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Winners International

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Winners International Reports & Reviews (40)

Caller identified himself Theodore Nelson (call comes up "Atlanta GA"). He said they were related to BBB, Readers Digest, MegaMillions Lottery, etc. and that she had won third place in the Winners International for $252,000.00. "I want you to remember this code (000red) when he called. He told her there would be a Marshall with the individual who would bring her the check and a Mercedes. She was to take a small amount of money, open a new checking acct at another bank and get 3 starter checks. He would send her a check for $7000 into her existing checking account and return the next day and withdrawal $1000 and send $6000 to Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy's info would be provided today and he said Miss Daisy is only one of several "sponsors".

I did not answer the phone as it did not know the number so they left a voicemail but it was a man named Albert Lopez from Winters international claims to work for FedEx and has a check for 17. $5 million from the publishers clearing house from Bank of America. To give him a call back at 916-906-1901

Said I won $3.8 million , and was going to send 225 thousand

"Michael Global" told me to call Bank of America and give them account # 586001843829 PIN: 4031. The automated response system said the account has $8 million in it, so I spoke to a real BOA banker who told me that account has been flagged for fraud numerous times.(Really?)

I got bank on the phone with Michael and told him to send me a cashier's check for the $7.5 million, He claimed he couldn't do that and I said, "Oh, well."

- Glen Allen, VA, USA

Caller claimed we had won $9.5 million. All we had to do was give our bank information to wire the money to (this option is Free) OR get a Federal Department insurance Corp stamp, for which we would have to pay $4900.00. When I expressed concern at the amount of money to receive this stamp, caller said that after I received & deposited $9.5 million check the $4900.00 would be refunded to me. I told caller I would need to discuss with spouse because of the large amount of money involved. He gave me an Encryption number that anyone I spoke with has to use and I could then verify, and said that if I called or if I EVER receive a phone call from anyone who cannot provide this encryption number then that person is a fraud and do not talk with them. The caller had asked for my spouse but when I said my spouse was unavailable then the caller said he could talk to me; however, it quickly became apparent that he did not know my first name as he asked for it but I refused to give it to him.

- Mount Vernon, OH, USA

I got a call from Agent Watson with FDIC saying I had won $7.5 million from Winners International two years ago. He said there was fraudulent activity at the Lottery Commission. He said my orignal check had been intercepted by an employee that has since been fired. He gave me a case number. He didn't have an accent. He asked for an email so that he could email me the paperwork to prove I had won the money, and then they would do a bank transfer from their bank to my bank. I told him I didn't have an email address. He said I needed to get one and call him back at 202-858-6750. I called FDIC and reported the call.

I received a text saying I won by a random drawing 3.3 million through winners international but I had to pay $5,000 to collect but it was refundable

- Jamestown, TN, USA

Called saying I won 3.5 million plus Mercedes Benz needed me to go purchase 3 Visa cards with$500 each and they would bring me 2.4million plus $60000 for home improvements they are contracted thru publisher clearing house but worked for Winners International name was James Carter and I ask for proof and transferred me to James White and he got loud and guaranteed I had won and had to go get Visa cards and would stay on the phone until I left and went and purchased them so when they came I would need them to get prizes also confirmation # was 85058500-TN package code 12710933144-US

This is A scam so if they call you just hang up I told them they were busted and hung up Lol

But it’s a shame that this is happening to elderly people that don’t understand what’s happening until it’s to late . There has to be A way to get these people for doing such stealing from your Mom or Dad or Grandparent that doesn’t know what’s going on until they get there money then they suffer the consequences and are innocent you have time for other issues there should be something done about this ASAP

- Gilbert, AZ, USA

This has been going on for over a year. I was told I won $3.9 M and then he threw in $140K bonus for making me wait so long and then another $1,120,000 cash to buy a house ,his suggestion but and a mercedes and then threw in a bmw for my wife. He has takenover 100K in fees from me over this past year. Every time they get ready to deliver, they have an accident, he ends up un the hospital, they get arrested with cocaine in the delivery truck on and on. His name is Tommy Johnson. He has had me send money orders to Jamaica to what he says is his merchant banker by the name of Johann Baker and money orders to a Yanick Alexander in Massachusetts whom he says is his accountant. He was going to deliver last week and then came up with a fee for the renewal of a stamp of approval or some such bull[censored]. I am 73 and have been preyed upon by this monster. He also uses a restricted line and his other line is a text ine that he does not answer most of the time but will call back. He is a crook and I am now broke as he took all of my money. I received nothing for all these fees.

- Leeds, AL, USA

Caller said I was selected as the second place winner of $8.5 million dollars because I pay my bills timely. He gave me my "check number" and "password" for the winnings. When I asked for a website, he said it was the Better Business Bureau's website. When I asked for a location, he said it was the ********, LA location. When I asked for a local number, he said I could only call him at the winners roaming number that he had called me from. Before I started asking questions, he mentioned a fee but not the amount and went on to attempt to verify bank institutions I actively use. By all appearances, he was looking at my credit report. I answered that I did not bank with the institutions he asked about. When he asked which bank institution I used, I gave one that I have absolutely no relationship with. He said I would need to provide two forms of government issued identification. When I told him that I could not find a ********, LA site location for BBB, he said it wouldn't be listed because it was the money department. Whatever his intent was, it was to be handled in more than one call. He wanted someone else to call me back on Monday or for me to contact them via the number provided. I told him I would contact them after I contacted the Louisiana BBB. At that point, he seemed to know that I wasn't going to be a victim. I knew from the moment he said I won that it was a scam. I played along only to get a much information as possible to report it to the BBB.

