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Web Shop Producers

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Web Shop Producers Reports & Reviews (10)

Victim Location 76011
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received fake invoice for $599.00 for Search Engine Optimization. Our company has never done business with this organization. No one ever authorized any type of service. Clearly a scam to get money for no services rendered.

Zip Code 76011-7535

Victim Location 54703
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Called and promoted service of using key words to move business to top of google search. Taped conversation and recorded contact saying "yes" to certain questions. Business stated they were not interested in service, though were billed for $599.00. Business now claims as consumer agreed to this service, they need to pay.

Victim Location 33510
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a phone call 2 weeks ago, agent would not let me off the phone and insisted on recording me, asked for my full name and said there was no charge and our office was already under contract with them. We got an invoice today for $600 for services we neither agreed to nor previously received. An agent called to follow up (same day we got this invoice) and was aggressively threatening.

Victim Location 68144
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Our company was contacted by phone from this company. They stated the owner's name and that she wanted to renew the contract that we had with them last year. I was asked who I was after that. I am the admin. asst.. So they said can you give permission to redo the contract and I said "well if the owner wants it, I guess." Then they called back two weeks later saying that our bill was overdue. I know the owner and she is never overdue on any bills. I asked the company where is the written contract they said that we only have a verbal contract. I told them that is not how our company does business. If we did contract them to help us with the internet last year that the owner and I would like a copy of that contract because we could not find anything in our files about a contract with them. They should not be allowed to to business at all the way they scam companies!

Victim Location 75701
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received an invoice for $599.00 for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) dated 2/27/2017. Called the phone number for the company and spoke with Ann (I think her last name is O'Connor). Told her I had never done business with her company. She claimed to look up our account and said that we had agreed to a complimentary "listing" for 6 months and the invoice is for 2017. She later stated the invoice is for 2016-2017. I asked her if she had any documentation that my office had done business with her company before and she said they don't keep any documents of that type. She mentioned my office manager by name - only because my office manager had called questioning the invoice a few days ago. I told Ann I have no intention to pay the invoice since I have no agreement for services with her company. She stated they would have to turn my account over to collections. This is totally a scam.

Victim Location 99202
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They will call and say that someone in your company asked to authorize before they renewed services. In our case, no one authorized any service to begin with and when I said that and that we don't want or need their services and not to continue, they'll send you to someone else who they'll record you confirming that you don't want services and your address. Then they'll send you an invoice for $599.00, and call and demand payment before they send you to collections.

Victim Location 28803
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I got a call from "Malinda Clark" saying that it was time to "renew" and that $599 from the last year was owed. I asked her for proof that we had "signed on" (which she could not provide) and questioned why they would provide a service without any kind of written agreement and not bill for a year - she was unable to answer intelligently. I gave her my email address for her to send me info - she sent nothing. They are a scam.

Victim Location 44021
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a phone call from this company stating we had an open invoice amount. I asked for them to fax the said invoice as I had never heard from this company nor knew anything about it. Invoice was faxed and Samantha called back. She said we owed that money as Ryan authorized the purchase over the phone. We have no need for this as we have a marketing person and no person in our company would authorize such a thing over the phone without discussion with the higher ups in the company. I searched the FTC and and found multiple complaints about this company. She threatened me with legal action etc.

We are not paying this invoice as no one other than our directors are authorized to make such a purchase nor would they do so with this company.

Victim Location 29615
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Ann, a representative from Web Shop Producers contacted the leasing office at *** *** *** *** stating that she was calling regarding a 2016 invoice. She said this was for 2016 services and $599.00 was due. Being a new employee of *** ***, I told Ann I was not the manager nor was I familiar with their company but that she could send me the invoice and if it is something outstanding, we would certainly take care of it. She asked about an authorized personnel and I stated that the manager is busy but that I am a manager at another property and can try to assist her. She said that we would have a specific time frame if we were planning to renew services for 2017 at the same rate. I asked her if she could just send us the information and she said that she is unable to email or fax it but that she could mail it to the property. I told her that would be fine and to mail it to the Attention: *** *** as she is the Property Manager. Ann said that she can only send it to my attention since I am the person she spoke with so I said that's fine. After I hung up the phone with her, I informed *** about the call and what I thought was a delinquent statement. Once we received the envelope, we discovered it was not a past due invoice but that it is an invoice for new service. The manager contacted the company and spoke with Ann. Ann stated I had authorized the service and that is what we are being billed for. First of all, if we authorized a service of any nature, it has to go through our corporate office, a contract would have to be signed as all of our online advertising sources do. The times I have tried to call the business, it rang to a phone that seemed like a mobile phone, not a business phone or even a company recording. After researching this company online, I found several other complaints with people stating the exact same thing happening to them and some of them even mentioned this person "Ann" directly. Our Regional Manager tried corresponding with her regarding this matter and she was told that we would be sent to collections. In which the question arises, collections for what? A service not authorized? A service with no contract? A service you told us we already used, that was a lie? I have tried contacting the local Police Department to report this information for documentation purposes but they informed me they do not handle this type of case that I would be best to report it to the BBB. Attached is a copy of the invoice received and our email correspondence.

The call is recorded so if we can get a copy of that you can hear me repeat that I am not signing up for anything and her confirming.

Victim Location 81052
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a phone call for google services, told them I'm too busy. Please mail the information to me. One hour later I received another phone call from a woman stating that she needed to update our file and wanted to know if I was in a position to authorize decision making on behalf of the company. I told her yes and she also said that this call is being monitored for quality assurance. A couple weeks go by and I don't receive any information from this company for anything. I then receive a mailer (with my last name spelled incorrectly) from them with instructions to go to googles website and put in their web address in the Google verifymybusiness entry block along with an invoice for $599.00. The same day, I get a phone call directed to me by a woman named Ann OConner explaining to me that I have an invoice due tomorrow and how I would like to proceed on paying it? She wanted me to fax or email her a copy of the check I would be paying with. This to me was a red flag! I told her this must be a mistake because I didn't sign up for anything. She stated that they have a recording of me agreeing to their services on August 29, 2016. I said that the only information I gave is my mailing address because I was too busy to talk. Ann starting arguing with me that I did authorize their company to help me with web searches. Funny thing is I never received any kind of acknowledgement that I signed up for, nor any instructions on what this company does for businesses? Other than the instruction mailer which by the way had Google written all over the mailer itself. I believe they are using Googles name as bait assurance. I received another phone call from Ann O'Conner at threatening me if I don't pay they will put me into collections. I'm being extorted to pay $599.00 or be put into collections for something I never authorize for and never even received acknowledgement that I did. I never signed anything and they are holding a verbal phone call as a threat for collections?!

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