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So a guy called Michael messaged me in Telegram app for a job on the 22nd of September. He sent me 4 checks 1 a day for supplies for the job totaling 9900.00. The next day after I deposited them through my mobile app to pnc they posted to my account. So I started paying these people for the products. 5 days after the first check was deposited it was taken out of my account saying insufficient funds. Now I am broke with no job or way to pay my bills.


Employment basically an interview through telegram and wanted me to provide my info Id them.

On December 20th last year, someone adds me on Instagram and want me to be her “sugar baby” n that she will do a wire transfer check from my bank at regions (it got closed due to suspicious activity) of 2day n claim it's real u not gonna be in trouble for it u don't have to worry u not going to jail just trust me. I went to regions bank 2day to unlock my mobile banking app but wanted to cash dis $25k check cuz my account was in the negative and I have a trip to go to Orlando with my best friend next week, but I deposited into da ATM n signed days go by it's pending the lady dat made out the check for me says I should get it on the 11th or early as Monday and yesterday dat same check wit my name on it and the amount was still on there so I'm like what da f[censored] but as I was talking to the bank teller Abt it cuz at that location it wasn't busy it was dead n slow, and I told him Abt it as I was nervous and stressed n thinking going to jail cuz I have no criminal record n showed him the check of how it looks, so he looked at it front and back saying it's a fake and he had to report it to his boss n immediately close my account I got so p[censored] at dis lady that still talking to me on WhatsApp and cussed her out ect. N do more other options to receive money ”legally” I'm so stressed each and every day she's bugging me About this and that I'm like do u know what time it is? It's like she won't take no for an answer and claim she is sorry but still repeating her actions About it and going back n forth it's not helping n me being on WhatsApp constantly running down my phone battery dealing with I said u is not my wife nor gf hell not even a friend cuz I really don't know this b[censored] and asking a picture of me I said for what? She said, so she can stare at it, I said that's creepy as hell and I said if someone asked u the same question, u wouldn't find that weird or creepy? She said no but idk what to do right now, either send it back or rip it or try cashing and be in trouble which I don't. All I can say is that I'm stressed out, and I want to help my gf start her candle business since she quit her job, and she wants my full support but this lady “sending” money is something else I'm tired of her b[censored] me.

I signed up with an actual legitimate company to be paid to put stickers on my truck. I got an email a few days later saying this company worked with the company I just went into business with and they were going to pay me $500/week to put a logo for xerox on my truck. They overnighted me a check for $2775 and said to deposit it, and then send a certain amount to someone on cash app who would be installing it. Because I just signed up with that company, I fell for it. I had a funny feeling a few days later and called my bank and the bank the check was from and realized it was fraud. My bank is really good about fraud and the money transfer is still pending so I’m hoping this guy will walk away empty handed. I feel so stupid. I was just trying to make some extra money to pay for my sons hospital bills.

- Decatur, TX, USA

Male called hospital and requested to be transferred to our department, making it look like an inter-office phone call. Male called clinic and stated that he had our toner and that it was on back order, but that he would place some on the side for us. Asked for full name of employee who answered phone, then stated that someone would call back tomorrow and for employee just to say "yes" to confirmation of toner delivery.

- Sarasota, FL, USA

I was contacted by "Daisy Reed" to make a interview through hangouts. After, they send me a contract, which I took to my college to verify its legitimacy, however nobody told me it could be fake. After proceeding with a "one week training" I realize the only task that was send to me . was printing and sending checks via Fedex, "which they claim was a company account". After They ask me to make an international money order through western union (which I refuse to do), I begin to suspect the shady and lack of legitimacy. I asked for I asked for a document that could proof my employment status on the company and they stop my "payment" which I only receive the first two weeks of training and did not meet the hour rate compensation. Therefore after 3 weeks of unpaid work I decided to stop sending the mail they asked me to print, and start researching and trying to contact some other person from Xerox while looking for another job. After sending a resigning letter to Xerox with an e-mail I found online and was actually legitimate, the Xerox company inform me that I was the victim of a scam.


*BBB Reminds consumers to research the business first. If a company or organization is mentioned in an ad or interview, contact that company directly to find out if the company is really hiring through the service. 

- Greensboro, NC, USA

Received text message:

Hello , I am Mrs. Veronica Bertolone from Xerox Corporation. Your resume was reviewed on the NCworks government platform, and your background and experience qualified you for an Administrative Assistant and Data entry position at the firm. Reply if interested to schedule an

interview. Thank you"

Me: I am interested. Thank you.

"Sign in to Google Hangouts and add the interview manager ([email protected]) for a briefing and interview session, schedule or start right away with Mr. Mike Moulton."

I looked up both names on LinkedIn, they appear to be real people that work for Xerox, but the method of using text and Google Hangouts seemed odd and fishy, but I played along to see what would happen. I don't believe the people who contacted me we're the actual Xerox employees.

The person gave me details of the company which appeared to be right from the Xerox website.

Copy of exchange on Google Hangouts:

This is an online and work from home position, were all duties are performed remotely online, working hours are flexible and you can choose to work from anywhere of your choice, the pay is $30.75 per hour, working either PT: 20hrs or FT: 40 to 45 hours weekly, if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor. Another benefit of working from home, it allows an employee to focus in their environment, without the unnecessary office squander.

Can you work effectively as an online employee if you get hired?

Me: Yes, I have worked remotely before.

Answer the following below:

1) Are you currently employed?

2) Are you seeking for part time or full time job?

3) Why do you feel you can do Data entry?

4) How would you describe your work ethics?

5) What is your current typing speed?

6) On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your use of Ms Excel?

7) Do you prefer to work on your own or as part of a team?

8) Describe a situation when the workload was heavy, how you were able to complete it before the deadline that was given to you?

9) What milestone have you accomplished in your whole career that was remarkable and you would love to share?

10) What are your strengths and weakness and how does it affect your job performance ?

11) Give 5 reasons why you feel you should be hired to work for us.

12) Do you have any past criminal record?

13) Do have a medical history you think i should know of ?

14) Do you have a valid driver license or state issued ID ?

Me: I don't believe it is legal to ask questions about my medical history.

Thank you for your time.

- Brooklyn, NY, USA

The company interviewed me on whatsapp and got back to me about the job some hours later saying i was accepted for the position they then began to talk about pay and what you would be doing for the company as the conversation went on they then asked me to get a 50 dollar iTunes card saying i needed it for spyware on the computer they where going to send me once they asked for money i knew it was a scam and i explained to them you dont send money to get a job and then they stop texting me.

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