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US Fast Cash

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• Mar 21, 2023

Their email was usfastcash 7773.
She represented herself as usfastloans.

• Mar 21, 2023

I thought they seemed too good to be true.
When the woman, Mishan, asked for my personal log in to my online banking I was then leery. I hung up & googled the name that she gave me which was usfastloans & couldn't find them. So I checked the email address she sent to me & it said usfastloans 7773. I googled that & here I am at this scam review with you all.
She called me from 385.500.9696.
She even sent me an email with loan agreement documents. To verify their validity. They almost look like the real thing.
Wording on 1 section also raised a red flag though.
I am not out any money because the loan process was nothing like the others I've been looking into. Too easy peasy for how bad my credit is.
It does worry me though that she has my SS#. I felt bad for profiling her as a scammer because of her strong Indian accent & gave her my SS#.

- Bronx, NY, USA

On 9/4/17, I had applied for a paydayloan of $1,500 through I found on google. The next day I received a e-mail

from [email protected] telling me that my loan application was

accepted and was told to call for a confirmation. Then on 9/7/17, I called the

agency and spoke with Jack Austin who is listed as the senior loan officer

and we both agree that after I receive the loan I have to pay monthly

installments of $100 per-month and I arrange to have the loan go through

my bank account and when it didn't get through Jack then asked for my

credit card information and gave him my credit card information. I called

again to request for that I receive the payment through money-gram and

the man started arguing with me telling me that money-gram is going to

charge me $100, he tells me that I need to purchase iTunes gift card for

$100 and told me that I have an hour. At approximately 3:00pm I went to the

rite aid store to try to purchase 5 iTunes gift cards of $50 each and was

going to purchase it on my credit card only to be told that they only accept

cash while I was on the phone with a Jack. I left the store and called him

again to tell him about the situation and started arguing with me on the

phone. I went to Walgreen's at approximately 5:30pm and purchased 1

iTunes gift card for $100 that was purchased with my credit card and was

approved. I called and spoke to jack again and find myself repeating the

codes on the back of the card several times because of miscommunication

on Jack's part. So Jack asked me to email him a picture of the codes from

the back of the card then asked for my receipt for proof of purchase, a few

minutes later I was then told that I need to purchase 4 more iTunes gift

card using the same credit card that I originally made the first purchase in

order for me to get the money through money-gram. I went to Walgreen's

again to try to purchase $400 worth of iTunes gift cards and was told that I

could only purchase those with cash. So I called the company again to

explain the whole situation and kept demanding that I must buy the gift

cards or I won't get my money and got into an argument with him over the

phone and told Jack that I will report him to the authorities and then he

said that he began to threatening me telling me that he is going to report

me to my local police that I threatened him over the phone which is not true

and he also threatened to sue me, then 10 minutes later he calls me again

and tells me to go to another store to try to buy $400 worth of ITunes for

$100 each and I refused so he began telling me that I was defrauding him

and he also told me that he called the Walgreen's store where I made the

iTunes purchase from earlier and Jack lied and told me that the cashiers

told him that I never made any purchases of gift cards on a credit card so

he beginning threatening me over the phone that he was calling the police,

5 minutes later he calls me again this time on 3-way with a police officer

from the NYPD by the name Officer Blackwell and asked what happened

and I explained to him about the situation and told him that Jack is calling

you with lies about me frauding him so Jack hangs up the phone on me

and calls me again 10 minutes later telling me that he straightening

everything with the cop and told me to go buy another iTunes gift card of

$100 and promise that he will have the money available at money-gram and

promised that he will reimburse me the $100 I spent on the first iTunes

purchase that he claims to have cancelled so I went to the rite-aid store

and bought another iTunes gift card for $100 this time with my own cash. I

called Jack again and this was 9:30PM and he told me to call him again in

the morning claiming that the account service in his office was closed for

the night. At approx. 8:30 on the morning of 9/7/17, Jack calls me and tells

me that he made a $840 payment into my chase credit card account and

I went online to check the transaction and confirmed it to him, then he tells

me that I must buy $800 worth of iTunes gift cards as a form of giving him

the money back in order for me to get that loan. I began arguing with him

on the phone telling him that no store was going to let me make purchase

$800 worth of iTunes gift cards on a credit card. Jack calls me again at

approximately 12:00PM on my cell phone twice then he calls my house

phone and then he texts me telling me that I was not answering his phone

call and he is taking legal action against me so I called him from my cell

phone and told him that I had called chase earlier to cancel the $840

payment you made onto my account and the process will take up to 14

business day and he begin yelling at me over the phone telling me he don't

want to hear it, he not waiting 14 days he either want the money now or he

sending the police after me. I told him I refuse to buy the iTunes cards and

then he threatens to tell me that he is going to sue me, he's going to put a

red flag onto my credit report, he's going to send the cops to my house and

tells me that something is going to happen to my family. five minutes later I

get a call from my local police precinct but refuse to answer the phone. I

called 911 from my cell phone and summoned the police on the street near

my residence to complain about this situation and showed the cops the

text messages Jack had sent me but the cops tells me that I need to

contact the detective squad at my precinct. Jack had called me again twice

within the past 2 hours but I refuse to answer his call.

- Lawrence, MA, USA

I have been receiving phone call from my employer from a US Fast Cash collector claiming that I owed money. He sounds Indian with a strong accent. He claims his name is John White and there is another person that calls me and his name is Shawn Valentine. I work in huge doctor office and he calls ever single phone line there is at my job. He has some type of phone line that he can do auto redial. He claims to collect payment thru iTunes. I fell for his scam because I wanted the calls to stop and he scammed for $700.00. But, a few days ago I receive another call from John White stating that I owe his company more money and the calls started all over again. So, my husband and I gave him a dose of his own medicine and we called him over and over again from 4 different phones lines. He hated it and stated that I am gonna get. He still is calling and still harssing I wish I could find.

- West Lafayette, IN, USA

Said that I was qualified for a loan up to a certain amount which I only needed about 1 of the amount they were offering.

I validated my info over phone was supposed to call me back with in 49 mins never did

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