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US Federal Grant Department

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US Federal Grant Department Reports & Reviews (58)

Victim Location 82009
Type of a scam Government Grant

US Federal Gov. Grant Dept. wanting to release $1,500

Victim Location 27529
Type of a scam Government Grant

I would receive over 6000.00 in free Federal grant money I do not have to pay back, I would receive through money gram just pay $250.00 for the registration fee and they would provide me with the next step or either walk me through. I received several calls from these people offering different amounts, each rep had a heavy accent, I got fed up with the calls and decided to report them before an elderly person fall for their scam. The call back number was bogus also. I hope this information can help. The number they called from was 611-749-1368 ??

Victim Location 68410
Type of a scam Government Grant

Not 100% sure it's a scam. Offering $9,000 grant but have to pay a $200 security deposit that I "get back with the grant" the money is supposed to come from federal reserve bank of new York

Victim Location 34756
Type of a scam Government Grant

Asked to answer "yes"

Victim Location 90066
Type of a scam Government Grant

Pulled from a demographic list of people to be given $500 in grant money. I immediately knew it was a scam since I work for a non-profit and understand how grants work.

Caller identified as male and possibly and Indian or middle-eastern accent.

Victim Location 38106
Type of a scam Government Grant

Was told I was eligible for 9,200 in grant money. Just had to purchase a apple itunes card and put $250 on it. Then I would get my 9,200 grant money plus my $250 back.

Victim Location 72633
Type of a scam Government Grant

received a call from Randy Thompson said he was with us federal grants Department give me a grant confirmation number NK 406 his phone number is 646-694-9302. I was then transferred over to a Kellie Martin at the same phone number extension 7514. she then transferred me to a Victor Brown said he was with the his direct number he said was 347-491-3899. They said I had a $9,000 Grant that I needed to go get a registration card and register with that card from a Walmart or Walgreens. and then they would send me the $9,000

Victim Location 73075
Type of a scam Government Grant

They claim to be from the U.S. Grant Department, They tell you that you've been selected to receive a grant then try to get you to give them personal info such as S.S. number. your address. When you don't comply with their request the become rude and hateful. I have been called names and been told that they would come to my home and rape me.

They call from multiple numbers and say they are from Washington, Oregon, even Canada.

Victim Location 38066
Type of a scam Government Grant

Consumer was called numerous times about receiving a gov't grant for $9200.00

Victim Location 71082
Type of a scam Government Grant

Said I was being gi e free money n the amount of$9200.00 The code to use was given an instruction Togo to Walmart for pick up.use cellphone to call them once I was at Wal-Mart.

Victim Location 46239
Type of a scam Government Grant

Told me I was selected to receive a 9000 grant. But first I needed to wire them 100 to activate the grant credit card.

Victim Location 26537
Total money lost $750
Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told i was chosen to receive a one time grant from the united states federal grants department for 9'500 and all i had to do was send in time fee i was in a hard time in my life and it was dec/14/2016 befor xmas. i live on ssi and so i borrowd the money from my land lord thinking i could pay him back in a hr and give a nice xmas to my family. it hurt so bad when i relized what they had done to me and my granbabys

Victim Location 67579
Type of a scam Government Grant

Student received a call from someone who said they represented the Federal Bureau Grant Department. They said the student was selected for a $7300 grant that was renewable for 4 years. They promised to send the money by western union as soon as the student gave them a debit or credit card to pay the $200 security deposit. The student received 3 calls from these people. He came to the financial aid office to ask if we thought it was a legitimate grant. The student called the number from the financial aid office and the call was answered and the continued to insist that the grant was valid - they just needed a security deposit. When he told them he was in with his financial aid advisor they hung up.

Contacts that were given were Jake Taylor and David Sherman. David's phone number was given as 202-430-6327 ext 1989.

Victim Location 06905
Type of a scam Government Grant

The individual calls to say that you are entitles for $9,200 under the American Recovery act of 2009.

The name of address and the service sounds legitimate. --200 Independence Ave. South West Washington DC, 20201.

They claim they are from the US Federal Grant Dept, as part of Health and Human Services.

They continue to mention that they are from the American Recovery Reinvestment Act of 2009, under law III section 5.

It is a total FRAUD. Just think about it?

Why would anyone want to give you $9,200 for free?

I confirmed/gave them my email, cell and address. Luckily I realized what was going on and refused to give them my social security # and bank act.

The # is 209-232-4240.

They gave me a code of NN9....

When I later called and told them to the cancel all my info or that I will go the Attorney General, we got into an argument and just hung up.

Victim Location 64055
Type of a scam Government Grant

Recieved a phone call stating that I had qualified for a government grant due to supposed participation in an on-line survey pertaining to a 2007 recession. Was told to call another # to set up receipt of grant but had to pay $200 up front for initial fee. Hung up and did not pay or give out info.

Victim Location 75704
Type of a scam Government Grant

"David Mark" called to say the consumer had received a gov't grant for $8400. ID# ED662 and she was to call the supervisor @202-681-3163. She would get the rest of the info when she called the supervisor. He asked for a bank acct # or CC# and had a foreign accent.

She has a *** cell phone and he picked up her zip code from this.

Victim Location 27549
Total money lost $1,450
Type of a scam Government Grant

Was called and informed that I was receiving a federal grant from the federal government in the amount of $9000. Was told I needed to pay $1450 to process the loan and fees. After they needed $1100 to process transaction and so I could avoid frauding the IRS and going to jail I told them I wanted to cancel and get my $1450 back, which I was promised if I had any more issues getting my money. Wanted to cancel and I had to pay $400 to cancel. Told them I did not have any more money and they kept finding ways to try and help me out. One guy was even nice enough to pay half of the $1100 but he could not pay the $400 cancellation fee. I just wanted my money back.

Victim Location 83605
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received a call from Shaun Wilson Badge #15796 stating that I was approved for a Federal Grant to go back to school.

Amount of the grant $3000.00.

The only reason I knew it was a scam is because he asked me to send him $3.87 and he would have someone deliver the money to my door within 48 hours.

After I quit answering his calls I received a call from a Grant Specialist with asking me to try to qualify for a grant to come back to school.

Victim Location 93726
Type of a scam Government Grant

Different telephone operators with an Indian accent call me everyday from (202) 600-9620. They are saying that I qualify for $9500 just because I am a good USA citizen. They are stating that if I buy a CVS pharmacy gift card of $200 and give them the numbers off the card then they will wire me $9500 of free money. The website they gave me was- When I told them we were speaking on a recorded line they hung up. Of course I did not fall for this but please check it out.

Victim Location 11233
Type of a scam Government Grant

Kevin John called my daughter 16 years old and stated he was giving out grants for $9000. He said he would send me an email pertaining to the grant.

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