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Yellow Pages Reports & Reviews (44)

I do not use or have an account with yellow pages.

These scammers called a cell number that has never been listed with a business.

They wanted me to call them back to remove my listing if my business was not operating during Covid.

They got the business wrong at first. Called it a medical practice. Corrected it to dental. I am a dentist but do not own the business. I did not call them back. Total scam!

I’ve contacted this company in August to camel my subscription

They have still taken money off of my MC

I called again they told me there is nothing I can do I need to pay another year!

I asked them to cancel again , no emails nothing!

They also lied on the phone said I never cancelled I did !

I want my money back

I want payments to stop

- Tyler, TX, USA

Claimed to Gregory Thompson, bailiff with some California Court. Stated that we had a $1900 unpaid yellow page ad bill for which we would need to show up in court if we did not pay today.

- Hoffman Estates, IL, USA

Stewart Ruben called and said that I owed him money for Yellow Pages. Josh Goldberg called me today and said the same thing, but the voices sounded very familiar. I paid Stewart over the phone $1,200.00 thinking that I really owed them.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

Received a spoof phone call about adding information to yellow pages person did not state name just stated they were calling from yellow pages asked me to verify my business I ignored the question and asked who this phone call only lasted 41 seconds before the womwn hung up they called from jupitur Florida, when called back the line didn’t ring thank god I refuse to verify my info and blocked them from calling

Date of call June 26th and also left message week of June 18th while I was on vacation and out of office. Caller states his name is Ivan Polak from collections department with Yellow Pages and if they don't hear from us by 5pm EST on June 29th they will file an R9 against our company credit with the credit bureau and forward to their attorneys who will then file a validation of debt with the courts and we can expect a subpoena in 10 to 15 days. (saved message on machine) We are a church, and this happened to us before and we fell for it, then shortly after they called again trying to get more from us. After some investigation upon the second try in such a short period I realized it is a scam. When they called again I told them I had reported them, which I did) and haven't heard from them again until now. He states we owe like three years in the amount of $3000.00+ ( I accidentally erased the first call with the exact amount). Please advise how to handle future calls. Thank you.

- Appleton, WI, USA

I got a fax in when I first started working for my company and it stated to "update information this is not a bill", so I changed what needed to be changed on the invoice and faxed it back. Then, not even a day later I get another invoice with the bill and I called the company and told them I do not have any apparent authority with my work place and I just started and they told me "that sucks and you will have to pay this bill you signed a contract for business to business." all I did was make the changes for our information that they asked me to when verifying info for our company. I am an hourly employee with no stock in this business and have no right to ok charges of any kind. The owner of the business is very upset and told me that I have to pay this and I don't have $3,000 to pay this. Anyone could have walked by the fax machine and signed it, maybe it should have only been addressed to the owner. The invoice is for a directory and they are using the name Open Business Solutions but also the Yellow Pages (YP) name and the company billing us is located in Germany!

For over year trying to cancel a supposed verbal contract with yellow pages. I have several emails demanding cancellation of this useless advertising from yellow pages and they refused to cancel . They have a recording of me saying yes to listen to the sales rep speak about the advertising. I never received anything by mail or email. Never signed anything, no written contract exists and yet they insist that I now pay them 985 bucks for useless advertising. I have been trying to cancel this billing since Oct 2016. *** *** *** *** *** *** ***  They will not get any money from me. They are disgusting. Now a collection company is hounding me. I will not pay them and *** * *** *** *** *** *** ** *** ***. Don't use yellow pages. Thousands of business owners have been scammed by this outfit

- Spring, TX, USA

They call and say they will need a small fee to finish advertising my business in the yellow pages on Google search. I paid them $5.00 to do it. Now I'm afraid they may be scammers.

- Ogdensburg, NY, USA

billed for services not requested nor authorized. Have threaten with calls that they will send you to collections if you don't send payment.

This company claims that we owe them money for advertising. They some how maybe using cut and pace are using our signatures to put on their contracts. We said we wanted nothing to do with them they keep calling, faxing and sending items in the mail claiming we owe them. We finally said ok we will send a check they said great but we asked them for a address with in the United Stated they could not provide that they said . So we told them we would not pay they then said they would send our case to their legal team and that they would no longer contact us. They keep calling keep faxing keep everything. They are a total scam the woman you can barely understand. Please don't pay these scammers anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Woodruff, SC, USA

Received an invoice for 497.81 from "Yellow Pages Directory". They don't even service my area.

Last week we began receiving calls that we owed $985.98 for some online advertising with the Yellow Pages. He originally asked for the former owner and then switched to the current owner. We asked that they email us documentation which they were unable to do. The calls were consistent and on the aggressive side. A "supervisor" got involved which the owner talked to. The story kept changing, fast talking and still can offer any form of documentation we signed up for this service or and invoice. I checked with Dex and Directory Plus, who we advertise with and they have no record of this service. I called the Yellow Pages and they could not find any record of us advertising with them. The scammers sent an email stating that they may be able to get the debt down to $450. I responded to the email stating what I have discovered on my research and that I believe this to be a scam and it will be reported. Haven't heard anything today from them.

I was called on my home landline by this number. Someone wanted to "confirm" we cancelled a yellow pages subscription. I said I didn't think we ever had one unless my husband knew of one. He asked me to confirm my husbands name and then said so you never had a subscription? I said I don't think so and he said thanks and hung up. I looked it up and it's a billing scheme.

- Jerome, ID, USA

fax number they provided 855-420-6362

Call claiming I owe to Yellow pages. Want me to fax a check to the above number or to the email given. Will not provide me with an invoice

last call received from Mr. Weinstein of 888-361-9879 demanding payment by tomorrow or I would be automatically renewed for 2 years.

- Valencia, CA, USA

Received a fax that looked exactly like previous faxes received over the years from the legit Yellow Pages, to confirm my address.

Next thing I know I am getting faxed bills for advertising my lusting online. This has gone on for 3 years and each invoice faxed to me lists a larger amount (they added "collection charges") that is due. Now it's about $1500.00.

Recently an attorney called me to collect. First time I've gotten a phone call. He gave his name and the firm he works with. Both are phony and not listed with the state of Washington which is where he said his firm is located when I returned the call. I returned the call because the message left was vague and I wasn't sure what it was about.

- Omaha, NE, USA

I received a bill for $489 for phone book advertising which I did not request, and as far as I know, did not receive.

Our company has received 1 fax and 2 mailings of invoices asking for payment to be sent to Germany. They provide invoice number/date/amount due ($1104.00) in USD. Phone provided 888-893-1696 / fax 888-935-4308.

Someone keeps calling our company claiming to be "with the collections department for Yellow Pages" saying it's very important to contact him back as soon as we receive his message. We have received several threatening calls over the past few months from various people claiming to be from the Yellow Pages, yet we never had an account with the Yellow Pages. We have received no invoices, and no one has been able to show us any evidence of this supposed debt they would like to collect over the phone.

In April, someone also called with the same claims. I have included a link to the most recent voicemail we received. Please help!!

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