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Yellow pages united

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Yellow pages united Reports & Reviews (13)

- Kansas City, MO, USA

I got two calls back to back. Both were from Florida numbers. Both times, the callers had very heavy accents, so heavy I could barely understand them. The first caller asked me to confirm if I was the owner of the business I just listed on Yellow He hung up immediately when I began talking. The second caller, a woman, talked me for a while and claimed to be from some organization like "Yellow Pages United" or something similar. She went through all the information of my recently-submitted Yellow Pages listing and then told me I needed to pay $5/month for my listing to be active. I protested and she continued to insist they needed money to activate my listing. I told her to forget about it and she hung up. I later called the actual Yellow Pages and they confirmed that this is a common scam.

Received a letter in the mail requesting that we please confirm our business name and address for the yellow pages directory, sign and return. Nothing on the letter stated that there were fees or costs associated with signing and returning the form. The information/ offer/ situation was presented in a very misleading way. It was completely unclear that we were signing up for any kind of service or account, billable or otherwise. We had just changed locations and set up our new phones when we were initially contacted, so we though this was something associated with that. Then we got an invoice in the mail for $396.000. We will NOT be paying a penny of this. I have copies of the letter that we received, form that was filled out and returned and the invoice. Also, when I received the bill, I then looked of their website and our business was even not listed, but now it is.

- Beaumont, TX, USA

We first received a letter in the mail simply stating that we were updating our yellow pages listing. Nothing was mentioned about it being a paid advertising solicitation. Just a page with our info saying to review and correct any wrong info. Nothing else was on that piece of mail. We corrected our number and sent it back, thinking that was it. We fixed our free listing. Couple of weeks later, we received a bill saying we owed $396, with a copy of that paper w/ our corrected info and handwriting. We called the number immediately and they said they would cancel it & apologized for the misleading info. We thought it was over with. Well today, we received a call from a restricted number, saying they were yellow pages, and began asking for our info without once mentioning it was for paid advertising. My husband began telling them abt our business info to be listed. I felt something was wrong, so I took the phone, asked them if this was for paid advertising, and she said yes it was. I told her she needed to state that we would be paying for this first, before gaining our info. Then I told her not to call from a restricted number, and to never call again. It was misleading what she is doing, and we already cancelled the fake bill from their company. Buyer beware! Always ask if it is a paid advertising call before giving out any information! They will use it against you and try to bill you for what you thought was a free listing.

Posed as the yellow pages seeking to correct address information and when corrected information was sent, we received a bill for $396 for listing our company. The scammer used the yellow pages logo, which apparently doesn't have any trademark protection. The scammer apparently is charging this much to list companies at a ""

- Matthews, NC, USA

Yellow Pages United-first contacted me by phone on a regular bases. I, as a business owner thought I could use the advertisement, signed up and paid $396.00, then a second payment of the same amount. Thinking my company would be advertised in Yellow pages. No, not at all!! They provided me an so called Business website which no one would possibly know to look up my company on and when I opened the website there is nothing but my company name. One can Google a company name and have more info on it. Nothing close to worth $792.00 I paid. Now I receive bills for more money owed, and told them to get me off their list and do not contact this company again. This is so sad that people can try to trick other people to think they are something that they aren't. How can they use the Yellow Pages name without getting in trouble?

- Hebron, CT, USA

This company sent me a "THIS IS NOT A BILL" asking me to correct any info and send back. I thought it was for a free listing. I did not notice any indication that I would be charged. After submitting the correction I started receiving bills to pay for a listing. First invoice was for $396, the second was for $792.

My business received a small form in the mail a few months ago asking us to confirm our business information and return it promptly. This form is clearly meant to deceive business owners into thinking they are simply 'confirming any changes' with the Yellow Pages company - which this IS NOT a part of. No mention of any program, service, or fee is mentioned on the main form area- but in very fine print it states that by returning this, you are agreeing to sign up for an advertising program at $392. We do not, and never did want this. Bills started rolling in weekly demanding we pay them for a service that was never specified and we have yet to get ANY information on. Calls to them got put on hold, reach voicemail (during business hours) or bounced around until we hung up. Today we got a bill for twice the amount stating that we have been automatically renewed for another $392. We are NOT paying this and after a whole 5 min on the internet I have learned that this is a scam that has been going on for years: />
I would just like some advice on how to deal with them- invoices keep rolling in, and now they are starting to call and threaten with collections. Most who have gone through this online say to not take them seriously- continue ignoring them and their threats, and they will stop once they know you aren't going to be bullied.

thank you

-jon fetch

- San Diego, CA, USA

I received an order to renew my ad in yellow pages. I corrected the solicitation and sent it back and just received a bill for $396.00

We were tricked and agreed to pay for six months of advertising that didn't exist. Now with a document that has had the dates removed we are invoiced for a past due balance.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Received an invoice for supposedly ordering a directory listing. The "order" has a slip of paper that I filled out correcting the "supposed listing for my firm", they added the language about it constituting an "order" for service. I did not order service and no amounts for the "service" were ever discussed or agreed upon by me or my firm.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

Back on May 2014 I signed on a form from "Yellow Pages United" that asked to VERIFY that my business information is correct.

I was not aware that by signing this I will be billed for it. The form did not say INVOICE or CONTRACT or AGREEMENT or anything of that nature. It was for information verification only. I got many letters from them that I never opened as they looked like they are advertising materials. Apparently, they were invoices!

After more than a year and a half they contacted me by phone. Just received a phone call from them stating I owe $1188.00!!! After calling back and speaking with the supervisor, she said she would wave more than 60% and I need to pay now $369 only.

This is their way to take money from small business owners that working very hard for living.

After checking online for reviews, I learned that they are many business owners that fell into this scam. I am not the only one.

Their mailing materials are deceiving and they will let you accumulate large amount of money, then they will reach out to you and discount it so you will think they did you a favor.

This is a yellow page scam where we received multiple invoices for a yellow page listing we never ordered. The amount was $792.00.

Wording was confusing stating NOT a bill and check corrected information needed. My website name was listed wrong so that was all I thought I was correcting for yellow page listing not entering a $396 for 6 months!

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