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Well, I will join the many of you who have been scammed by this so called business. On 11/24/22 I went to the website to get some information on a car I am selling for a deceased friend. Fee was $1.00; at the end of the transaction I was billed $1.00, $0.95, and $23.95 all on the same date of 11/24/22. After that I was billed $23.95 on December 4th, December 13th, and December 17th. I emailed (each time you call an 800 number it is just an answering service that tells you to use an email address) their customer service (so far i have two different email addresses). The only response i have gotten thus far is they are sorry I was not happy with their services and refunds would be forthcoming. Good thing i didn't hold my breath.

I have filed a complaint with the FL Attorney General's office and i encourage all of you to do the same if you have not. It is an online form,, easy to fill out and multiple complaints will get the process started. Also make sure you have filed a dispute with your credit card company to NOT pay those bills under any circumstances. I told my credit card company if those bills are paid, my credit card will be canceled the moment I know they did not listen to me.

Based on what I understood when I logged onto this website, I am out $96.75, so I will fight for it until I win. It is all about principle and these scammers need to be put out of business - that was my message to the FL Attorney General. Do the same!


This site is misleading, at best. All through the process, they make you think the report is only $1.00, but in the very last step, they sneak in a small line that says it's $1.00 PLUS $24.95 / mo. I believe this to be unethical, and I would not do business with them.


Just like all the other complaints I have read, they were supposed to charge me $1 for limited information on my car. They did charge a $1, but then they also charged an additional $24.95. Luckily I was able to cancel it when I saw that. But still I have been trying to get my money back. I just called them again today and she said there are several people in the same kidding! I said, yes I know, it's all over the internet what a scam this is.
She said she would escalate this matter, but if I don't hear anything to call back. I have been calling since Sept 14th.
I'm curious if anyone has taken other actions to get resolution. I'm not sure what else I can do.


I have just filed a complaint with the FTC for fraud. Hope these guys get burned.

looking for car information found site said charge was free,

After entering all info it put up notice to keep site free there is a 1.00 fee.

entered cc info and was charged 1.00 AND a 23.95 charge also. contacted and was told they would get back to be in 48 hours. I contacted my CC company and they removed the charge...

Beware of this scam
Gerry R.


This site has been flagged many times by users and even by credit card companies. They offer a very minimal car check based on VIN, for $1 per record. The implication is that this will be very superficial data, a starting point, more a consolidation of public data for convenience than an in depth analysis. However, they actually charge (or attempt to charge) $24. There is currently a Reddit group warning its users about this, and for many of them the charge did go through. I never got my report from because PNC Bank had already intercepted the attempted charge and denied it, based on the past complaints they had received. It was PNC that informed me.

This site is pure deception. Even the user testimonials are bogus. - Daniel

The scam website is set up to provide you with information (vehicle recalls, accident reports, blue-book value) regarding your vehicle by asking for the Vin Number, license number etc. It requires a small fee of $1 to access the information but then will charge $29.95 several times to your bank account under the name of "vehicle audit."

I was going through google to get a vehicle report so this website offered me report for $1.00 I agreed to pay but they wanted to withdraw $24.95 from my card luckily my Bank stopped payment and informed me my account is locked they will send me new card but this is so reprehensible no one runs a business based on fraud. I am a retired senior citizen my question is why google allows such scammers to operate through them as google is facilitating such companies to commit fraud so unintentionally they become accomplice in fraud. There are already four such complaints before me but Google hasn’t barred them to use its medium. Federal and state governments should also cancel their licenses to operate. In our society frauds an scams have become order of day it’s high time such practices should be stopped with iron hands


The website implied I would pay $1 for a car fax report and never mentioned the $29.95 subscription I signed up for. Literally took my money. I am 18 years old trying to get by and this is how this website does me. DO NOT USE THIS SITE, and for those who are here because they've already been scammed, I'm sorry and good luck.


As everyone here says I just had the same experience of $24.95 being charged as soon as I authorized the $1.00 they advertise. The PayPal and Amazon payment methods are temporarily unavailable for a reason... so they can steal from you. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.


I had the same experience as every review on here. I should have known that $1.00 was a freaking lie! Beware, because they do not accept Paypal! It's when I got to the next screen that I freaked out. They wanted my signature! I closed the page and called my CC company immediately. I was able to cancel my card, but I might be out $1.00 and another $24.95. Since it was a debit card and after business hours, I have to call the bank myself tomorrow. I am so pissed off! (Nowhere did it say that I would be paying for a membership fee!)


They charged me $24.95 for no reason, then promised me a refund—I called and emailed numerous times and I still have not received a refund, and it's been months


On a May 23, 2022 I called them and agree to purchase a report for $1.00. On May 24th I noticed they not only charged me $1.00 but an additional $24.95 that I did NOT agree to. I called several times, over 9 times to state I wanted a refund as I did not agree to this. Someone said they would process it. They never did. I also wrote to them several time at [email protected] requesting a refund and as of July 11th, I have received nothing. Not even a response to any call or email


Do not use this website

Say it charges a dollar, charged me $24

Did not provide a report at all


Offered me a online vin number report for 1 dollar but before even creating an account as soon as my card info was entered it automatically charged me two separate times; $1 and $24.95. Their support email is a joke and does absolutely nothing. I've called the customer service number provided, but it goes to a 3rd party vendor. The 3rd party stated "they don't have a way to directly contact, but can submit a request to process my refund." I've done that three times already in the past two weeks. Not to mention their 3rd party customer service is horrendous and sounds like they're in someone's house. BEWARE of USVINREPORT.ORG also, I think they're related


Was online looking to run my VIN for my car.. and it said $1.00 then monthly 49.95.. went into the chat to try canceling after I made the payment. It said the charge was canceled..but on my statement it says charged.. called the number today and it sounded like it was in someone house.. so I will be going to the bank to cancel that card...


Same.. pretty sure customer support was somebody's house as well. I'm going to assume my vehicle report is fake as well. First it's free then it's a dollar then all of a sudden fraud alerts calling me and my phone's blowing up with Spam numbers. Should have known not to use anything that don't have PayPal or similar but that's how they get you you figure it's just a dollar. Liars and thieves are one step above pedophiles, and they lie and steal all day long. Makes you wonder what else they're doing. huh




Same experience.


This online VIN check service offers a $1 vehicle search for potential buyers to find out about any issues reported for a specific VIN on a car. I have subsequently been charged twice on my credit card by a company of a different name (RHData consulting) for $24.95 each time. A phone number is attached to my bank statement and the charges. I found other examples of similar fraudulent activity from others who have shared similar information about this company. I did not sign up for nor have I been notified of a "membership" nor is that information evident on the website. I canceled credit cards and I have filed a fraud claim.


Carfax report type of report purchased for $1 from

Another charge appeared on my credit card for $24.95 from ***************** ************ GA,

followed by an email to click on the Member Profile to read the said report, which lead to Data Reports site on ******************************* - No mention of subscription or membership. - You have to click on your account in *****************************t/ and see that there is a membership . WHAT A SCAM.

And a fraudulent website listed on my credit card purchase explanation next to $24.95.

Took me half hour to figure out where it came from. It reads *****************

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