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Virus Eraser

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Virus Eraser Reports & Reviews (19)

- Oregon City, OR, USA

Warning appeared on my computer screen regarding danger of computer virus(es). Advised to please call number immediately before harm to computer. I did so but that was a mistake. I was charged $299.99 for "computer support".

Later received phone calls and text messages stating the services would automatically renew if I didn't call the above numbers. I would be charged $2000 for 3 years of service. I called to cancel service and was told that I needed to log onto my computer, the cancellation could not be done verbally by phone. If I couldn't do that another option was to buy a $100 Steam Gift Card from Walmart, Dollar General, Seven Eleven. I refused to do either of those, by now having recognized this as a SCAM. By text, demeaning names such as "dear" and "sis" were used - very rude and unprofessional. (The entity on the phone has a strong accent.)

The company has also called my home phone number claiming that something needed to be done to fix our home computer. And to fix it would require another charge. We refused.

My next step is to notify my credit card company to refuse payment to this entity. I am deeply sorry that I ever fell for this. I will also be blocking their numbers.

A year ago I lost my Juno emails. I contacted Juno support and I think I was transferred to Virus Eraser without my knowledge. Supposedly to help me find my juno emails they took over my computer and assured me that my emails would be found. They said I needed a new anti-virus from them to do it. They installed Mcafee on my Computer and when they didn't ever restore or find my lost emails they said I could have the Mcafee for only one year for $150. Thinking the Mcfee would solve my problems I paid for the year ($150) with a credit card. For the last four months they have been calling me warning me that my year coverage was about to stop. Today (6/4/2019) I received a text saying that my contract with them had expired "and would be automatically renewed tomorrow for upcoming three years and be charged $2000." "If you want to keep the service the money will be automatically debited from your account or else if you want to discontinue and cancel you must call contact us at 347-345-0807" When I called, Robert, he said I had to go to my computer and he would work with me on my computer to cancel the account and even return my $150 dollars. I told him I was not going to my computer to have him work on it and/or give me some form to send in. I told him to just make sure it was canceled. He just said that I needed to go to my computer to cancel. I told him no and hung up. The original paper work from last July had a phone number of 844-213-4342; email [email protected]; and web site (that web site if now gone). They have been harassing me to continue my McAfee for another 3 years over the past months, They have called about 15 times and this last text scared me with the $2000 threat. Is there something more I should do to protect myself. I told them I was contacting the BBB.

- Adrian, MI, USA

Suddenly a screen came up with a loud beeping saying my computer was infected and I need to call the microsoft support team. They accessed my computer and did a bunch of stuff, then said they were charging me $250, and pressured me into buying a yearly protection plan, implying I'll regret not doing it, I agreed to their one year plan for $399. In the end I am being charged $799, apparently for a 2 year plan. I called them about that and they said I would get a call back, which I am still waiting for. I learned they are not microsoft. Now I worry and feel insecure about this situation. I feel robbed.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

On Saturday, October 27th, 2018 I was surfing the internet on my home computer. I had recently obtained WiFi service in my home and was enjoying its capabilities. All of a sudden my entire screen went white except for some bold red text in the center informing me that I had a critical virus and that if I didn’t call the indicated Microsoft hotline (888/448-1549) immediately they would have to send a pulse to shut down my processor so I wouldn’t affect other systems. This was accompanied by a very loud male voice reading the words over and over. My mouse was disabled and I apparently had no control over my computer. Not knowing the wiser, I called the hotline, followed their instructions and gave them access to my computer. After I watched them remotely examine my computer (apparently), they informed me that the situation was outside my warranty and above this person’s skill level and they transferred me to a “Level -2” supervisor. This person seemed to be very computer savvy (she had an Indian accent as well) as every time I quizzed her about the validity of her claims she had logical explanations. After some discussion she stated that they (Microsoft) could clean my computer remotely and install a firewall to prevent further occurrences of this and other viruses. This totaled $249 for the remedy and 1-year firewall protection. I paid via American Express. Another voice came on the line (a male “technician”) and he said it would take about an hour to repair my computer so don’t touch anything. After I hung up I called Best Buy’s Geek Squad and asked if this was a legitimate service. They informed me that it was a famous scam and that they were actually installing Spyware on my computer. They also asked me to Google the number I had initially called from my cell phone and when I did it came up as a fraud scam. I immediately unplugged my computer and right after that my cell phone rang and they asked me if and why I shut down my computer. When I told them I was on to their scam the guy panicked and said “let me get my supervisor”. Since that call they have tried repeatedly to lure me in via other scams (seems there’s a whole family of these folks). Other related phone numbers are: 800/889-9529, 800/840-8371, 884/213-4242, 888/958-5648. Further internet research indicated that they are 800 number ghosters and the number/business names, addresses change regularly. I did recognize the woman’s voice on one of the other calls though.

I immediately informed American Express of the incident and they said that the $249 charge was only “pending” and that they couldn’t take action until the fraudsters actually tried to collect. It took approximately one week before they charged me. The bill was from a company called “Strong Tech Support” in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They also claimed to be “Virus Eraser” at another time. AMEX has initiated an investigation to dispute the charge.

