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Valley National Loans

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Valley National Loans Reports & Reviews (15)

- Faribault, MN, USA

I got a call from them saying I got approved for a loan from 1000 to 5000 dollars I had to purchase iTunes cards

Applied online for a cash advance loan and recieved a phone call 2 days later. said that I was approved for a $1500 loan and that amazon had funded their buisness so to prove that I would be able to make the monthly payments of $150 to pay the loan back I would have to first go to wal-mart and purchase a $100 and a $50 amazon gift card , then call them by 5pm and give the reciept number for the purchase of the cards. This would prove to Amazon that I am able to make the payments to repay the loan. I could keep the gift cards to do and spend how I wish. then 30-45 min. after this call I would recieve the $1500 loan on my prepaid card. I did a little research and found a few pages about the valley national loans and how it was a scam. So i wanted to add the numbers that they called from and that they gave me to call back.

I received a phone call from Kevin Harrison (ext. 104) at Valley National Loans stating that I was approved for a loan in the amount of $3000-$10000. He stated that I just needed to tell him the amount that I needed. I told him I needed $4000. I was approved for the loan at 14% and I would have $200 payments for 24 months. He provided me with the following Loan number of XYK2287. He then transferred me to a man named Brad Allen (ext. 121) that was a supervisor. Brad stated that there were two ways to fund the loan. I either needed a co-signer to do a secured loan or I could do an unsecured loan by putting $200 on an Amazon gift card to show that I was able to pay the $200 monthly. Once I put the money on the card. I was told that Amazon was one of their sponsors. I was then told that once I purchased the Amazon gift cards, I was told to call Brad Allen (ext. 121) back to provide him with the code on the back of the card. I actually ended up buying two $100 Amazon cards and provided Brad Allen (ext. 121) with the code on the back of both cards. I was then told that the money would be transferred into my bank account, which they also have my banking information. I then received another call back stating that because my credit score was low, that I needed to get another $325 in Amazon gift cards and then the money would be deposited into my account. Again, purchasing the gift cards now three different ones $100, $100, and $125 and provided the codes on the back again. I still had not received the loan that I was approved for. I then received another call from Kevin Harrison (ext. 104) stating that my state required for me get a specific type of insurance and I had to provide them with another $400. When I stated that I was not going give them another $400, Kevin Harrison (ext. 104) was adamant that this was the last thing that I needed to do. I again stated that was not going to provide them with any more money. I then asked to speak to Brad Allen (ext. 121) and was told that he was gone. I was then transferred to another lady whose name I don't recall and she stated that I needed to provide them with $400 fo the insurance because it was required by my state (NC). I again stated that I wasn't going to provide them with any more Amazon gift cards and that I wanted to be refunded for the cards. She stated that I would and this still has not occurred. I checked all of the Amazon cards that I purchased and they have been redeemed by the individuals at Valley National Loans.

Clicked on a pop up on my cell phone, they said that i could get a loan up to $5000 but i needed to prove that i could make the payments by buying $100 and a $50 amazon gift vard and they requested a picture of both of the cards and they took the moneh off of both. Read on the bbb website that the valley national load was a scam

- Riverview, FL, USA

I was called by a lady with a Middle east accent. She told me I was approved for $5000 loan. She told me I need to pay the first month of $360 to showbgood faith. She told me to purchase an Amazon card, send a picture of the back of the card and receipt. Then she promised the money would be in my account. On the 1/9/17, the money was not in my account. I called and talk to the Loan officer Kevin Harris. He claimed I need to pay the taxes and the better bureau required the payment before the funds would be released. The funds have not been released and I have lost closed to $2000.00.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

