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Vehicle Note

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Vehicle Note Reports & Reviews (12)

Individual appeared interested in a vehicle I have for sale. Requested vehicle history to be purchased through and sent to them. I did not do this...I requested a phone number to speak to the person, stating I did not feel comfortable just sending such info. The next couple of emails I sent were rejected. It was then that I looked into and found the site was not active and further found BBB complaint. This just happened in the last week.

Jake George contacted me through email several times inquiring about our motorcycle that is for sale. Each time asking questions and the last email was he needed the vin number via a vehicle history report to make sure everything is ok. He recommended us to use and if everything was good he would schedule a meeting to get the motorcycle and repay for the history report.

I figured it was a scam because at an earlier email I told him price was negotiable, he never tried to negotiate a price. Then when he said he would repay for the history report I knew it had to be a scan.

- San Jose, CA, USA

This guy name Jake George contacted me about buying my motorcycle. After several back and forth emails, he asked that I buy a VIN Report from VehicleNote to verify the mileage and no prior accidents.

He said that he wanted me to pay for the report and that he would deduct it from the price of the motorcycle.

It sounded legit, but when I did and clicked the link to the report via email it just takes you to a blank page. There is no phone number to call. Just a form submission online.

want to buy the motorcycle and i will be paying in cash. However, I'd really want to take a look at history report before i come to check it out. I'd really appreciate if you can get it from because I'd like to repay you if we cut a deal, and they're a lot cheaper than carfax or something else. If everything comes out clean on the report we will set up a meeting and I am getting the motorcycle.

- Mount Vernon, WA, USA

This “Jack Henson” responded to my post about buying my Dirtbike. He asked that I contact his private email. I did so, and he asked me to pay for a VIN check on my bike, saying he’d repay the amount I used to check the report. Definitely a scam

We are selling a motorcycle and the person will ask us to go to a website and spend $25 to run a report to see if it has been in a wreck. When I send the vin number to the person telling them if he buys the bike I will be happy to take off $25 on the price I never hear back. Another said I will be happy to pay you back. Sure....didn’t fall for that either. Sent them the vin number...silence.

I was selling a motorcycle on Craigslist. Got an email from someone asking me to email them through “their” personal email. So I emailed them. And I asked if they’d like to come look at it. They sent an email back saying, “ if you could get a vehicle vin verification through vehicle note dot come, so I know that motorcycle hasn’t been wrecked that would be great, and I’ll reimburse you for the payment.” I told them I would not do that, I would use my own website and again asked if they wanted to set up a Time to come look at it. They again replied with “you really should use vehiclenote dot com, it’s the best site and I’ve used it for both my motorcycles.” It caught me off guard, because at first it was like a normal conversation, then he kept bringing up Vehicle note. So I went to it on safari, without clicking on the link he sent me, and my phone popped up as a potential risk, it wasn’t a verified site and could be a security threat.

I advertised a car for sale on Craigslist and was contacted by email from a person wanting to strike a deal as soon as possible. We exchanged a few vague emails when I was asked to provide a vehicle reports from "". I had never heard of this website so I checked online and found that this is a scam to get the price of the report plus any other personal information you are willing to give. The website for this scam came up immediately so a report has been filed.

On Wednesday, November 28, I was contacted by email from an individual who responded to my ad on Craigslist, interested in purchasing my 2012 Honda motorcycle. The name on the email was Jack Henson. He expressed interest in purchasing the motorcycle and asked for a vehicle history report. He recommended I use the Web site to obtain the report. I proceeded to purchase the report for a total amount of $27.05 and forwarded the information to him. I later learned from online inquiries that the request is likely a part of a vehicle title scam. I am concerned my Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle history report has been compromised and will be used to alter or steal my vehicle title.

I listed a motorcycle for sale on Craigslist. This person contacted me and said they were interested in the bike. They repeatedly insisted that I get a vehicle report from I did and found out it was a scam site that charged money, a little too late. After the person knew I used the site and paid it money, they ceased contact.

- Johnstown, NY, USA

After communication via email w a potential buyer for a vehicle I conducted a vehicle report to send - which was an unsecure site & I am out $25 as a result.

- Brentwood, CA, USA

We were selling a car on Craigslist (in late June/early July) and a person of the name Jack Letter emailed me expressing interest. We had emails going back and forth on basic questions about the car then he told me before he sees it that he would need a report to verify that the title is clean. He wanted a report specifically from and even told me he would reimburse me upon meeting. After I purchased the report, it took him a week to respond and shortly became flakey and fell off the map. Today, I went to look at the report I purchased and the website is gone. I did an online search and discovered it was a Russian domain. Ugh! I have now realized, we were part of a scam and am fearful any identity information was stolen. I don't know if they were targeting many people just for $20 a piece(for the report) or if this was to steal identity information. Either way, I'm upset I didn't do my research before going into that site. Hope this helps anyone else not fall victim to the same scam.

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