- Shreveport, LA, USA

Man called said I had won a check from Publisher sweepsteaks plus a 2020 Veicle but had to pay transport fees to deliver it to my house. Go to Post Office get overnight delevery for 25-00 in a MO for the $500-00. mail it to Las Vegas .Gave me a passage code to identify by , said receipt is the overnight express payment slip,he has called back 4-5 times , I haven't answered. I am 75 years old and not falling for this, do not want someone to get caught up in it.

- Florissant, MO, USA

I was called, and told that I had just won $750,000 and a new car in the "Winners International Sweepstakes"

They then transferred me to a manager, who preceded to give me all kinds of tracking numbers and such.

Then came the scam; he claimed that before he could release the money to me, I had to pay 1% of the income tax on it, and they had an easy payment system set up just so I could do that.

I informed him that I was a retired federal investigator, and I knew the tax codes..... about then is when he hung up.

His name is tony Parker he will say that he loves you and try to make you believe that he has money for you he keeps raising the price and every time I sent money to him there was always a problem please do not respond to him he is a scammer and a liar

- Wooster, OH, USA

Received a call from a person identifying himself as John Miller from Winners International. Said I was a 2nd place winner in a sweepstakes and won a 2018 Mercedes Benz Car and $850,000.00 Said it's not a scam and the call was being recorded. I suspected a scam and told him I had someone at my door. Said give me your phone number. He said it was 876-397-3299. Apparently that's a Jamacia area code. I did not call back but 10 minutes later he called me back and said, "Were you trying to call me back?" I then said no I was not and I am not interested in the prize. I said give it to someone else and don't call me again. I said I am reporting you to the police so I don't want to hear from you again. I googled the company name and found years of complaints about this very company name and even personal name the person gave. He spoke English but had a very strong accent. These people need to be stopped from these scams. Older people are so vulnerable to these things and this person tried to sound so convincing. I didn't believe it from the start but I am a little concerned that he had my address, name and phone number which he quoted throughout the conversation. I didn't talk to the person long enough but I see in the complaints filed that the routine is they ask for money in order to claim the prize. I expect that is where this was headed.

I received a call from "Omar" who said I had won a sweepstakes prize of $3.5 million and a Cadillac. I said I had food on the stove and asked for a call back number. He provided (919) 429-7815 He also said my id # was 6004, my prize # was tk id 2229 with serial # 3525. I said let me check my food, I will call back which I did. Omar answered and said his supervisor would call me back, which a different voice named Cim Martin did call me and said he was the manager. I asked for his ph # which was (516) 430-2324 but I did not call it to verify. They had me create a passcode which is taco 115. They both tried to get me to say yes several times. when asked if I wanted my prize, I said perhaps. Cim kept trying to get me to say yes but I did not. I guess he got frustrated with my perhaps and maybe answers and questions what do I need to do? and when do I get my check and car? and he cussed and hung up. My what to do question was meant to learn if it was a Walmart to Walmart money transfer as I have been asked to do that earlier this year but did not. This was an attempted scam which did not work.

- Huntington, IN, USA

a private number called me and told me i won at the publishers clearing house his name was Mark Green. for $5.5 million and a 2018 GMC 1500. they wanted me to go to wallmart and transfer $2,500 to jackson mississippi to a person called Dora Mclaurin the call back number was 210-955-9017 my caller ID said it was from Jamaica... he repetively told me this is for real then started getting mad at me for asking more Questions i felt like it was a scam so i played along with them not giving any info out. Please if you get a call like this the Publishers Clearing House will not ask to send you money if you win i called to ask if they do i hope someone looks in on this i hope no one has been taken advantage of from this scam Thank you for time and stay safe.

Received call at home regarding Winners International American Award. Said my name and asked if this is Mrs. Powers. I said, go on, not yes or no. He said my name was selected from grocery stores because I spend $25 a week or more. He said I won a high dollar amount award, like $100,000 or something ridiculous. I said what is this big award going to cost me. And he said your fee is only $99 and he repeated that a couple of times and said it had to be sent via Western Union, Wal-Mart, or MoneyGram. I hung up on him one time and he called me right back and said we got disconnected. Then he gave me his name, Mr. James Engrahm andsaid that the money was to go to Mr. Dwight Martin in Tampa, Florida. James Engrahm said he was calling me from Las Vegas, Nevada. He asked me how long it would take me to send money and I said you are calling at 645am in the morning and it will take me awhile to get out and send the money and he said okay, okay, just do it as soon as you can. Then I ended the call.

- Missouri City, TX, USA

They call everyday for over 6 months. Claiming that I won sweepstakes. I need to pay filing fees, before receiving, I will not!

the man goes by the name of Freddrick Larson, called me an told me I have won million dollars, a Mercedes, 6 months free gas, a year insurance with All State. an he wanted 3500.00 for fees, said the bank would pay off 5,000.00 that I owe on a credit card, when they deposit my money in the bank, I could pay them back the 3500.00 an I would put no money up front. the Bank is J.P .Morgan Chase the account# 426926189 Routing# 021000021, call it a Sponsorship Courtesy of Winners International. I have not give him any info or money at this time, I suspect its a fraud, so I am not believing this. Also said he would bring the check to my address at home, within the next five days. I am wondering if the banks know of them using their names to make it look good, they mentioned Bank of America, JPMorgan, Samsung, Wells Fargo. I hope you catch these crooks, an stop

A man calling himself "Mr. David" said my mother had won $2M from Winners International, but that she needed to pay $1500 to cover the fee. He then began to ask personal questions re: her finances and personal information. When confronted that this sounded like a scam, "David Goodman" began to curse and threaten my mother, telling her to shut up and that he would do unspecified "things" and that what he was doing wasn't illegal. He then hung up.

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