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This is a total scam business. My bad, I did not read the reviews before signing up. And didn't see the no refund part either. On Nov 2nd 2021, I signed up and was billed $106.87 for permit and $9.00 a month for training. After being unable to contact them because my email address was wrong or my password? I had to go online to find a way to contact them. After talking to them today, I was told because I had access to their training program that there is no refund. They will stop the $9.00 a month training fee. So I am out $ 106.87 cents for an $88.00 course... plus paperwork ? The lady was very rude and useless to talk to.
It is a shame that this company is allowed to con people, when all I wanted to do was be able to protect myself and my family.

Gee, here is the certificate *I* got from them. Do you mean it's not legit? LOL

It’s funny everyone complaining about not getting a refund when it’s a fact that you “SHOULD CHECK TO SEE IF AVAILABLE IN YOUR STATE”. They say that everywhere. To trust a site without knowing where it’s good for and how much you’re paying, you’re IGNORANT! Find another site.

Scammer's phone 1800 7525714
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 118 Robin Hood dr
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

They charged me $127 for a “supposed to be five minute online hand gun carry certificate” and informed me to pay $100 upon appearance to the local government agency for completing the permit process which is turn to be only about $50 and now I requested a total refund for a worthless piece of paper, they refused to refund the whole money which is $127. Now am wondering what should I do please HELP. HELP. HELP

I paid the $100 and have been asking them to refund my money and getting no response. Saretta Rowland
[email protected]


Usually around $100, at least that’s what some people, who have the license to be an instructor, Charge. You’re suppose to check to see if it’s available in your state too. You can’t randomly trust a site and complain about it when you did not do your research.

THEY WILL LIE , LIE , LIE and my wife did not know, they told her we had to purchase 2 certificates cost $69 each to get a permit in Georgia, so we got them , called the county court was told they were not needed to get our permits , and we were to go to their web site fill out form and pay $72 each. WE LOST $138 , AFTER CALLING WE WERE TOLD SORRY NO REFUNDS ALLOWED.


So I think may be the only one on here that so far has had GREAT success with this company. CURRENTLY IN THE USA if u haven't noticed we are in a PANDEMIC. Things like telehealth or taking CLASSED ONLINE combined with live instruction (a HYBRID course) WHICH THIS was combined. AS as in my state Florida you have to not only take The minimal knowledge outlined in those videos and a 10 question test thats what the classroom instruction is..that's IT! Florida requires a 1 hour live fire course with an instructor for an hour to make sure you know how to safely handle a gun, fire, load, unload plus hit close range target..every state has different rules, I saw a comment about someone from Cali who couldn't get there permit...YA, YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE IN CALIFORNIA! I lived there for 17 years, HARDEST STATE to get a concealed permit in. Most SECURITY GUARDS IN CALIFORNIA ARE UNARMED because of this.
So HELLO...This class WAS a HYBRID (combination of online and in person instruction) and taught me the BASIC skills needed to draw my weapon if I was in fear for my life. Welcome to WHY EVERYONE CONPLAINS HOW "EASY" IT IS to get a gun/Concealed ccw. As a PROUD DEMOCRAT and BIDEN SUPPORTER im a legit customer who did it all ala carte...exams, fingerprints, live fire, Walgreens passport photo, downloaded Florida application, instructor physically signed ? the one you print off online and wrote his NRA instructor number, required here. Yes...the PERMIT AND APPLICATION process has state costs and federal government agency fees in it. With USConcealed you paid for THE TRAINING via video/or hybriddependingon laws thatyouneedtotakea minute and call to make sure a US CONCEALED permit is valid or what steps to get there, because it is Perfectly legal in FLORIDA. If you go to school for your law degree, the school doesn't pay for you legal state permit fees to practice law does it? Why would you expect them to pay YOUR State permit fees?! You paid for a class no matter how much you did not learn. Welcome to 2021! Thank you US CONCEALED.


I read some of these comments and I am amazed at what companies will do to take money from the working man. I went to there support page to ask questions about the handgun certificate and your not going to believe this I started a chat with someone from there support team I wrote a question and got nothing what I had wrote just disappeared so I wrote 3 or 4 more questions they all disappeared and then something happened a window opened on the other side of the CHAT ASKING FOR MONEY TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS SEEING I KNEW NOW THIS WHOLE THING IS TO RIP YOU OFF ASKING FOR MONEY TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS FROM THERE SUPPORT TEAM THATS A FIRST FOR ME ... CALL YOUR LOCAL POLICE FORCE FOR QUESTIONS THEN YOU WILL GET THE TRUTH...THIS IS ONLY GOING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND MAKE YOU MAD...CALL THE LOCAL POLICE WITH YOUR QUESTIONS BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE A GUN AND ARE APPROACHED BY A POLICE OFFICER YOU WILL BE KILLED IF YOU DO ANYTHING THIS WEB PAGE IS TELLING YOU...CALL LOCAL POLICE WITH QUESTIONS...I'm OUT


I’m confused, why did mine work and was validated by police here in Maine?

