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WonderVida Reports & Reviews (5)

I made a one time purchase on WonderVida. They had an offer to try items for free, and just pay shipping. Which is exactly what it was at first. Then they started charging my card $89.99 and kept sending me the products without my knowledge. DO NOT USE WONDERVIDA! It is a scam, they are intentionally tricking people into a free trial and then charging their cards $90+ every two weeks to a month and sending them products they did NOT order. I have tried to get ahold of customer support but have had no luck. I have filed a dispute at my bank with this company. This is absolutely ridiculous.

- Charlotte, MI, USA

I bought from this company a while ago because they said the box is free and you just had to pay shipping. Months later I was charged 30 dollars for another box I didn’t buy. Apparently they sign you up for a monthly subscription without telling you. I called the company and got it cancelled thinking it would be all solved. Nope, months later I was charged almost 50 dollars for a product I did not buy. I haven’t visited the website or thought about it in months.

I saw an ad on Instagram advertising a "spa box" from Wondervida for free just pay shipping. The only reason I bothered to click on it was because they advertised that for every box purchased they would plant a certain amount of trees. I was pretty excited for that & the products that were advertised to be natural & what not so I paid the $7 & some change for shipping. I received my box a week later without any sort of confirmation on my payment, or shipping, & was pretty content with the products because I essentially got them for free. Thy seemed cheap (the charcoal peel off mask smelled exactly like school glue) to me but again, considering I got them for free I didn't mind much. Little did I know, they were going to turn around & charge me for another box but this time full price ($24.99) two weeks later. I disputed this charge & got the same generic response when they even bothered answering their email saying that it's a subscription box & that they couldn't give me a refund because they give the money directly to the charities. I kept pushing for my refund through their social media & all I got was their phone number & email & I poor excuse for an apology on the time it was taking them to answer. When they finally bothered to answer my email, all they did was cancel the subscription I never signed up for. To make it worse I never even received a second box for the second charge & they claimed I payed for products that I received. After using the they gave me the same response when they finally answered A MONTH later & I answered saying I didn't accept their reply & would like a refund & it's going on to TWO MONTHS in a week without a word from Wondervida. $24.99 may not seem like a lot to some but for a full time student with a part time job needing to pay rent, car payments/insurance, internet, & my sick dogs medication, it's a lot. I needed that money for my dogs medication that month so she had to go with out for a month thanks to wondervida & their horrible customer service & scam company in general.

i purchased a box of products from them over a month ago for 10 dollars. Over a month later they charge me 30 dollars for a second box and i NEVER agreed to a subscription. NOWHERE on their website does it tell you to you will be charged for a subscription. On top of it they refuse to let me return the new box when it arrived, and will NOT give me my money back even though their website says it will give full refunds "no questions asked" They wont even let me cancel the 'subscription' which i never signed up for in the first place. ALSO! IMPORTANT TO NOTE that this company got people to sign up with them by spreading around a FAKE screenshot of a tweet from Kylie Jenner endorsing them and telling people to buy their product.

- Chester, VA, USA

I first heard about this company through an ad that was on my Instagram feed. The ad was promoting their sale which was a free beauty box with only shipping + handling charges. The normal costs of their beauty boxes is $***, so I assumed that I was in for a good deal. I decided to order two of them, one for myself and one for my mom since I had leftover money and wanted to treat ourselves to something nice. At first, the business seemed pretty reputable and I wanted to help them out because it seemed like a good cause; a percentage of their proceeds goes towards charity donations for breast cancer awareness organizations, children's hospitals, and medical research.

I hurried and ordered my boxes because I thought the promotion was a short-lived one. In their Instagram posts and on the product's page on the site, there was a heavy emphasis on ordering the boxes quickly because there were limited supplies. On the product's page, there was also this countdown timer to show how much time was remaining and a bar that displayed how many boxes were left. Of course, those details would make people want to rush and take advantage of the deal. Unfortunately, I made the wrong call.

I received my boxes quickly. Maybe * or * days after I purchased them (I only paid $*** for shipping). Although I should have done this before purchasing the boxes but didn't because I wanted to order my boxes before the promotion ended, I decided to look up reviews about the products in my beauty box. I noticed that they were mostly cheap and not that high in quality like advertised on the WonderVida site. Each product (there were * in my boxes) runs about $* - $* on Amazon, eBay, and other similar sites. I automatically thought it was fishy how this site was presenting these products as higher-end products and that all of them together were actually worth no more than $**. In the box itself, there was also a paper that showed the products and their "normal" retail prices which were also dramatically hiked up. One of the products that actually costs on $6 on Amazon was advertised as being worth $*4.

I didn't start using these products until a week after I received them. I decided to go back to WonderVida's website to check it out since I grew suspicious of the company. I noticed that the same number of available boxes (**) on the site was still the same number that I saw at the time of my purchase. This was completely weird because I purchased two of these boxes, and I knew that many other people purchased them as well. I also further investigated their site and Instagram page and noticed how they were using fake before and after picture videos to promote "their" products, which were actually bought from a selling site. For example, there is an eyelash growth serum that they sell and on their Instagram, they used this video of this girl who lengthened her eyelashes with mascarra to fake that the serum made her eyelashes grow.

Then I went on YouTube to find reviews about the WonderVida boxes. The most popular review was a promotion video by a popular YouTuber. It wasn't until I looked through the YouTube comments that I found out that the boxes weren't really free and that there was a catch to them. Once a person purchases a "free" box, they are automatically subscribed to WonderVida's monthly subscription. The only way to cancel this subscription is by completing the first monthly cycle which is by paying $*** for a beauty box. Many people who purchased the "free" beauty box had no clue about this just like I didn't, especially because it is not clearly advertised or emphasized by WonderVida or those promoting their boxes. I had to go on the site to see it for myself, and it wasn't until I scrolled towards the bottom of the product page that I saw the catch in small print.

In a fruitless attempt to get WonderVida to cancel my subscription, I contacted them through email about this to explain to them that I didn't know about this and that I don't have the money to pay for it. The person I spoke to, Allison Jordan, was no help at all and kept emphasizing that I had to pay the first cycle in order to cancel and that it was for a good cause. I usually received a reply from them the same day, but the moment I questioned them about the legitimacy of their charity donations, I no longer got a reply.

I don't have any strong proof that they're lying about their donations, but based on the previous things I told you, I think it's a scam. They also claim to have been featured in various popular magazines like People, but I am sure that is fake as well. There are no articles on the web about them and they seem to be a fairly new company that doesn't have a big enough presence for that, not even on social media. I also searched their company information on the Internet. Their phone number is linked to another e-store that has a very similar layout to theirs except its based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their address also leads to a shared office space building.

I don't think I'm going to be billed for the first monthly cycle because I paid for my "free" boxes with a prepaid card that is a one-time use card and cannot be over-drafted. That's why I selected no to both of the money questions because they haven't attempted anything yet. However, I am worried that they might try to charge my mom for something. I bought her box with my prepaid card, but I put her name for the details underneath her beauty box. I also don't want them to charge any other people because I don't want them to be unnecessarily billed for a subscription that they had no clue about. And if the company is lying about its charity donations, then I think their site should immediately be taken down. They should also be held liable for their actions and the money that they've taken from people should be returned to them. This company just does not seem legit at all and seems like a way to rip people off through lies and concealment.

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