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U.S. Government

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U.S. Government Reports & Reviews (33)

Victim Location 71403
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from a private caller. The man proceeded to tell me that I was chosen to receive a federal grant. He gave me a control ID number and a phone number to call to get started. I called the number and gave the control number. They told me that I was qualified to receive a $ 9000 grant. I was to pick it up at Wal-Mart money gram center.I was then given a password. Next I was told that the password was for an account that was not activated. To activate it I was told that I would need to send a$200 money gram to the account. Then I would receive the$9000 grant plus the$200 that I activated the account with. I was supposed to call the man I spoke to when I arrived at Wal-Mart before I went to the money gram desk. Sure sounds like a scam to me.

Victim Location 15068
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call from a lady (she did not speak English very well) who informed me that she was from the U.S. Government & that she was going to be sending me $9,000 grant that would not need to be paid back for being a good citizens, paying my bills on time & no bankruptices. She had me confirm my name & phone # & then she gave me a grant ID # of KL131 & said once we hung up I needed to call this #: 360-347-6425, in order to speak with someone to get this money. I knew it was a scam but I wanted to find out what would happen if I called. When I called, I blocked my # so they couldn't tell who was calling & a man answered & I asked his name, he said Marvin & then I asked what company this was & he said since my # was blocked I would have to call back withouth having my # blocked in order for them to release any information about the company he was working for. I never called back.

Victim Location 73005
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a phone call saying I won a government grant for $9,200 from the U.S. government. I received another call this morning from a different number and area code saying the same thing except that it was for $9,800. I spoke to four different people and they all had thick accents that were difficult to understand. Whenever I kept asking questions about the legitimacy, he just said this is a one-time offer they are doing, and to hang up if I was not interested. They asked I pay $250 to receive the money.

Victim Location 54935
Type of a scam Other

They told me a Fraud case was being filed by U.S. Government. Nothing else known about this call. Did not call them back.

Victim Location 34446
Type of a scam Government Grant

They called me twice saying that I was randomly selected for free money because I was at low income or something like that and you could obviously tell they weren't American cause of there accent it was middle East I think, but they said they were the U.S government and when I ask them to please stop calling me the dude said, "what? You don't want free money from the U.S government?" ?? That's as far into there shpiel they got before I hung up

Victim Location 28054
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told that I have a $9000 grant from the Government. He ( a Foreigner ) said I needed to call a number and give them my Grant ID number ( JP206 ) Which he gave me, and he gave me the number to call. I called the number and the person I talked told me to go to Walmart to collect the $9000 but I had to have $250 to put a track on the money. When I was told that, I told him not to call my number back and hung up. He then called me back and wanted to know why I hung up. I told him that when he ask for money I knew it was a scam, and that his name ( Justin Miller ) didn't fit his accent. He then told me to go F myself. This has happened before and they called me back 4 times to cuse me out, they screamed nasty remarks about doing nasty things to him and myself.

Victim Location 78239
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Robot call. Stating that I am being sued by the U.S. Government for failure to pay a tax bill. And that I need to call them back. I did not fall for it.

Victim Location 70546
Type of a scam Tax Collection

An automated message was left on my voicemail saying they tried seveal times to contact me with no results, so they considered my no response as fraud. So a lawsuit was being filed by the U.S. Government in my name (they didn't know or mention my name). They left a number to call back. I did not call.

Victim Location 77373
Type of a scam Government Grant

My mother received a Facebook Messanger message from what appeared to be her childhood friend. The message went on and on about how she (her friend) just received a $90,000 grant to upgrade her home and help with medical bills, she would never have to pay it back. All she had to do was pay taxes and the delivery fee. The "friend" sent a link to my mom so she too could get $90k. The link was only a facebook messenger address for a person that appeared to be the treasurer of the State of Illinois- Jovita Carranza. A person at that address was asking my mother questions, responding to my mother's questions, and told her "Congratulations you are qualified." When they asked her to verify that she would indeed be able to pay the delivery fee and taxes, she called me to loan her the $1000.00. My mother was so convinced that this was actually her friend that she was first talking with on the computer that she got mad at me when I said its a scam!! I had her phone her friend, who, of course, had no idea what she was talking about!! I am not sure what info my mother gave them, so it may be possible that at a later date, say the time when her SS check should be arriving in her bank, that there may actually be a loss of money.

