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Vehicle service center

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Vehicle service center Reports & Reviews (17)

They called offering me insurance on my vehicle to protect it from any breakdowns under the hood and I had to hang up due to another call coming in that was important they left me a very rude disturbing voicemail on my phone

- New York, NY, USA

They call constantly from different numbers to harass me.

I get 2-3 calls per day from different numbers stating that my vehicle warranty is about to expire. This has been going on for over a year now. They have information about the make, model, and year of my car. When I ask to be placed on their do not call list they always say that they will but the calls continue. This tells me that whatever this company is, they do not comply with TCPA laws and I will be reporting them to the FCC as well.

They want you to verify personal information about your vehicle. My guess is so they can either sell it or use it to try and get at bank accounts or something.

- Janesville, WI, USA

This company uses scramblers to appear as if the customer is receiving a local call. You answer and it is a recording stating that this is your last call to sign up for an extrended auto warranty. Eventually with enough yes answers, you are patched through to a live person. The first call of the morning, when I finally received a live person on the line, I calmly asked to be removed from the calling list. He hung up on me. My phone immeadiately rang again. This time after the recording I was connected with a young woman. I let her do her thing. She explained that they are merely a clearing house for the vehicle service center and she would put me in touch with some of the best rates for an extended car warranty. I had to provide them with the make and model of my vehicle. She explained the "corporate" actually handles the financial portion. Then I repeatedly had to ask her the name of the company because I no longer wanted to receive these calls. She became agitated with me, but did agree to remove me from the list. It has only been five minutes, so I do not know if my request was successful or not.

Today I have received six (6) telephone calls from a company calling itself "Vehicle Service Center" attempting to sell me an extended warranty on my vehicle. I do not know how much information they have on my vehicle or how they got it. I have repeatedly asked them to remove my number from their list as my number is on the do not call list. I am writing this shortly after the last call and obviously they have not removed my number.

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA

This telephone number came up on my cell phone. The man on the other end of the line said he was calling to get the miliage on my pickup. I said yes I know it but I have a service plan and I do wish to be taken off your call list. He immediatly hung up. So I call the company back and this time the young man who answered said "we dont care" "we will just tell you sorry" I tried to be nice and ask to simply take me off your list....he said "do you want the coverage or not" I said that is no way to gain my business more words were exchanged and he hung up. Just dont answer if you don't know the number. I dont know why they were as rude as they were. I even called back and asked to purchase a plan they were offering. They immediatly hung up.

- Sterling Heights, MI, USA

They are calling up out of the blue offering to extend my vehicle warranty. When I asked if they had any of my personal info on file she said no and started asking for my make and model and my name, etc. They claim that they are working together with the dealerships and that they personally handle all warranty info for the dealerships. They claim to be the company that sells you the warranty through the dealership. It's all bull crap please don't fall for it. They called me about my "Dodge" vehicle when I don't even have a Dodge I have a Ram which isn't owned by Dodge anymore. Plus my warranty isn't even close to expiring yet. Please report these scammers if they call you and maybe even mess with them a bit. But whatever you do don't fall for their scam.

- Orlando, FL, USA

This "company" has called me 15 separate times over the past two days asking for an Elizabeth. Every single time I've said that they had the wrong number, they would abruptly hang up and call back minutes or hours later. I've specifically asked them to take me off of their call list 7 times (as of writing this.) Also, every time I block one of their numbers, they just call back with a different one

- Corvallis, OR, USA

After requesting an online car insurance quote, I began receiving calls from a business calling itself "Vehicle Service Center". They tried to sell me an extended warranty on my car. I refused and asked to be taken off their call list. Clearly this did not work because I have been receiving calls from them for weeks from many phone numbers with area codes across the entire country.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

Calling about my factory warranty expiring wanting to confirm if I'm still the primary owner & how many miles the car has.

They tell me that my file was being ready to be closed but since I called they would hurriedly xfr me to a specialist.

Once transferred I'm asked to confirm mileage & they reiterated that my warranty is going to expire and that they're sure I want to see what the extended warranty covers & pricing is.

When asking for the name of their company out of 5 calls I got disconnected on 4 times. One guy even pretended to switch to a supervisor by trying to switch accents and using a different name. I was told that they handle all of the warranty contracts for KIA nationwide.

I asked for a supervisor 3 times and twice got disconnected on the other time they looked for a 'financial advisor' who was not available

I asked why my dealership wouldn't call me to inform me and of course they didn't know. Finally getting irritated I told him I would call my dealership & return their call. They said really nastily, fine call your dealership & disconnected

Of course my dealership stated it was a scam and I would be notified before hand.

they called my cell number three times asking for my spouse. I called them back three times to try and figure out who they were and what they wanted. they disconnected my call each time. the last time i said I would report them to the BBB.

- Auburn Hills, MI, USA

Scammer claimed that my warranty on my vehicle (actually listed the make, model, and year of my car) had run out and that I was eligible for an extended warranty. As I already have an extended warranty, this was obviously either a scam or a mistake. But then I continued to get calls and hung up on before I could continue to ask about who they worked for. The numbers they used were local to my location.

- Nashville, TN, USA

The company "Vehicle Service Center" called me to warn me that the warranty of my leased car (a Mazda) is about to expire and they wanted to sell me a contract to cover future repairs. Its representatives initially claimed to be affiliated with Mazda and I obtained their anew only by calling back. They used a Nashville telephone number (this is where I live) but have no local office here (I got disconnected multiple times when I asked them to give me their local address). The representatives themselves are rude.

- Tallahassee, FL, USA

So yesterday, 2-9-2017, a friend of mine got a phone call from the first number asking for me. He informed them that they had the wrong number, but they called him 9 times throughout the day from either of those numbers. So he finally had enough, called THEM back, said he was me, and they proceeded to try and sell him a warranty on a non-existent 2016 Audi!!! I don't own an Audi. Even after that, they contiued to call, so when he called them back and told them that it needed to stop or he was going to notify the authorities, the person called him a stalker and never called back. We traced one of the numbers to Sopchoppy, Fl, which is about an hour from our house, and the other from Marianna, Fl which is maybe 2 hours from our house. They never called MY phone number, and I don't understand why or how they would get my friends number and my name.

- Greensburg, PA, USA

calls from multiple numbers no voicemails. they hang up if you answer the call. call back and they have all my information on what kind of car i have stating my warranty is expired. meanwhile i have warranty through my manufacture

- Ballston Lake, NY, USA

They are obvious scammers based on how aggressive and defensively they talk to you. The whole, "you have to buy now to take advantage of this offer or we cancel your eligibility." "We don't send out paperwork to review the warrenty without a deposit." And when I said they were a scam and to get a real job, they said, "I bet I make more money then you". I've dealt with numerous sales people considering I have a small business myself and I know the difference between a real sales person and a scammer because a real sales person would never talk to you like that.

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