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Wesandy Reports & Reviews (12)

• Jun 29, 2022

Terrible and nasty loss $50

Ordered a beautiful looking dress and what I received has very little resemblance to the advertised garment it had to be a doctored photo as it is so different and no way cld I possibly wear this in public. Please people check reviews before ordering so as not to waste your money I wish I had

• Jun 08, 2022

Misleading and deceptive

Do not buy from these people they clothes are see through cheap with holes and are not as advertised
totally different ,ripped They are disgusting you would not even wear them in a farm paddock

I requested my money back and an address to re post the dresses back
They won’t give me a full address they give me the run around they have taken $600.00
And don’t even reply they are deceptive and misleading please
Do not go near them or purchase anything from them
So many liars on their advertising page

Also they say return within 30 days without any reason for a refund
but the don’t care and they do not
Keep to their word and what they advertise
So misleading

• May 13, 2022


Ordered dresses size large When I finally received them both were the wrong colors , poorly made, no tags and neither fit, one was too small and one was too large. I tried to return them but they told me to keep them and they would give me a 10% refund and a 25% coupon for a future purchase. I said no as I can't use these dresses and wanted to return for a full refund. Next email told me that I should keep them because it would be very expensive to return them (they were mailed to me via USPS from New Jersey and they would give me a 25% refund and a coupon. I again declined and asked for a full refund and asked how expensive would it be to return as they were shipped from New Jersey. the next email told me that they would give me a 40% refund and if I insisted on returning it would cost me $40 to return because I had to send them back to China and they would also deduct the shipping cost for sending to me the dresses even though it was free shipping. I finally got tired of the back and forth and accepted their offer. Next email is telling me they have a problem refunding my money - I paid by Credit Card (yes I have put a hold on these people and check my account every day) and wanted my PayPal Account number. I told them I don't have one, which is true, and wanted to know what they problem was and I would contact my Credit card and try to resolve the problem. Next email says Ask your friends and family for their PayPal Account number and they will "return my money to them" and they can give it me. Now I wasn't born yesterday and I told them I wasn't asking for my friends or family PayPal accounts but would work with my credit card company. Next email told me that if I didn't give them a PayPal account they couldn't refund my money. So I am out the $87 that I paid for these dresses, totally frustrated with the experience and can kick myself for being scammed. JUST DON'T BUY FROM THEM - EVER.

• May 05, 2022

I wish I had checked more reviews! After 5 weeks, I finally received my order. It is too small even though I ordered next size up! The quality is cheap ! I have been trying to return, but getting the run-a-round and voice-mail is full! NOT THE WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS! Next shep..PayPal is going to get a call!

• Apr 07, 2022

I'm very disappointed with this company. I ordered a pretty dress Feb 29, 2022 size XL. It finally arrived Apr 7, but was so small I couldn't even pull it over my head. I read the earlier reviews, and decided it was not worth the aggravation to attempt returning it.

I will try to rebuild it with extra fabric on my sewing machine. Hopefully it won't be as sorry-looking as I imagine it to be. A lesson learned, for sure!

• Apr 07, 2022

Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country China
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

WeSandy is horrible to it's customers

I purchased a dress from this company, when it came the size was a medium. I ordered an extra large. I emailed them and they offered me 10% back on my purchase and keep the dress, I said "NO". Then they came back with 20% again I said "NO". Finally when they said 40% I was so tired dealing with them back and forth I said yes this was on 27th March. The said it would be 2 days, and I am still waiting, FRAUD big time. Why would I keep a dress that was the wrong size and loose my money. What a SCAM

