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VEVO HEARING Reports & Reviews (16)

Vevo hearing aids took a month to be delivered. 5 days after receiving I was dissatisfied and requested the 100% money back guarantee. That has been a month ago even though I have received emails affirming the refund. Hard to adjust sound level.Amplifies sound for normal things like faucets running, chewing, coughing , dishes,but not conversations. after the second battery change the battery holder broke unable to use. Kept evaluating after refund request.
It seems to be a hearing amplifier as opposed to a hearing aid.
You get what you pay for!
Do not purchase!

Ordered 2 sets of hearing aids for $277.98 on June 17, 2020 along with batteries. The batteries came in but no hearing aids yet. Support won't respond to emails. Their voice mailbox is full. I believe this is a scam. Considering filing a fraud complaint with States Attorney General and FBI

• Aug 10, 2020

Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

After reading "verified Reviews" I place order on June 17th and received confirmation of order on June 18th after my credit card had been charged. Confirmation stated order would be shipped within 7 days. Today is Aug 10, and I have not received the product paid for. The business phone is no longer in service. And, on their website they are advertising a sale on their hearing aids. I have contacted MasterCard about the fraud and suggested that the Red Flag the company. The VevoHearing Aid IS A SCAM!

Addendum to earlier complaint. I did a reverse search on on a whim using the return address on the bag the hearing aids were shipped in. The satellite image that appeared was in Queens New York not Jamaica NY as represented , and the street name did not exist on the picture. None of the businesses around the flag in the picture was listed as Vevo. Some people stated that their packages are coming from California. I bet their return address there is also bogus. It is strange that using a fictitious address I get any location and picture at all. Even stranger that eventually I received 2 of the 3 products I ordered. What would be the motive to hide the fact they are shipped from another country? If it were totally a scam, why send any product at all? Unless the ulterior motive is to get credit card numbers. Perhaps they arbitrarily fill random orders to some consumers to get positive reviews to add to the legitimacy of their scam. Some thing isn't right. The price was to good to be true. If a legitimate company were importing this product from China, I would have attributed the low price to that and may or may not have been deterred from buying them. Better watch credit and debit card statements people. Another possibility is there could be a shady Chinese company trying to circumvent tariffs on Chinese imports. That would be the best case scenario. Perhaps eventually every one will get their orders filled partially. Or not.

• Aug 10, 2020

Victim Location 78229
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered hearing aids 4 months ago. Never received product. Multiple emails to address situation but no resolution. No phone contact. Tracking number with USPS is not valid although they appear to use the U S postal service phone and computer menu. Never get anywhere . Have paid money on credit card without product. Sent a package of batteries that arrived July 3. After continued “canned “ email responses with same wording received by claims complaints filed on this company on the cite, there is no resolution. This company is a scam stealing money from elderly. It is now mid August and continue to have no resolution. They need to be removed from website advertisements. And reported to authorities for theft.

Purchased pair of hearing aids a years supply of batteries and a 3 year warranty. They sent me an order conformation for all 3 products with an estimated delivery date. Never received any package from them for 7 weeks. tried to contact customer service to cancel order. Put on hold until recording notified me all operator lines were busy and without giving me the option to wait for an operator I was instructed to leave an email with my concern and someone would contact me. They did contact me by Email and the instructions for return were very vague. Left me with impression merchandise was in transit and once I received the product I could contact them again to start return process. Then I waited and waited and when they didn't come in far after their estimated delivery date tried to contact them, with the same instructions to leave an Email and they would contact me about my concern. I thought maybe they caught the cancellation of my orders be it shipped, but never had my returned my Emails confirming my theory. Then 6 weeks in I received the batteries. And a week later the hearing aids. Decided to keep them as I was purchasing them for a friend. Jury is out as to there quality. He says they are great, but just might be polite. To date I have never received anything in writing pertaining to the additional purchase of my 3 year warranty. Before reading these bad reviews I was going to contact Vevo again to confirm the warranty purchase and ask for something in writing to explain the terms of the warranty. I also wanted it transferred to my friend the recipient of my gift. I guess I am lucky getting 2 of the 3 of my purchases. The return address says that the purchase was shipped from Jamaica NY. Makes me wonder if the units are being shipped from China to New York to provide the illusion that it is manufactured in the US. And communication only by Email so you won't get suspicious talking to operators with heavy Chinese accents. That would explain why some customers in the reviews were told not to return the product as it would tip them of as to the origins of the product. I guess I am out the $19.95 for the warranty, but what is even more disconcerting is they have my debit card number.