Was contacted by a woman name Sarah@ ext 322 reference ID# XKY2287. I was asked to verify my personal information with a yes then asked me how much I wanted to borrow? I stated that I was looking for a personal loan of 3,000 dollars the woman said okay and then transferred me to Brad Allen@ ext 121. I was told I needed to purchase an ITunes Card in the amount of $160 dollars to show my credit worthiness. I said ok and purchased iTunes Cards and called to give them the information. When I called back Brad Allen said because of my credit history I need to purchase more iTunes cards in the amount of $240 dollars so that the credit bureau can release the funds. I again said ok and went out and purchased more iTunes cards and called them back to give them the numbers. This time I was told I needed to buy iTunes cards for $225 dollars and because, I was desperate I purchased these cards once again and called them back with the numbers. They told me it would take 45 minutes to be deposited into my checking account I trusted it would be and it was a Friday so all weekend I kept calling my bank and there was no funds deposited. I called them early Monday morning and chewed them out I was told because i prolonged the process I was hit with a $400 dollar late fee and they would pay $200 and I need to purchase iTunes cards for $200 and they wouldn't ask me for anymore money. This time I went off and realized I was scammed for my money. They tried to bargain with me by telling me they would send me a free iPhone and what color I wanted they ship it immediately I told them they are nothing but, scammers their accents sound like they were from India and had unreal names. I was transferred around so many times to this person that person. I asked them for their locations they said there is only one Chicago office and the other offices are international. I looked up the Chicago location and it was a residential area. Never again! They had all of my personal information I had to change all of banking information.

I searched online for a loan. I was contacted by phone by a Steven. His phone and contact number was 773-249-0740. He said for the amount I wanted and the time required the monthly payment would be 175.00. He said if I wanted the loan I had to prove I could make the payments by purchasing an Amazon card in the amount of 175.00. I did not do it. He calls me every hour or two to ask me if I have purchased the card yet.

Called said I was approved for a loan. Then asked how much I wanted. Then quoted me an amount, I said what because I was under the weather and the accent of the representative (Anthony) he then reduced the monthly installment. I said okay. He transferred me to another person (Mark Henry) who then went over the same info. Never APR or other important financial information. He the transferred me to (Nancy) who requested I get a Amazon card and I said like Jeff Bezos Amazon which she was clueless about and proceeded to tell me it was to verify credit worthiness and I could then use the card to buy groceries and blah blah blah. I said okay. She said call me back when I got the card and I said okay. I called back (no card because I am not an [censored]) and asked for an email and she that department was closed I said okay talk to you Monday then. On Monday the servers were down and they couldn't send emails, the website they gave me was for another company just red flag after red flag. I asked to speak to someone stateside which was hilarious because my last name is hard for most Americans but if you are faking an accent well you are out of luck. Transferred twice then yelled at me.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

A man named Hector at ext.154 keeps calling me saying I've been approved for a loan of 2-5 thousand and that I can pick my amount but I have to load an Amazon card with my first payment to prove that I can pay it back each month. He is calling my phone constantly.

Received call asking to buy an amazon gift card

They called stating that I could get a thousands dollar loan if I get a amazon gift card the number they are calling from is 7733418015

They informed me that I was approved for a $1500.00 Loan and all I needed to do was go to Walgreens or CVS and get a Amazon Gift Card and put $180.00 on it and call the number above and within the hour the money would be deposited into my account.

Calling to say approved for a loan, needed money put on either 2 Amazon or ITUNES gift cards totaling $180.00, $100 on one card and $80.00 on the other and that I was in the pick to receive an IPhone also. Said once the funds were put on cards and verified money would be put into bank account within 30 minutes. Concerned with the fact that they have obtained personal information. Gentleman's name was Ricky and phone was also answered by a female. sometimes when calling the number back it would go through, other times it would not. When tried blocking number did not go through at all. When I Googled the address showed it was a street with Town Houses. At this point I have not lost any money but this just happened today, Thursday, December 8th, 2016. I am a resident who lives in the state of Iowa

I filled out an online application for a loan. They called me at least 10 times and then told me to get the loan they had to make sure I could afford the monthly payments so to go get an ITunes card with the 1st monthly payment of $130. The loan was suppose to be $1200.00 to be deposited into my bank account. The loan was payments of $130 for 12 months. They knew I was on Social Security & I could get the loan because I had a monthly income. The woman that called was Rose & then the loan supervisor was Ken. They called every 15 minutes & left messages on my voice mail. They said as soon as I could get the card & poride them with it then in 30 minutes they would deposit the money in my bank account. That never happened & when I called back & told them that they lied & took the money from the iTunes card they blocked my calls. I told them I was going to report them.

Representative William Smith states you qualify for a loan. In order to obtain loan you are advised to purchase an Amazon gift card $170.00 first, then call the company back and provide the numbers on the back of the gift card which is supposedly used for security/collateral. Mr. Smith then states you will recieve funds deposited into your bank account within 30mins after providing card information.

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