• Mar 30, 2022

Horrible company

I ordered three dresses from They took four weeks to get here. One is completely different from what I ordered (a flannel shirt dress-- absolutely hideous-- instead of a long-sleeved casual dress that was cute on the website). The other two dresses were sized very small for their size-- I couldn't even get them on all the way, they were so small, plus the material was very cheap. I wrote to them immediately and they asked me to keep them if they gave me a 10% discount. I told them that there was nothing I could do with any of them, and wanted the return address to send them back at my expense. They said that would be very expensive, and offered me a higher percentage to keep them. I kept refusing, and just asked where to send them over and over. This was over several days, as they don't answer very fast. The last time, they finally admitted that they were in China and that's where I had to send them back, even though they came from an address in New Jersey. I looked up shipping costs to send them to China-- a minimum of $85 for $92 worth of dresses. Well, of course, I'm not going to do that. This company should not be allowed to advertise on Facebook. Also, I saw several other companies with the same exact merchandise, but with different names on Facebook. I would not trust any of them. I told them that I wanted a U.S. address to return them, and they haven't responded yet. They advertise that they have "Easy returns and exchanges" but that is a total lie. It's extremely difficult to communicate with them, and they have ridiculous solutions. They're awful.

• Mar 30, 2022

Wesandy are thieves!!

I got a about 42 emails from tryin to exchange emails and get my dresses.
They don't speak English and they are from another country, India or China.
They send the wrong product. So I got back to them and they said that Canada pots make mistakes, and than they said that they posted the wrong picture of the product and that's why I got the wrong product.
So, I try to get my money back and they said they couldn't do that.
And than they offer me to choose other dresses which I did but they just used the same code for the same previous products.
And claim that they had resend me a new package with the new product. They keep using other people's addresses to cover their mistakes.
For example, I wanted to return the package witht the wrong dresses they send and after many emails they finally give me a Chinese address and I asked they to send me postal code and more info. And they ended up sending me another address in Canada. I included the pictures of these statements from them.
I really wish someone can stop them from stealing from people.
It's awful whatvtheyvare doing.
Wesandy are thieves!!
Wesandy are thieves!!
Wesandy are thieves!!
Wesandy are thieves!!
Wesandy are thieves!!

• Feb 19, 2022

never received my dresse

I order a dresses in aroundJanuary 18 2022 true face book and it pass on my card on the 18 a charge of 82.33 and still did not received my dresse should I make a stop payment or are you send me the dresses VINTAGE BLACK V-NECK MINI DRESS in xxxl
Hope to ear about this because its my first time with your company
thank you my email [email protected]

• Sep 30, 2021

This company is fake, don't buy from them. I ordered a dress, never got it. Tried to contact them several times no response. Lost the money I paid for the dress, I am very upset. I Will never buy anything from them again.

• Aug 12, 2021

Victim Location 55746
Total money lost $52
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I ordered a dress 7/12/21 from “wesandy” after seeing it advertised on Facebook. On 7/24 I inquired about shipping status via email because I hadn’t received the package or any updates, and was unable to track. I received vague, untrue email responses in broken English. The package arrived 8/9/21. The dress was not the print I ordered and was poor quality, and was at least an XL though I ordered a small. There were no tags on the dress to identify company or size. Follow up emails have been ridiculous, untrue and frustrating. There is no address or phone number listed on their website so I have no recourse. Their ultimate offer follows:

“Hello, you may misunderstand, size S is the smallest size indeed. we can reissue you other style if you want, or refund $25 as compensation and you keep the dress. It's the most and best we can do for you.”

In another email they wrote that I could get another dress but would have to pay shipping.

The dress cost $38.99 and shipping was $12.99 so I can live with this loss. I just want to prevent this happening repeatedly to other customers, and expose this company’s fraud.

• Aug 01, 2021

Victim Location 98126
Total money lost $87.97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 6/7/2021 I ordered 2 dresses from Order number : 1217. The wesandy advertisement was posted on Facebook. I have not received the dresses since my order and they collected the money. I sent emails to them following up on the purchase and only heard back by email on 7/29/2021 when I mentioned that I was going to report them.

On 7/29/2021 here is wesandy’s response to me via email:

Hi dear

The package you bought from us shows that it has arrived. Please contact the local service provider to retrieve the package as soon as possible to avoid the package being returned without being picked for a long time.

Your track number:

Contact number: 1-800-772-1213

Your sincerely

I sent them a screen shot showing that USPS is currently awaiting package. Have not heard a word back.

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