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WNS Global Services

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WNS Global Services Reports & Reviews (8)

- Seattle, WA, USA

Twice this week, I have received texts from supposed job recruiters requesting an interview. Each cited a real company which I could look up online, albeit an unfamiliar, offshore one. Each seemed eager to hire. Each recruiter offered to train me, albeit at a lower pay rate during the training period. The following factors made me suspicious of these approaches:

1) Each texter sought to conduct interviews via a secure messaging app (WhatsApp or Telegram), with no voice or face-to-face contact to help contextualize their words. Today's example requested that we use Telegram. As I have since learned, Flexjobs, Ziprecruiter, and Upwork all stress that genuine recruiters do not interview job-seekers by text.

2) The texters--apparently at two different, real companies--follow nearly identical interview scripts;

3) The interviews involved little vetting: I was asked if I had a criminal background. But the interviewers didn't go over my resume or inquire about my past experience. They didn't pose situational workplace questions (for example: how you'd resolve conflicting priorities, deal with tight deadlines, or when to escalate a problem to a supervisor, etc.). They made no request for writing samples and didn't ask me to complete any skills tests.

4) The interviewers were unable to answer my questions about company culture, team size, typical day, etc.--could only provide obviously cut-and-pasted text from the company home page.

5) The texters' eagerness to hire and the promised pay and benefits sounded "too good to be true," given how lightly they were vetting me. Flexjobs, Ziprecruiter, and Upwork also all advise job seekers to beware of offers that seem "too good to be true"--offering a great job with little or no vetting.

6) The second texter included personal questions not normally posed until after a job offer has been accepted, like "What is your birth date?" (I provided the first four digits only, not the year). Indeed, many job sites warn against offering personal information prior to an offer letter.

7) Even stranger, today's texter asked intrusive questions I've never heard from any employer: "What is your telephone carrier?" ( I asked "Why?"), followed yet more bizarrely a few minutes later by "Please specify your Sprint [that's not my carrier] username and password" (I asked "Why?" and the interviewer asked me to "Please disregard the previous questions.") This immediately suggested phishing. I know of no reason why an employer should know my phone carrier.

8) Both texters listed a raft of materials (software and/or hardware) I would need to do the job, raising questions for me of how these would be provided.

9) Both texters pushed their interviews on much longer than initially advised: 40 minutes became 2 hours. In each case, I had to terminate contact with the texter.

10) Searching online for "employment scam instant message," I found numerous examples of employment scams conducted via messaging app. In these situations, job seekers had personally identifying information compromised, were tricked into buying unnecessary materials, were sent bad checks in compensation for such materials, etc. Alarmingly, scammers used the same tactics and language described above to obtain job-seekers' personal information or induce them to buy useless office software/hardware.

I have discontinued contact with both of these "recruiters."

received an email from Andrew berry claiming to have a job as payroll accountant for $30 an hour, After going threw this Google Hangouts interview. they offered me the job right away and gave me a list of items i will need to purchase, they then said they will be sending me a "bonus" to cover the costs of my "mini office " , right away i knew it was a scam and wanted to see how far they take it. They are using awful grammer and don't have an actual email . they asked for my personal address and sex and age to send me this bonus check all while assuring me this compant is real. Also got very hostile when i was requesting verification that this was real

- Loudon, NH, USA

I was contacted via email, then by cell phone / text message to go to google hangouts and chat regarding a $35 per hour position.

- Bristow, OK, USA

The scammer first used the name Tom Walker @ the address [email protected] to get in contact with me so I could get in contact with a woman @ [email protected]. The person used Hangouts to offer me a job for 30/hr plus working from home.

- Des Plaines, IL, USA

Just not sure. Company says they will pay for all this stuff send me a check and all I’ll need to do is cash it using my bank account.

- Dundalk, MD, USA

I was contacted by a man named Khalid Carter who claimed to be HR for WNS Global Services. He had received my resume on apparently when allowing indeed to submit your resume to other employers it sends your info to scammers as well. Somehow my resume also ended up on Careerbuilder which is where this guy claims to have received my resume. He started texting me from the 800 # listed above then proceeded to let me know that I would have to download Google Hangouts to continue the interview process. Once I downloaded Hangouts Khalid then proceeded to tell me more about this Data Entry work from home position. He then told me to check my email where it was more information about the company which actually has a website online. Then had some interview questions that I needed to respond to within 40mins. At the end of this email it asked me to confirm my info. Name, address, phone number and zip code. He then told me that he would forward the email to the hiring supervisor and get back with me within 30 mins to let me know the results. He got back with me Congratulating me about getting the position then proceeded to let me know that I would be paid $15 an hr for training then $23.99 thereafter. Khalid then proceeded to ask me what bank I bank with then asked me for my banking info (checking, routing #). I didn't give him that info. He told me they needed this information to send me my startup check to purchase the software needed to get the job done. I told him that giving that information was strictly prohibited. I then asked him about a hiring package. He told me that I would receive that package in the mail and I would be required to put this information on that form as well. I'm not giving these people anymore of my info. Shut them down. I don't feel comfortable looking for jobs on any site but the companies personal website. I don't trust it. Never have never will & now you see why.

- Port Orange, FL, USA

I got a message about working from home for a company, the entire conversation was through Google Hangouts. I have a copy of the entire conversation. After the "interview process online" I was hired and was informed they would send me a New Apple Laptop along with a PDF check in the amount of $1358. I was to print this check, cut it down and sign it before new hire paperwork. I was then allowed to keep $200 for sign on bonus and $100 for the week of training. I was then supposed to put the rest of the money in my account in order to purchase the software that I needed for the Data entry position for the company. Delene Weiler ( online hiring manager ) then asked me if I would be willing to do all of this as long as I gave her my bank information. I informed her that it sounded like a scam for my personal information and I was not willing to do this and if any of my information was given out I will sue the company. When I went to message her back about contact information I was blocked and could not contact her/him. Please investigate this information and remove the company before people actually do lose their personal information. I will attach the entire conversation so you can see.

Everything in red is from Delene Weiler.

- Avon, CO, USA

Was hoping to get a data entry work from home job, I saw a post on Facebook and responded. Someone contacted me through google hangouts and he descriptions of the company and job were all pulled straight from google searches. Seems to good to be true.

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