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Vortex IT solutions LLC

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- Fowler, CA, USA


Your subscription plan to Technical Support Services has been expired and you will be charged $1099.00 for the auto renewal of your subscription.

Your subscription for a period of 3 years is now active and we are glad to keep your system protected. The charge will be reflected on your account in the next 24 hours.

If you have queries or problems with your subscription, please call us at 1 559 826-5354 immediately, we’re happy to assist you further. This is the reminder notice for you from our side.

Assistance Instructions:

1 keep your desktop/laptop turned up at the time of the call in order to cancel the subscription.

2 call with your invoice details, for reference

3 in case you get our line busy, please leave your Name and Number and we will call you back shortly.

Thank You,

Billing Team / Vortex IT Solutions

Hi there
I will to report the scam of the Company: Vortex It Solucticion, the tel. number in my record: 1 888 227 9443, every time dial the number is busy, I try to looking his website they try obtain my credit card information, they promise Unlimited tech support, since July 2018, Amount:430.00, the plan include: lifetime Security plan, Montthly tune up, transferable to new cumpeter. I have comcern NO BUY ANY DEAL online, because apper people like this Cia.D. Milla.

- Oconomowoc, WI, USA

On March 3, 2021 I got an email saying that my tech service was going to expire and they were going to charge my account *******. I called to cancel. they informed me that they had to get the software off my computer and then I would sign a letter to cancel. So, they got into my computer and 20 minutes later David (@469-309-7613) came on and said they were updating the system and when they were done I was to get a refund. They got access to my computer! In order to get my refund I just had to type ******** in. When it was time to type the screen was scrolling supposedly I typed *******. David says I needed to fix this or it would look like we are trying to steal money. SO foolish me agreed to get macy's gift cards. I should have listened to the clerks who said its a scam. I did not. Now I am out all the money because I try to fix things. Listen and watch the red flags.

I received the following email. I have never worked with the company:


Senior manager


Hi this email is from VORTEX IT SOLUTIONS LLC and the reason why we sending

this email to you

because we like to inform you that the service which you have signed up with

VORTEX IT SOLUTIONS LLC has been expired

so the service will be automatically renewed within 48 hours,

and the renewal charges will be USD 399.99 for 3 years contract and it will be automatically debited from your bank account,

because you have signed a contract with VORTEX IT SOLUTIONS LLC for the

auto-renewal contract,

however if you don't want to continue with our service you can call on

this number +1 618-545-9312

this is our cancellation department number and ask VORTEX IT SOLUTIONS LLC

to cancel the service and

you need to be in front of your computer to cancel the subscription and we will like to inform you that the service which you have signed up for the

computer protection I hope you remember that you called us when you wore facing problem with your computer and quicken so we fixed the problem you paid us a

certain amount and the invoice of that contract was sent to your email

so kindly call us on +1 618-545-9312 if you wish to cancel the contract otherwise the contract will be renewed automatically,

and the money will be debited from your account and once it is debited from your

bank account you will not be able to get any refund so

if you wish to cancel it then call as soon as you receive this email.

MIKE STEPHLER - +1 618-545-9312


Thank you



Senior manager


- Bothell, WA, USA

I received an email from them this morning wanting my personal info so they could "extend to me a refund to me for services I never received" due to a gltch or some such excuse. I have also received at least 3 phone calls from these same people inre this subject over the last 3 months, to which I have not responded....This business has been reported by many others due to this same (or similar) scam.

- Empire, AL, USA

**** ********, senior manager, Vortex IT solutions, LLC

Sends an email saying I will be charged 399.00 and it be seen on my bank account within 48 hours. I can cancel the Email reads - -

The (customer) I will have to be available within a network range, I will have to fill out up to 5 pages of forms on line and (customer) I have to be on a desktop or laptop . Customer call this number to receive the link, information

Customers are in Deli —ma thinking they can call and say cancel it, Which is Not possible. Customers Will have to Follow the Procedure as listed. This is part of the email. It claims to be a Network security. ???

