook called Abella Mayfair that was offering a FREE SAMPLE of wrinkle cream. I noticed the company had a local phone number. I placed an order for the Free Sample, and was up-sold 2 additional tubes and a jar of moisture cream. They charged my credit card three times that day: $3.95, 4.95 and 99.95 USD [ translating into $5.45, $6.83 and $137.89 CDN]. The $99 was correct, but I have no idea what the two other charges on that same day were for. I regularly shop online, and I know and look for companies that enroll into their autoship program and refuse to buy from them – EVER. The charges on my credit card are to New Age Skin Formula, My Pure Skin Now and Beautiful Skin Formula .com’s, two are in Nevada and one in Oregon. I only authorized Abella Mayfair for my purchase.

Then I received my Visa bill in the 2nd week of February, long after all these charges were placed on my card. The company had not only placed extra charges for $3.95 & 4.95 on my account, they charged me another $89.95 on January 17th, just two weeks after the order – not even 2 weeks after I received the product! I wasn’t happy with the product, but it was such a hassle to return items, I thought that I would keep it as I like the moisture cream. After another couple of weeks however, I realized the break-out of my skin was due to the one of their creams which was the deal breaker for me. It took some time to get the breakout under control and I had to use a prescription medication. When I got my Visa bill this experience cost me $272.56 Cdn for a free sample and two small 0.5 oz [15ml] of wrinkle cream and one 1 oz [30ml] jar and the two additional charges that I have no idea what they were for.

I called the company to report that I’m allergic to their product and that I was returning it for a refund. I was told that I could only get $100 USD back after she spoke with a supervisor. I don’t get it – allergic to their product, and not happy with their Free Sample and feeling scammed after I saw my Visa statement and that's the best they were going to do?

Offered a free trial. Pay shipping and handling only. Less than 2 weeks later, charged my credit card without my knowledge and claims it was a limited offer free trial. That the terms stated that's what it was. No where in the info I read did it say that any where. Otherwise I would not have agreed. They also put me on automatic monthly ship when I know that I specifically declined.

January 15, 2017 I ordered free samples of Abella Mayfair products, I authorized shipping and handling and said no to everything else. I have never received my free samples. Reviewing my MasterCard statement today February 22, 2017 I see charges of $5.32 and $6.67 Canadian plus the actual cost for the full size products $133.90 and $121.49. When I called today they said that the "shipping charges" were actually authorization for them to ship the product to me. If I did not cancel my "subscription" within 14 days of ordering the products I would then be charged for the product. They asked me several times if I had read the fine print. There are no free samples, it is a total scam. If you do not call Abella Mayfair and cancel charges to your credit card within 14 days of the date they are posted to your credit card you will be charged the full amount for the product. What you are doing is in fact prepaying the shipping charges, which by the way are also non refundable after 14 days. After 14 days they refer to the shipping and handling as your subscription fee.

Purchased a "trial" of this cream and only paid for shipping. Next thing I know I have a $131 dollar charge on my credit card because they were not clear at all on the terms and conditions that you were actually siging up for some sort of trial for their product! I like many others only purchased it because of the product apparently being endorsed by Arlene Dickinson (Dragon's Den TV program). Feeling totally scammed and will never purchase a "trial" version of anything again.

I purchased a skin care product from the website of Abella Mayfair as was advertised for the price of only the shipping fee. I paid online by my credit card through their website. I did not authorize Abella Mayfair to ship me any other products & did not agree to any other charges. However, since my original online purchase of their product, they have charged my credit card for $639.14 CAD to date. I am disputing the said rogue charges.

I tried to order the anti-wrinkle cream as they advertised on Facebook that it was a business owned by Arlene Dickinson from Dragon's Den. It was a trial offer. The order did not go through and they phoned me to tell me that and tried to sell me moisturizer as well. I declined. I got another call a few minutes later again trying to sell me both the products. The seller said that after 14 days I could cancel and not receive the following month supply. I was told I was to receive an email but it never came during the phone call, (or ever). So I told them to forget it as it was taking too long and now I was suspicious about the up selling.

Surprise: my account was charged and I received the anti-wrinkle cream. The cream came with an information sheet about the product and not once did it mention subscription or that the sample ordered was not a sample but a 30 day supply that would have to be paid for in full after 14 days. I thought I had better cancel this as they will keep sending it. I sent an email to cancel and they responded with an email that came through and that is where I learned about the subscription. This company is dishonest and now they want me to send the anti-wrinkle cream back. That is a Health and Safety issue.

The company was offering "free" sample trials of cosmetic products for only the cost of USD $5.40. I have purchased this free trial, only to find a month later that they have charged my credit card for the total of CDN $548.37, on six different occasions between Dec. 9, 2016 and Jan. 19, 2017. I have only received the alleged "free" sample product (1 oz facial cream) and nothing else!!

When called the company they said I have signed up for a continuous monthly product supply of USD $99.95/month worth of products. I've not only not signed up for this, but never have received more product than the initial free small sample.

The credit card charges show different merchant names: e.g. and smoothskindiamond, and also list different telephone numbers: 702-649-0153, 702-302-4057. Their main webpage, lists yet another telephone number, 250-483-7496.

There are numerous people complaining online about being scammed by them and there is even a facebook warning site created for this purpose:

The company lists different addresses, like a PO Box 500 in North York, ON (on their main page, another one in Las Vegas (from their site) and yet another on the actual product label (address given above: 64 Bakersfield St., Toronto, ON)

Scam Description

I ordered the free trial products which only shipping charges were to be debited to my credit card which was done back in November 2016 in the amount of $12.33. Then these charges showed up on my credit card with no E-mail confirmation or correspndance whatsoever. When I called to cancel she said I didn't read the terms and conditions?

20 12 21 12 012 SKIN7025108839BEAUTY LONDON GB 123.81

18 12 19 12 010 17752855782 CLEARSKIN SWINDON GB 137.53

02 12 02 12 002 SKIN7025108839BEAUTY LONDON GB 122.85

30 11 01 12 001 RABY CORPORATION LTD LONDON GB 137.72

They have skin care cream for a "free trial" shipping just $3.99 after a few days (14 days) then they bill your card for several product recurring. DONT DO IT, product is garbage and it costs $100 per item (US dollars)

I ordered this product for my wife to try with their "free" sample but much to my surprise the our local news (Global Vancouver) aired the scam on their news cast tonight stating the inpending charges forthcoming for this "free" sample after a 14day trial period. The product does nothing that it claims on the website so I have sent them an email cancelling any further orders. The 14 days was to start from time of order and not when received so the product could actually be applied for testing- so wrong.

I ordered the free trial products which only shipping charges were to be debited to my credit card which was done December 30th, 2016 in the amount of $12.33. Then on January 14th, 2017 my credit card was debited two charges. $121.42 & $134.92 totalling $266.34.

They use the name of Arlene Dickinson, pretending she invested in this company. They pretend to give away samples, and act like they are only a few left. They charge you for the shipping. No where does it say that you are subscribing for receiving a supply of product each month for which you will be charged. There are no terms and conditions but they tell you that you agreed to terms and condition. When you want to cancel they make it complicated and won't cancel without sending you the first monthly supply you will of course be charged for.

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