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Yahoo Reports & Reviews (15)

- Pima, AZ, USA

I called yahoo directly because there was suspicious activity with my email account. They said that I had been hacked by 3 different hackers, one in Mexico, one in New Jersey and one in Texas. They even sent me a yahoo verification code. They told me that I needed to purchase Google play cards because Google had some security measures in place and with the number on the back of the card, they can stop those hackers. They scammed me out of over $2,000 before I realized that it wasn't really yahoo.

- Truckee, CA, USA

Email from “Yahoo“ with “SUSPENDED” in subject line.

Suspicious email fromYahoo stating my acct was going to be suspended

- Franklin, PA, USA

Hello, I don't have some of the information you need as this is through Yahoo. My Yahoo account has been hacked and I can't get on it. I had a "live chat" with someone the other night and when it came down to it she said my problem is coming from Germany. She wanted me to go to a Wal Green, Wal Mart, etc and get a $100 credit card and they could fix it. I told her I wasn't that stupid and wouldn't do it. She said I would get my money back...….right! I have had the same account, password etc. for years and now I can't get onto it and I really need to as I get important information through my email. When doing some checking I find that many people have had the same problem with Yahoo. They don't have a number or anything to get through to them.

This number 888-452-2567 called and claimed to be yahoo calling. Told me they had gotten complaints about my email. When asked what the complaints were I was told other users complained that they were getting threatening emails from me. When I told them if that was true then it would be the FBI or some other government office contacting me not them, the guy got mad called me an *** and hung up. I do not know what the intent was but it cant be good if they are claiming to be someone they are not. This is the second time someone claiming to be from yahoo has called me. The first time they wanted to gain access to my computer and wanted me to allow them remote access. I do not know what they wanted this time as the person hung up after calling me an ***.

- Pompano Beach, FL, USA

I am receiving calls from a person name Carey Ching tell us our yahoo is bring hacked we need her or she is shutting us down when I asked what do we need her reply was you do not scare me these calls are persistent

And she is rude and scary over the phone

- San Diego, CA, USA

This is to inform you that your request on: 01/16/2017 2:07:11 p.m. to remove your account from Yahoo server has been approved and will initiate in one hour from the exact time you open this message. Regards.

ignore this message to continue with email removal or

If this deactivation was not requested by you

Please reply us.



I received an email from ‘Yahoo’ indicating my account was blacklisted and would expire.

- Davis, IL, USA

I wasn’t able to log in to my yahoo account and wasn’t able to receive my info through text because my cell phone was currently not working. I needed to log into my account asap, so I went online to search for a number to contact yahoo about my login information. Everything seemed professional and legit, and I was told to follow certain instructions. Since my phone was out of order I was asked to go to my computer. I follwed his commands to and to click on a particular link. Once I did that, he gained access to my computer before I even knew what was happening. I was told I was hacked and he would be doing this and that to fix the problem. Then, he was insisting and demanding that I pay $200 and he would clear the hackers and viruses out. His insistence and demanding behavior raised some more warning flags and I refused to hand over my cc info. He then restarted my computer and I was not allowed in without a password. He said he would not give it to me until I paid. I was still able to gain access to the internet on my phone, so I googled my experience. I eventually found out the number was a scam and I was hacked. I read to him the info I had found and he started panicking and became even more rude than before. I hung up immediately and powered off the computer, and began changing passwords and verifying secured accounts, calling my bank, reporting the scam, etc. My gmail account was accessed in Orlando, FL but google was able to put a stop to it. Through contacting Dell, they were able to run tests and verified no damage was done to the computer. I’m still not able to mend the problem with yahoo, but all of my other personal information is protected because I acted so quickly.

Fake email from Yahoo saying my email account would be terminated in 24 hours unless I opened up the attachment.

My email has been hacked yahoo has canceled my access but there is no working number to contact them. Although there is a 1800 number that is fake and illegal that state they represent yahoo and for 99.00 they will offer hacking protection and they have all my personal information. When I called this number back it went straight to voice mail. I tried for over an hour to contact yahoo with no success. Please help me..internet mail Customer satisfaction and workable phone number for all who may need to contact..

- Benton, LA, USA

I never replied back but hey are blowing up my phone with these email "sign in attempts"

I get a call about once a week from a restricted number. When I answer there is a long pause then a lot of noise in the background and someone with a heavy accent ( India?) says they are from Yahoo and that there is a problem with emails from my account. However while my name is in the email address, I do not have an email address When I tell them this then they hang up. But they will call again with the same story.

- Cranbury, NJ, USA

My yahoo account has been hacked from someone in Nigeria and these people are harassing me on my house phone and cell phone..I can't change my password because they have access to my account . I also can't close my account without my password . Any number for customer service is from someone from another country and they can't help me or I can't understand their language. Help please!

Hello, my name is Desmond James. I recently had an issue logging into my Yahoo email account. I research the web and I called two phone numbers that were listed. The first number was 1800-611-2573. I spoke with an agent. I simply explain to the agent my problem I was experiencing . He told me it would be a fee of $110 dollars for the hacking team to fix my problem. ( I told him I didn't have that amount of money.). The agent put me on hold and spoke with his Supervisor and the supervisor lowered the amount to $99 dollars. Again, I told him I didn't have that amount to spend . The agent rudely hung the phone up on me.

I called back 15 mins later. The said ask " what do you want?" I said excuse me but you are going to speak to me in a better tone than that. So, I asked to speak to his supervisor and he declined to let me speak and called me a black mother[censored]ing [censored]" before he hung the phone up for the second time. I think my Yahoo account has been hacked into. There is Also another outlet I reached out to on Facebook...( Yahoo Customer Care)... I notice a myriad number of people are having the same problem as I am having and the support tech isn't helping at all. I would greatly appreciate it if you'll can catch these hackers and frauds. Here are both numbers I called today Februrary 22,2016 at 11 am. 1800-611-2573 and 1-800-407-7258. I can be reached at 985-686-0190.

Thanks in advanced


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