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Someone named Joyce Amerson called from a 855-208-9817 number saying that I owed on a payday loan that I made back in 2012. I have never made a payday loan and told this woman that....She then proceeded to say that it was with my bank ***) and named my old employer (*** ***). She said that they were going to put out a warrant for my arrest for fraud and that I would have to pay over $2 thousand towards court cost if I didn't pay today. I panicked because I am trying to purchase a home and I didn't want anything to stop me from doing that. After I hung up with her I called the bank to see if they could give me some information and they said I didn't even have an account with them back then. In the meantime I gave them my bank information and they withdrew $560.00 out immediately under the name Western. They also said they would send me an email confirming that I paid this debt and that has not happened at all.

After talking with both banks they informed me that this was some kind of scam and I had to change all my bank information.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

They call family, friends, neighbors and/or places of employment (past or present or both) to create panic and embarrassment so that their intended victim calls them and they can scare that person into paying their extortion money.

This is a common ploy by criminals masquerading as debt collectors who are attempting to extort money from people by scaring you into believing that you will be criminally charged, have wages garnished, be sued, and a variety of other variations on this, all for an alleged or nonexistent debt. One of the tricks they use is to call your work place, friends, or relatives repeatedly in an attempt to shame you into paying.

In addition, they will not supply you with any physical documentation of the debt.

I have been receiving multiple calls in the past week from a company stating that they need to contact me in order to pursue litigation in family court. They have also called multiple family members and acquaintances home numbers. When I called this phone number back multiple times, I was unable to reach anyone or leave a message for the company. After the third call, a woman answered. She told me the company was simply called Western and they handled pre-litigation, but refused to tell me anything else. When I started questioning her about the company and why they were calling me, she hung up on me.

A company left several messages but never identified themselves in the messages on daughter's cell and my home and cell phones regarding a payday loan for $550 that I allegedly received on June 20, 2013 from their client, Access Processing (AP). According to them when AP attempted to access my account, there were insufficient funds and so are now charging me with "intent to defraud." I called Western several times before I finally got to talk to anyone. Talked to different reps on June 21 and 22, 2016, who stated that they were authorized to receive payment on behalf of AP. In my last call to them, I informed them that I was recording the call. I did apply for a loan but never did not follow through on my request and have never received any money from a payday loan company. When I told them that I absolutely would not pay, I was informed that a "private locator" would have documentation to serve to me next day (06-23-16) to appear in a PA court of common pleas where the amount would double to $1,550. I said I would call the court and was told not to call the court until I received documentation from Western. This company had my complete social security number, my bank routing number, and my former address in Pennsylvania from my former application.

I received a phone call yesterday and today from 855-201-7028 stating that I would be arrested for an unpaid debt that I owed for an old Payday loan. The caller was a man with a heavy accent. This same person also called my brother and my mother. When he first called I asked who was calling and he mumbled "Western". I told him that I was unaware of any unpaid loans.

They call and its automated then they transfer you to a person who stated my maiden name (which I haven't had in over 5 years). They try to scare you into paying money to avoid being arrested and going to jail. I know this is a SCAM because I receive a similar call from a different company name about every 6 months and nothing ever happens. I think someone got my info years ago and they just keep selling it or passing it along to another group. Once I tell them I know what they are doing and this is a SCAM and to stop calling me, they get defensive, cuss me out and hang up. The calls then continue for a few more weeks and I just ignore them. They call my grandmother too. I must have listed her as a reference on something years ago. This has been happening to me for about 5 years now. Ugh, there seems to be no way to make it stop. awful people.

Someone has filed a formal complaint against___me________(voicemail voice). If you know the Where about's of this person please contact us at 855-201-2164 or press the number 5 to be connected immediately. We will be filing a court order in your local county if this is not resolved within 7 days

- Philadelphia, PA, USA

Starting on June 9, 2016 I began receiving automated phone calls from this "business" claiming a complaint has been filed against me and that they were looking for information about my whereabouts. The first call was made to my parents home, where I do not reside. They have called there multiple times. My parents phone number is unlisted so I have no idea where or how they got any of my information. Then the same calls started coming to my cell phones. Yesterday after getting in from work, I attempted to contact this "company" to get to the bottom of whatever is going on and I got no answer. This morning, June 15, 2016 at 11:14 am, while traveling to work, I was contacted yet again by this business while I was on the phone with my fiancé. I ended the call with him and proceeded to call this company back. I was connected to a live person, a young African American female. She proceeded to tell me that I knowingly attempted to defraud a bank by closing my account after taking out a loan through a company called Liberty group. I have never taken out a payday loan. She also proceeded to tell me that they had an IP address and gave an address I haven't lived at in years. When I refused to verify the last 4 digits of my social security number she said to me "Well, maybe you will verify it for a judge", and put me on hold. I was on hold for about 10 minutes and was never connected to an actual person, but was directed to a voicemail. I left a message and told this "company" that they needed to immediately cease calling both my parents home and my cell phone and that, being the daughter of a retired police officer, I know this is a new twist on an old scam because I had a similar situation happen a few months ago. I don't need these people contacting my parents, upsetting and stressing them about something that doesn't exist. I know the law, and if I had a warrant out for my arrest, no one would be calling. They would simply come to my residence or place of employment and arrest me. I have no judgments against me and my debts are paid. Now they have resorted to spoofing their number to get in contact with me and continue the harassment. While at work today, I received 2 more phone calls, as did my parents. One from the 855 number and one from a local number here in Philadelphia. At 2:09 PM today, I received the same robo call from the same 855 number. On the caller ID it showed up as "Orlando Vacatio". Previously the caller ID associated with the number simply displayed "unknown caller". 6 Minutes earlier, I received the same call with the same caller ID but this was a spoofed number starting with 215. I simply want this harassment to stop. I explained to them that if they had proof of this alleged debt (which doesn't exist), to send a validation letter in the mail. The gentleman I spoke to the second time today, proceeded to tell me that he had no idea what I was talking about and that he was simply routing calls. This "business" needs to be shut down and the scammers should be arrested.

- Mishawaka, IN, USA

Said that I was going to garnish my wages if I didn't give them $495 right away. For a bill I never even had. When I asked the guy to send me certified letter, he got really upset.

If this is the same scam that has targeted me in the past, then they are calling about a fake payday loan, however I no longer verify any personal information so it's been a while since they told me what they were calling about. When I refuse to confirm the last 4 numbers of my social they usually hang up on me after they threaten litigation and throw a jumble of legal and official sounding words at me like "formal complaint", "processing division", "petitioners office", "protocol to issue documents to your place of work or residence", "you have officially been notified", etc. They even gave me a case number to call back with. Pretty elaborate, I just can't figure out if the people on the other end know that they are part of a scam. I've asked them before and they just deny it and hang up. Their defensive and unprofessional nature makes me think they understand what they're doing.

They called and immediately threatened me with court actions. Would not give corporate address nor any names. I am ok if this is legitimate but based on the vague demeanor I am not sure. They requested info from me in which I did not give.

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