Billing and cancellation teams # 1-316-247-4341 and 1-316-247-4429

This is a Scam !! I received the same email 6 months ago. Don’t fall for this ! He has a foreign accent

And will hang up if you question his authority and want to speak with his supervisor. Ask if he is in the USA ??

Don’t call ! Never call from a cell phone

- Arlington, TX, USA

I keep getting emails about a renewal for a service for my computer. These guys keep harassing me sending me this email saying they will automatically charge me, when I don’t even own a computer. These emails are getting annoying at this point, I’m just curious on if I’d actually get charged

- Hixson, TN, USA

He said his name was **. He claimed to be installing security software but then took over our computer, changed the logon password and held it hostage until we agreed to pay. I hung up on him and blocked his number. THIS IS A HUGE SCAM.

- Mount Pleasant, MI, USA

I got a virus and my computer verbally told me I had a virus and warned me not to turn off my computer. A message appeared and said to call 844-475-5040. I was so flustered (my computer was talking to me!) and I followed the directions and called the number. A man answered and I could barely understand him (foreign accent). He remoted into my computer and he was showing me how my computer was unprotected so I believed him. He showed me some programs that were up in the $3,000 range that would protect my computer from viruses and offered me a $299.99 version that his company had. It didn’t dawn on me until just now that he was saying he was with Microsoft. Ugh I wrote a check for $299.00 for their service and they took a picture of it while they were remoted in. They processed an ACH with my bank info. The check was waiting to clear this evening but I put a permanent block on it (with a fee charged by my institution). My credit union advised that I open another account since they had my information which I will be doing tomorrow. In the meantime I changed my password. I called McAfee and they cleaned my computer, erasing their information. Press control, Alt, and Delete to get out of the virus alert if this should happen to you. I wish I had known that last night.

- Michigan City, IN, USA

I opened laptop and immediately the screen was blinking in black/white stating it was infected and to call a 888#. I turned the computer off hoping to reset but the same happened when I turned it back on and was unable to get out of the screen blinking. I called the 888 and the man named Michael was allowed access to my computer and he stated it was infected with a virus from Russia. When questioned he said he was a "subcontractor" for microsoft and that he could remove the malware along with a 1-yr subscription of virus protection. On the phone for almost an hour while Michael "removed" the malware. Payment was thru e-check which I also allowed him to take a picture thru the computer of the check. After the transaction was done I searched for this company and found several complaints along with not being with the BBB. In searching further found out this is the biggest way to become a victim, thru these fraudulent companies. I contacted my credit union along with the ID theft insurance agent that's affiliated with my credit union and they both agree this is fraud. A claim has been filed against VortexItSolutions. Stop payment was placed on the e-check I had approved. Also changed my accounts with my credit union. I've been receiving several calls from them which were not answered and now have received an email to call to rectify this issue of return payment or they will turn me over to the collections dept. My ID theft insurance agent has set up surveillance with one of the credit bureaus so this does not reflect on my credit rating. I've had the computer checked by a reputable company and they found 4 malware which they removed along with the VortexITSolutions program. They also agree this is a scam.

- Nahant, MA, USA

They took over my computer with a flashing message that my computer was compromised. They highlighted Microsoft so I thought it was a legitimate message from Microsoft. I was unable to get out of the website page so I called the number that they gave me and then they charged me $500 to clean up my computer. They wouldn't take charge and would only take my bank account number.

- Ozark, MO, USA

While on the internet a pop-up window opened with an alert claiming to be Microsoft support and my computer was infected by a virus and crash in 5 minutes unless I called the support number on the screen. I called the number in. A panic and a person answered the phone claiming to be with Microsoft support. After I allowed him to access my computer he claimed that my computer had many viruses and could infect other devices on my network. He that for a fee of $500, would scan and clean my computer of viruses. After we told him we could not afford that he lowered the price to $200 He then claimed that the payment would go to Vortex IT Solutions, a partnering company with Microsoft. I did provide him with payment information. The entire situation felt uneasy and he was very pushy claiming that if I did not allow him to work on my computer all my personal data would be at risk and my computer would crash. We canceled the payment and closed our account and continued to receive emails and calls from Vortex IT solutions in an attempt to collect the payment with threats to send to collections.

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