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US Government Grant imposter

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US Government Grant imposter Reports & Reviews (6)

Victim Location 83336
Type of a scam Government Grant

Received a call from someone stating that I have been selected a government grant for $9,950 grant. I was instructed to go to my local MoneyGram or Wal Mart and get a $250 voucher to ensure that I was in the state I said I was in. I was then instructed to call Jeffery Miles at 209-560-0353 Ext. 1077 once I got to the parking lot. There was no destination listed as to where to send it to, however the person on the phone stated that I would be reimbursed in the amount of $9,950 from the Bank of New York.

Victim Location 23832
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Government Grant

On March 7th, 2017, I received a phone call from A man named Adam Hunter, who had a very heavy Indian accent, whom said he was from the Federal Government Grant Department. He said I was given $9,750 for being a good citizen and haven't been convicted in 2 years and paid all my taxes on time. He said the grant will help to pay for paying bills, going to school, opening a business and help with health reasons. He gave me my grant ID # JN963. He then told me that in order to receive it, I need to go to a local store in order to prove residency and buy 2 cards. One card was for registration and the other card to generate tracking number to get me my MPC (Money Tracking Control) number in order to receive my Grant money. One will hold $5000 and the other will hold $4,790. He said I will be reimbursed the money back. He stayed on the phone while I picked up the cards. He then says he is linked with the Apple Department so the cards have to be ITunes. I had to get it from the Electronic gift card section. He said when I receive the cards to not let them know why I'm getting it because they may think I'm misusing the cards. He said I will stay on the phone and once you get the cards, just say Hi. I received the cards and he told me to go to my car and give him the codes on the back of the cards. I gave him the codes and he put me on hold and told me don't mind my silence. Once he came back, he said Congratulations. I will now connect you with Jack Williamson at 747-666-5158 ext. 786, who is from the Bank Of America Federal Reserve. He will give you your MPC#. He connected me then Jack came on and said "Congratulations, you are receiving a grant in the amount of $9,750 and being that you have confirmed registration, and paid to get your MPC card, you will now receive $9,950. He said that they are located in California which is a tax free state and Virginia is not, that I would need to pay the taxes on the $9,950. He said, They will then provide me my Money Tracking Number in order to get my money from Money Gram or Western Union, whichever I choose. He said, also to receive my money, I would need an I.D. I told him I had my I.D. He said I would need to get 5 more cards in order to cover the taxes so I don't have to pay taxes on my grant money. But don't worry, the money will be reimbursed. He said when I get in the store, to don't tell them the purpose of getting the card. If they do ask, tell them it's for personal reasons. And being that they are linked to the Apple Dept., it has to be an ITunes card. I went in the store and only bought 1 more card, and he stayed on the phone the whole time. Once I said Hi, he came back on the phone and asked for the code. Once I gave him the code, he said hold on and don't mind my silence. That sounded like what the other guy told me..."Don't Mind My Silence". So that made me look up to see if the card was redeemed through ITunes and I saw that it was. I also then looked up ITunes Card Scams and found many. At that point is when I knew I was being scammed. When the guy, Jack Williamson came back, he said "unfortunately we were unable to send the money to the Virginia Western Union because we will need 4 more cards to cover the taxes. I told him that I did not have it and asked if this was a scam. He said, "No we are just trying to get your grant to you. This is not a scam." He said, when you have the money, contact me with this registration code RJ725 and it's between you and I.

This is how the conversation ended.

*I want everyone to know so it can hopefully let people be more aware.

Victim Location 23234
Type of a scam Government Grant

THIS IS SENT FROM A FRIENDS MESSENGER: Wow...that is big happiness,glad to hear from you..I am doing pretty good and extremely happy...I was wondering if you have heard about the New Federal Governments Grant Bonus Program?

Its a Give back money grant offer from the Gradient to help people maintain the standard of living for 2018 both Semi Retire,Retired,old, Young,Disable,Deaf,Hard of Widow,Self-employed, Student,Divorced and Workers....You can also apply too

Victim Location 97754
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was called from one phone number and told to call another phone number in order to receive my $9k government grant. This is the ninth call I have received for the same thing in three weeks.

Victim Location 97527
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was looking online St Goverment grant loans I was then contacted by the first numbering listed . he didbhis paper work fir the grant with a fee of $250 witch I paid in full .after payment was received theybtold me to contact someone at the second number I listed. Which turned out to be a federal resever bank in Califorana saidanae money was ready to be sent . the state of Oregon where I live wants a $850 tax on the money transfer . they will not release the money until this $850 is sent. I am now in the negitive 250 dollers and passably the 850bif I make the wrong descion I would love some Feed back from you guys on weather or not im making the best invesment

Victim Location 83616
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from someone saying they were from the US Government and I was selected to receive a government grant in the amount of $9200. Said I can receive this grant wired into my bank account. Said for information and for the ID# to call 360-216-1584. I did not call this number or gave any of my information.

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