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US Government Grant Department

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US Government Grant Department Reports & Reviews (13)

- Midland, MI, USA

I keep getting calls (several a day now) from random numbers and keep blocking them. They have been local numbers or D.C numbers. If I answer they say they are from the US Government Grant Department and they have a grant for me for $9000. I always tell them that I will report them to the police and they get mad and hang up.

I went to a government website and they asked for money to get the grant going. They give tips on how to get a grant.

They said I was randomly selected for a government grant for $9,000. Asked me to go to a Walmart and call the phone number they gave me. I was asked to call the number and give them a PIN number they gave me. Do not fall for this. They have now called me from different number several times a day everyday. I have asked them repeatedly not to call. They are all foreigners with American names. That don’t match their accents at all.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

I got a phone call telling me that I had been awarded a grant. I needed to go get a prepaid Western Union card in order to get the grant.


- Mission Viejo, CA, USA

Caller offered a one-time grant of $9,700.00 which would never have to be paid back.

- Lawrenceville, GA, USA

they call and ask if they are speaking with me. each time i tell them to remove my name from the list. they will either hang up or one guy got smart with me and asked how can he remove me from the list if i won't talk to him. they call back to back to back...sometimes within minutes of each other from ALL these different numbers. it just began around the 15th...nothing unique happened so i don't know why they are targeting me, but i feel helpless. all i've been able to do is activate the block feature on my phone for all these numbers.

- Marion, NC, USA

A lady named Tracy Davis called me today from 813 268 1400 with a thick accent and told me I am eligible to receive a government grant for $15,000 because the government had done a survey of my area and I was picked because I had never been in trouble, always paid my taxes and had never filed bankruptcy. She said because it is a government grant that it is free and I would never have to pay it back or pay taxes on the money. She told me that she was from the US government. Then she told me to call her supervisor at 315 294 9463 and she gave me a grant confirmation number which was SW1012. She told me that her supervisor will be able to give me more information on the government grant and that the supervisor would process my grant papers. Tracy Davis new my full name, City in which I live and my zip code. She did not ask for any personal info she just told me that she was only calling me to inform me that I was eligible to receive a free government grant for $15,000. Tracy also told me that I was only able to use the money on paying bills and stuff nothing illegal. She told me that I would receive the money in cash through a money order at a local Walmart. So I called the supervisor out of curiosity and the a lady named Kristy answered also with an accent and she got my confirmation number and told me that I needed three things in order to get my grant which was my cell phone because she said I had to remain on the phone with her entire time I was at Walmart. Second thing was my driver's license and lastly I had to have $260 and I told her that I didn't have that much money and she then asked me how much I have and I told her I only had like $20 and she then asked if I could borrow the money from anyone and I told her no. Then I could hear her discussing something with someone else and then she came back to the phone and said that if I could pay $150 that she would cover the rest on my behalf. I told her I would see if I could and she said to call her back when I had the money. It just all seems really odd to me first the grants free then I have to pay $260 and then it drop down to $150. Also Kristy told me that they were in Washington DC and from the u.s. government grant department well I have City ID look up on my phone and I looked up both area codes that I was provided with and the one Tracy called from was from Florida and the one I called and spoke with Kristy on was from New York neither one of them was from Washington DC where they were allegedly at.

I was called by William telling me that I would receive a Government Grant in the amount of 9,000., but before I could get it I was to go to Walmart or Walgreen's and send 220.00 for registration. When I went to Walmart or Walgreen's I was to call them and they would tell me where to send the $ and tell me how I would get my 9,000. grant. I thought this was a scam and called the to confirm my suspicion. It is a scam.

- Bowersville, GA, USA

I have received several calls from someone who said he was with the US Grant Department. His name was James Thomas. He stated that I had been selected to receive a $9000 grant. He said all I needed to do was provide him with $290 either by a debit or credit card and the money would be at the western union in 30 minutes. He wanted me to promise that I wouldn't accept anymore grants. I thought that anyone could say yes and get the money when it wasn't in writing. I decided to contact the to ask before I sent anything.

- Cincinnati, OH, USA

they wanted to give me a government grant for financial aid in the amount of $7,649.26. I was not to use this money for anything illegal. They wanted to get a prepaid debit card or checking account number that they could deposit the you and I would receive the money within 2 to 3 hours. they have called me about 10 times today from a phone number with area code 245.

- Midland, TX, USA

Possible phone scam and was instructed by local police to contact the BBB. Caller claims to be from US Government Grant Department. Offered a $7000 grant WITHOUT collecting any personal information. They ask for a local place where you can do a phone gram (Walmart, Walgreens, etc.). They then give you a confirmation number (mine is 7169741) and a phone number to call when you go so that they can give you the authorization number (202-684-6967). If you ask what department they are with again they give you The number they called from is 716-568-7277.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA


I received many phones calls from these people claiming to be he the US Government Grant Office. They claim I am eligible to receive a $9000 tax free grant to spend anyway I want.

The phone number they are call from is 202-798-7300 today the person was Jack Garner or Gardner They give you a confirmation number to call the Supervisor to confirm. They ask you to choose cash, money gram, Visa, Mastercard or your bank account number. They ask you to then call there Supervisor at 352-364-4675 with your confirmation number. I chose cash (I knew it was a scam) they tell you to go to Walmart to claim your money with a confirmation number, they want you to give them $250 to get the money then they will release the $9000 plus the $250. They know my name, address, date of birth and everything. I don't know how they know that information. I didn't fall for the scam.

I hope you can look into this matter. I'm afraid a lot of people will fall for this scam.

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