At no time did I receive any goods or services from anyone associated with this incident and I repeatedly informed them that I had become aware of the scam (I never had any virus, it was a brand new computer and WiFi service) and wasn’t going to accept their download “fix”. Please investigate these folks fully. I would like them to refund the charge to American Express.

I received a alert on my laptop which froze my computer, the alert has a Microsoft logo and a phone number to call immediately. They told me they were a subcontractor with Microsoft through the "global" support for Microsoft. They urged me to move forward to protect my information and pay the $199. then wanted me to pay a additional $200 for a year protection. I said I didn't have the money they asked how much I had in my bank account. After I got very frustrated and told them I believe they were a scam company they put a guy on the phone to make nice and reassure me that they are a legit company that follow the Data protection Act. I found information on the interet which verified the manner in which they alterted me they are indeed a scam company. I have emails that I sent them for my paper trail showing that they are a scam company. I also told them I was recording them and they said that was fine they were recording me also. They asked me for my name and address and my credit card number and phone number. They kept asking me for my 2nd phone number but I refused to give it to them.

- Nogales, AZ, USA

I bought a desktop computer for $350.00 that was never delivered, so after 14 days I contacted Virus Eraser for a full refund. They said I MUST buy gift cards loaded with $500.00 and they where to do something on my computer via online access to return the money to my checking account. The whole time I said it sounds like a scam, I don't like this, and why are you calling me on a private number. Why do I have to be so hush hush, with no suitable reply except trust me, you have to trust me. So I went on with my life as this is a lesson and it has cost me $2350.00 that I'll never see again. They wasted more than 5 days of my time, and not to mention the gas consumed by my truck.

Message on computer said a virus was detected and to call for assistance. The person on the phone had a heavy accent and obtained access to my mother's computer. He told her that she had already paid them $1000 of her $5000 bill and to obtain the rest by going to Walmart and getting gift cards.

The Virus Eraser scam is already on your warning list. Now they follow up by robot calling me multiple times a day

so they `can fix the problem'.

- Kellogg, ID, USA

My computer was locked up in Sept., 2017, with a virus. Virus Eraser showed a Microsoft address, charged $217 to fix my computer. They called 4 times today to say they wanted to refund my money as as told them to do this. I went along with it until they tried to get permission to enter my computer. Cannot believe this story, want to know if it is legitimate.

- Elmira, NY, USA

Received a call saying my computer was compromised and they could fix is for $999.00 for a lifetime subscription.

- Anaheim, CA, USA

July, 17, 2017 I received a notice on my computer screen and my computer would not go forward.... I called the phone number and was helped with the problem.... computer worked better. They offered a continuous virus protection package. A year... two years.... or lifetime. With lifetime they would include a printer or laptop computer..... I thought about it and chose the lifetime and the computer...... $999 check to Virus Eraser.

I have documented over 30 phone calls over the past 7 months to the Virus Eraser number and have kept notes their response. They always promise it is on route and will be there in two days. They even blamed the hurricane that happened in Florida three months AFTER my purchase. I have spoken to many people and they all have the same line... even after telling me they are sending me the tracking number, I NEVER received a computer. The worse was a call to ME on 12/23... they asked me "how do you like your new computer?" AHHH I never got ANY COMPUTER. I sent registered mail complaints to their Davis, CA and Delray, FL addresses and they were signed as received. I have now had all "Virus Eraser" items TAKEN PROFESSIONALLY OFF of my computer. I wish I could get a refund for this useless purchase....


- Clarkdale, AZ, USA

Caller claims that your computer is sending out Errors to them. (how?) Asks you to let them have contol of your computer. When you grant permission (caller instructs you how to let him in) he proceeds to show you windows error logs. In order to fix it, you must by his services. He uses "C-Cleaner to clean up browser ques etc. Installs "Virus Eraser" then gives you 1 year of support. Then they "hound" you by phone for more stuff. By that time, I just hang up the phone.

I installed another (quality) anti-virus software.

- Salt Lake City, UT, USA

supposed from Microsoft banner blocked my screen saying I had a virus and it needed to be taken care of immediately. Would not fix it till I agreed to pay the 223.00. Had control of my computer for a couple hours. Claimed to represent Virus Eraser. East Indian accent----I tried to hang up several times but he kept calling me back. Really don't know if this is a real business etc. Have felt uneasy ever since.

- Bedford, OH, USA

I received a pop up on my computer August 19. Message stated my computer had a virus and to call this phone number. 888-549-6780. I called the phone number. My computer locked up. I spoke with Justin. ID number VEI7279. Microsoft technician. Requested $464.99 to repair my computer and sign me up for a contract. They asked for a check. He copied the check. I contacted my bank right away. The check was stopped.

