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Woodside Energy

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Victim Location 91790
Type of a scam Employment

Got a text from a number asking if I was interested in an online job. Had an interview but even the interview was through chat only and did not have a face chat. Send me employment papers immediately and I turned them in. Kept having a weird feeling about it being fishy and sure enough found other testimonies that it is a scam.

Victim Location 38134
Type of a scam Employment

Scammer sends a text message to you saying, "Hello good evening. I believe this is the contact for reaching out to (your name)?

You: If you respond confirming that he has the correct contact phone number for you, then you will receive another text from the scammer. Scammer: saying, " This is Mr. Christopher Haynes from the organization (Woodside Energy) and your resume was viewed on the workforce center and you have been listed as one who would be an asset to the company in an Administrative support position with a base salary is $22.16 per hour (there is room for increment). This is a remote job, will you have a problem with working from home?

You: If you respond that you have no problem with working from home then you will receive another text message from the scammer.

Scammer: saying, "You were among the (20) candidates that were selected for an online job briefing and interview with the Hiring Managers and they shall be the ones to brief you more about the job position and the company. "The job briefing and interview will be conducted online via "Google Hangout or Skype"." "So please which of these apps do you have to get started with"?

You: If you reply, "Skype", then he will send you a text response.

Scammer: saying, " Okay. I want you to have your Skype ID provided to me now in order for me to have it forwarded to th hiring manager in person of Frank Cooper so he can add you up to proceed with the Job briefings and interview, alright?

You: If you reply that you do not know your Skype ID then he will respond.

Scammer responds by asking: " If I have the Skype ID of Hiring Manager, Mr Cooper provided to you, can you have him added up (meaning added to your Skype contacts)?

You: If you reply, "Yes", then

The Scammer text you a reply: live:dr,frankcooper followed by a another text reply saying, "That is his ID. search for him on Skype and send him a message. He will then say, "Once you have done this, notify me here".

You: Once you notify him that you have sent a Skype message to Dr Cooper, you will receive one final text message from the Scammer. Scammer, Christoper Haynes sent a text: "Alright. Best of luck."

The scammer or scammers now begin to communicate with you by Skype or Google Hangout if you chose Google Hangout.

Scammer will request your email address in order to send you the job description. I gave him my email address, now that I think back on this, I should have asked for the company's website and advised him that I could review the Job description there to see if it interested me.

I received an email Titled Job Description and in the About Woodside: it included legitimate information about an existing company, Woodside Energy of Australia. I also located the information on Woodsides website but regarding Woodside Energy's Admin. Exec. Job description I was unable to find that information.

Once you reply back that you have read the job description and that you are interested then he is going to advise that he has some questions for you and that it is very important how you answer them, is that okay?

Question 1: Apart from your qualifications listed on your resume, which other skill or qualification do you think should make us hire you?

When you reply, he will respond: "That's interesting."

Question 2: And what do you understand by the term privacy confidentiality in business?

When you reply, He will respond: "Good one."

Question 3: What is the most recent data entry software you've worked with?

If you reply that you were unable to recall the name of the software used the he's going to reply that it is Okay.

this is only a smoke screen setting you up as he gradually and cleverly fishes for information that he can profit from.

Question 4: What's your Internet/Service provider?

Since the job is going to be home based then he knows that you would have some sort of internet service. I informed him that I have Satellite internet service but mistakenly told him that I also have internet by cellphone. He will want to know the name of your cellphone service and wants to make sure that it is postpaid.

Question 5: If selected for this position, how would you go about establishing your credibility quickly with the team, especially since your office will be setup at home and work being done from home? Also what do you see yourself doing within the first 30 days of this job?

After replying you will receive a skype message:

Duly noted. Your best will be appreciated in this position. followed by another question.

Question 6: How do yo always like to be paid, pay check or direct deposit?

If you answer: Direct Deposit then he will reply with

Question 7: Okay, what bank do you currently operate with to see if it tallies with the company's official payment institution?

I replied: I'm currently looking to switch to Bank of America and advised that paper check will be fine for now, this said in order to avoid giving him any details about my bank as I was still a little skeptical and had later planned to contact the Woodside Energy company myself.

Question 8: Okay, Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 based on the following with 5 being the highest: Mathematical accuracy, Spelling accuracy, Typing accuracy, Statistical accuracy?

Based on my response, he responded: That's impressive. If guaranteed the opportunity, will you be able to dedicate your time to this position?

Question 9: And finally for, before I forward our conversation to the board for proper review, is there any question you would like to ask?

I asked are the challenges of this position and if they had a physical office location in the Southeastern United States and within seconds he replied.

Communication issues which may involve bad network and sometimes misunderstanding instructions which isn't usually common when employee pays attention and give good level of obedience and dedication to this.

He responded that Houston Texas is currently the only branch that they have but soon they would setup some in Tennessee. I checked their website and Houston Texas is the only location within the United States. So based on his response time and the information that he had provided so far on the job description, he is familiar with this company.

He will advise you to hold online and stand by your pc or phone for results of the interview.

He will later come back online and advise that your consideration stand is now on his desk and ask if you are ready to know the stand?

Congratulations, the company has decided to give you a chance to work for the company as an AdministrativeExecutive/ Data Entry Clerk.

He will then announce that your training starts tomorrow morning 8AM your time. He will email you the employment Letter to sign and send it back.

Training will be done here online You are to log on Skype tomorrow morning 8AM to begin training.

How would like for your name to appear on your employment documents and what physical address will be suitable for you to receive mail?

I gave him my physical address. Probably shouldn't have.

He will instruct once again to have the documents signed and returned to him for the commencement of your training tomorrow. and sends a message have a good night and stay blessed!

I received an 3 email attachments: 1) Form W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Form; 2) Woodside Employment ID form which has Woodside Energies Logo as watermark to give it an official look. 3) and the Woodside Employment Acceptance Letter also with the Woodside Logo and Watermark with a confidentiality disclaimer and a seal that displays the words OFFICIAL.


Victim Location 46507
Type of a scam Employment

First I got an email from a "recruiter" via text informing me that they found my resume on Workforce Center. He said that I could be an asset for the organization working as Administrative support earning $25.12 per hour. That I was going to be "interview" via Google Hangout or Skype" by his hiring manager, Dr. Frank Cooper. "Dr. Cooper" contacted me via Google Hangout and did a very strange interview through messages. Then he proceeded to send me some forms for me to complete (but I didn't). I tried calling the company, to the office they have in Houston, TX (713-401-0000) but nobody ever answers. I think that's why they are so confident that no one will check if the job offer is real!

Victim Location 30736
Type of a scam Employment

Offered a job, even did an online interview. Did training online and they sent me a check for $3150.00 to purchase all working equipment to use at home. My bank realized it was a scam and held the check. I have tried to contact the main person I was talking to originally with no response.

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