• Aug 06, 2020

Order a pair of hearing aids in June. Daily emails from them wanting me to get batteries, extra ear pieces, warrantee, etc. I replied and said I wanted to see if I liked them first. Once I finally received them I found out they were crap. I have emailed them bi-weekly and called (only to be on hold with never an answer)wanting to return for a full refund! now they will not respond. I have even threatened to report them to the better business bureau of Wisconsin. My guess is I'm going to be eating my $140.00. :(

• Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 07836
Total money lost $129
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered the hearing aids on July 11, with an expected deilvery in 5-7 business days. On July 24, I emailed support to get a status on my order. It was now 10 business days. My response from ficticious SARAH was - oh you will get then in a coupld days. On July 27 I emailed again and got a COVID Response - 5-6 weeks due to the virus ! I wrote back CANCEL my order. - that was July 27. Now I have no response or ability to contact. I never got the product nor do I want it. Emails are ignored, and phone numbers gives reponse mailbox full - yeah - full of complaints from other defrauded victims. The other phone number results in a verizon message - the phone number is no longer in service. What a bunch of crooks. I hope I can get my money back from my credit card!

My experience is much to same as above. Ordered 2 aids and batteries on June 8. They emailed me to say they couldn't ship batteries to my country (Canada) and would credit me. They didn't credit my Visa. I have still not received the aids and all emails were unanswered. Their voice mail box if "full". Am out over

• Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 76249
Total money lost $148.97
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I Purchase these hearing aids and haven’t received them or even heard back from them call the one 800 number that they have and it tells you that the box is for please try again can’t get on to respond to my emails and it says the package is at my house and the package is not at my house and just requested a refund and still haven’t heard back from her

Im afraid this may be a scam---ordered aid on July9th & as of Aug 1st still haven't recieved product or tracking info as requested--beware.

• Jul 30, 2020

Total money lost $184.53
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do Not Buy from this so called ligitamate company!!! They dont contact you and thier guarentee is fraudulant...They prey on elderly people with thier garbage products...they dont work...and you cannot get hold of them.

Ordered a pair of hearing aids June 20, 2020. No response from company via email or phone. I have called 52 times in 2 days, rings until a message says lines are busy and try again. Leave a message via email and web site says they will get back to you within 24 hours. No response there either. Try to track the shipment and it moves around a little but now supposedly stuck in Grapevine, TX. Did receive the batteries, but what good are they with no hearing aids. This is a scam - beware.

I too ordered the hearing aids. I received them, but they did not fit. I emailed the company and immediately received a reply that the company would begin to process my refund and that I could keep the hearing aids and give to someone else. Their motto, " 100% refund if not satisfied". After three weeks, no refund so I emailed them again. again they apologized and would immediately contact the billing department to start the refund process. No word and no refund plus they have quit responding to my emails. Started June 9th. I have offered to return them, no they told me to pass them on to someone else.

• Jul 26, 2020

Victim Location 85745
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Credit Cards

We ordered hearing aids that were charged to our credit card on July 5th and have not received them yet. We were provided a phony US tracking number which does not exist. Do no order hearing aids from this company.

• Jul 21, 2020

Victim Location 94518
Total money lost $188.92
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On the web site it is all very positive response from different people on incredible Hearing Aid that this company from San Jose provides at a low price due to baypassing a middleman. On July 5, 2020 I placed order for that included:

1. Invisible Hearing Aid Both Ears + 3 years Replacement Warranty for $148.97

2. Replacement Batteries for $39.95

TOTAL: $188.92 Payed by My Credit Card.

Since ordering I have never recieved any delivery date conformation, and on my email to customer service I got response that "your items is on a way", no dates whatsoever. On my 2 other emails in weeks after there was no any response at all.It seems that company operates from China and has fictitious address in San Jose and fake business representation in California. Today is July 20, 2020 and on my email to "company support" that I sent 3 days ago there is no any response . It is just a "black hole"!

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Address: Ocasa Inc 148-08 Guy R Brewer Blvd, Jamaica ( Queens), NY, 11434, USA




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