Victim Location 59801
Type of a scam Government Grant

We received three calls the same day. Each was a recorded message saying we had committed fraud. The end of thee message said we could call their office. No specific office/department/name was ever given.

Victim Location 30428
Type of a scam Government Grant

These foreign people has called from different numbers 5 times today stated my number is selected to receive gov. money.

Victim Location 71485
Type of a scam Government Grant

An Asian sounding woman contacted me to tell me that I had won a government grant. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, I hung up. I continue to be contacted by similar numbers from Seattle, WA. I keep blocking them and go on.

Victim Location 83401
Type of a scam Government Grant

Henry calling from 1-206-201-2781 ext. 511 said I won 10,000 dollars and needed to pay 200 from Western Union to claim it. Told him that didn't make sense and wondered why I'd need to pay that money when they kept saying it was refundable.

Victim Location 83709
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was contacted by a phone that came up on caller ID as 10000000000. It called 3 times today, so I finally answered. Someone in broken English assured me I had been selected randomly to receive a $9000 US Grant. He verified my address. He asked what I would use it for. I said school, because I HAVE filled out FAFSA forms. But his response was, "Is that all? You can use it for home remodel, pay off credit cards, or anything you want." I'm fairly certain the government is not randomly handing out money!

I was given a confirmation code of MN40117, and told to call (202)417-8376 immediately to find out about receiving funds. He also asked if it would be more convenient to receive Western Union funds through Walmart or Walgreens! I said, "Why not a check?" He was irritated by this, and said, "No. Which way would be most convenient for you to receive these monies?"

I did NOT call the number, I did not give my birthdate or SSN.

Victim Location 37167
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I hung up pretty quickly, so I didn't get the whole thing, but they said they were with the U.S. government saying I was approved for a loan or something for $9,000.

Victim Location 35811
Type of a scam Government Grant

Said they were giving a gov't grant for $9000 and asked I call back in 20 minutes. Called back and wanted me to pay $250 to receive said grant. I told them that in 30 years in law no gov't grant program required payment to receive and I would report them as scammers.

Victim Location 49343
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was called by a unknown number. I answered and played along to get information from them. They said they had a grant in my name for $9,000.00. To call 202-643-0732. And speak to a account manager. I called I was toldoing to collect the money I would have to western union them $300.00 that would be reimbursed with my grant check. For security a copy of a photo ID would also be needed. I asked why they wanted me to pay $300. They just hung up on me so I called back and they answered. I told them if they are scam somebody they should at least have conviction and not just hang up so easily. Lol then I hung up.

Victim Location 18704
Type of a scam Government Grant

Nancy from the US Government stating that my name and phone number have been randomly selected for a Federal Grant of $8,950.00. Once I was asked to verify my information I told them to take me off their call list and they hung up. Not even 2 minutes later I was called back by a different number.

Victim Location 78665
Type of a scam Government Grant

Today I was contacted by JoAnna who said I had qualified for grant money from the U.S. Government in the amount of $7,000.00 which I never had to repay. I was given ID number: ZR172 and was told to call 347-748-9082 to have my money released to me at the nearest Walmart.

Victim Location 48021
Type of a scam Government Grant

The man named "Ryan" was calling because I was selected to receive $7,000 from the Governtment due to me paying my taxes on time. He had called me 15 times during the day and I was unable to answer because of work. When I finally answered that everning, that was what he explained. I had already placed my number on the do not call registry so I assumed him to be a scammer; so I hung up. He proceeded to call me right back and left me the most derogatory voicemail I have ever received. He called me every name in the book, he swore at me and continued to call me names. He called me 7 more times before I could finally place a block on his number.

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