- Louisville, OH, USA

Virus Eraser of California took my laptop "hostage," by stating my computer was infected with a virus and, accounts have been hacked into. Supposedly they were doing something to erase virus but I became suspicious when they insisted I pay with a check. I wanted to use my debit card for protection, but luckily the credit union declined transaction since it came from London. Then he asked if I banked with Citibank or Bank of America which I don't. He was irritated that I use a local credit union. Then he said, for me to hurry up and get home asap to write a check and, use my phone to deposit their funds. I did NOT since I know realized they were trying to scam me. I closed my old debit card and had a new debit card reissued to avoid any further attempts to use my old debit card. I went home and learned that they were NOT registered with the but had lots of complaints filed against them.

- Mcmechen, WV, USA

I tried to go online to when I hit the enter button on my computer and insteadof my computer taking me to the Walmart site up came this legitimate message telling me that if I did not call them they were going to take away my access to the internet like a *** I gave them access and they showed me all these errors that were making my computer slow went through all this computer talk and then wanted me to pay 400.00 for 2 years for them to put security on my computer, at first they told me that they were Microsoft it was when my husband took over the phone call that they told him that they were a company called Virus Eraser, I did not give them any banking info I told them I had been off work and could not afford 400.00 they told me I could pay them later by sending them a post dated check, arent post dated checks illegal. If you look up Virus eraser they have a web site

- Kirkland, WA, USA

When I was using a known, trusted website there was a cookies pop up window that locked the screen and said to contact Microsoft at provided number because I had a Trojan horse virus. I did call thinking it was Microsoft and they said they were Microsoft contractor - showed me certifications backing that up, etc. They said they had to clean up the virus and install a firewall. (They claimed their software provided firewall protection that Windows Defender didn't - not true). My computer was completely locked at this point and I did think I had a virus because of it being locked and the back screen was red. I did at first allow them to "clean up" my computer and install the firewall. They played on my fear of having a virus on my computer. Two days later I had an uneasy feeling about all of it and took my computer to the Microsoft store. They immediately told me this was a scam and they do not contract with any other companies at all. They ran a full malware program to check for anything and there was no problems with my computer - never was. The good news - it was all smoke and mirrors. They didn't access any information. Bad news - this is a money extortion scheme. They just want to play on your fear, get quick money, and then be gone.

In January 2016 my PC locked up with a message saying I was hacked and to contact Microsoft at 1-855-662-2323. I called the number and they said they were Virus Eraser who worked with Microsoft support and they would run a diagnostic on my system. I allowed them to remote in, and they told me I had over 1900 viruses that they could remove, They gave me several options, and I paid $411.99 for lifetime coverage of all issues for all computers in the house with 3 years 24/7 support coverage. In November 2016 I had my PC freeze again, and I called Virus Eraser. They again signed in with remote and told me I was hacked by the Russians. A senior Tech representative with a very heavy Indian accent who went by Steve Johnson (1-866-408-2335) said he was given my case and he was with Avangatee Services. I questioned this, and said I was calling Virus-Eraser to check. We called Virus Eraser and we could here him in the background saying that was us checking on him, and we were told he worked with Virus Eraser. Steve Johnson then told us we had only 90 minutes to stop the Russians from transferring all of our banking information. I told him I paid $411 for lifetime coverage and this should not have happened. He told me hackers are constantly writing new programs and this was very serious.Having control of our PC, he brought up statements saying 500,000,000 people have been hacked worldwide by Russians. Screens appeared on the PC and he circled in red computer coding and told me this was all my information. He typed my social security number on the screen, and then my wife's SS number. Then he asked if I bought anything from Amazon, and I said yes. He gave me control told me to sign on to Amazon with his address he gave me. Instead I had an icon I used and when I hit that he became angry and told me to use his address. He brought up this screen that showed a "NSA 3600" for $2900.00. He said they work with the NSA and that's what they use. One year was $1422.75, and lifetime was the $2900.00. We were aware this was a scheme and told him we didn't have that much money. He kept pressuring us on time, saying we only had minutes to decide, and asked if we were seniors. We said yes and he reduced the $2900 to $2163.00. We wanted to havecontrol of our PC but after about 5 minutes we decided that we would let him do what he wanted and we'd shut down the PC. He asked for a credit card which we refused to give him. Then he said we could sent a check to the $2163 to AVANGATEE SERVICES, 699 Lewelling Blvd #146/293 and they would fix our problem. I asked if we should change our Passwords and credit cards and he said no. After about 30 minutes of the mouse icon running around on the PC we were called and said everything was fixed and they installed a 24 hour monitoring on our PC and not to turn of the unit. When we got control back we turned off the PC. The next day we took it to a Computer support company and they told us there is no software associated with a NSA3600, that it was hardware only. We were told we were scammed. They scrubbed our PC of all programming, we changed our passwords, notified our banks, and changed our credit cards. We have been called almost daily, many of the numbers cannot be blocked because they don't show a number on the Caller ID. We submitted a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission Ref # 78270311. We have researched Virus-Eraser and discovered many complaints similar to ours. We noticed the BBB gave Virus Eraser a grade of "F".

- New Holland, PA, USA

I responded to an email from a ill family member. An auto message came up and said I needed to contact a number immediately and not to close any files. The number was 844-912-2377. When I called them they told me that my computer was being seiged and that they could restore my files for $212. I am missing all of my documents and a few programs. I tried to call them back and they deny the person who I initially contacted existed.

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