Scammer's phone 310-986-2296
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 297 Kingsbury Grade Ste 1163, Box 4470 Stateline, NV 89449
Scammer's email
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Email

I'm currently handicapped and confined to a wheelchair. I took this class in the hopes that i will be certified for firearms safety. With the corona virus here in California a lot of places are doing online classes, so i decided to take this class with my wife in hopes to be certified for safety so we can carry especially with these times where we have the need to protect ourselves from threat. I am disabled and want to be able to protect myself and my family if need be. So i took this class online with my wife and paid a total of $212.00. I went to the gun store to ask some questions, little did i know that the certificate they gave me was no good in my state. So i called them to see if i can get a refund because the certificate was useless. When i called US Concealed online the person i talked to was kind of rude, told me i couldn't get my money back and i can always try and use it in a different state. I told them it didnt state anywhere on the website that california was not one of the states that doesnt reconize these certificates. I'm not going to move anywhere anytime soon , so thats not going to be any good for me. There was nowhere on that website that gave any information or anything about not being valid in my state. I spent a good amount of hard earned money on this to find out that it was not valid here in California. They scammed me out of $212.00 that i can never get back which took me a while to save up. Im so disappointed. I would like my money back... lesson learned.


When it sounds too good to be true you should Always listen! I unfortunately did not. When I started to explore the information that this company claims I found out that the Virginia State Police are BANNING them from issuing CCH training certs at the first of the year (2021) I also found out my state will NOT honor their training certs as well.
I attempted to get a refund in 15 minutes after I had made this fatal error of judgement only to be told by the rather indignant customer service representative that this is a Non-refundable fee. That alone tells you EVERTYHING you need to know about the legitimacy of this SCAM!
Mark A.
Wichita, Ks


SCAM! Not a legit company.

The email I received was completely deceiving. Refused to give me a refund when I called out their deceptive practices.

Paying for this cert does ZERO in my state -- I still would have to go take and pay for classes. There is nothing this cert does for you so paying for it is a complete waste of money.

These must be the Republican bad guys I hear so much about from the Lefties. Truly bad guys. They know damned well they are selling you snake oil.

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I found a web site, US Concealed ( and filled out a 10 question quiz about firearm safety and applied for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit. Entered name, address, etc, and my credit card information, then deselected additional add-ons. When I was at the end of the entries the web page flashed and a notice popped up that my credit card had been declined. I then went back and removed all my information and left the page. Then immediately my credit union fraud department called informing me that two charges had just been applied to my credit card, did I make these charges. The fraud department asked me if I wanted a new credit card, wait for the charges to be posted and dispute chares or call US Concealed and ask for a refund. US Concealed told me they could not refund charges, I told them I would get a new credit card and complain, then I hung up and called my credit card fraud department back; they told me the charges had just been refunded. I knew right then it was a fraud. When the declined notice came up after I had not submitted the payment request I knew it was a fraud, but it was too late.

Thank for everyone who shared their reviews. For some reason this website popped as add on my facebook account and I took test and passed with 10 out of 10 questions. Then as soon as I got on payment page I thougt of reading some reviews, as it was looked notorious to me as how can someone with no knowledge about gun just get a conceled weapon certification in 10 min.
Getting on this page unbuttoned reality. Great I did not make any payment, and losing hard earned money to these stupid guys running a scam.


What they promised per their ads:
Download Your CC Permit Here. If you act fast you can download the nation’s best Concealed Carry Permit available today.
Get America's #1 Concealed Carry Permit by downloading your certification from this website.
Due to a "legal loophole" you still have time to download your certification and get your concealed carry permit in the fastest, easiest way possible with:
* Without waiting in line, classroom time, or reading books
* Without going to the gun range
* Without firing a gun (or even needing to own a gun)
It's as easy as visiting this site, watching a video and answering a few questions (they're simple).
Downloading this permit online ensures you encounter:
Zero government red tape (and no exposing your private info to the Feds)…
Zero lines, classroom time or books to read…
Zero gun range time (You don’t even need to fire a gun to get this permit).
It’s been named America’s #1 Concealed Carry Permit.
31 states have agreed to accept this permit so far (it’s simply the closest and easiest path to a semi-nationally recognized permit that’s available right now).
This permit isn’t just a basic concealed carry permit either. It’s one of a kind… and is available to you No Matter what state you reside in.
If you ever thought about getting a concealed carry permit here is your chance to carry legally. If you think you know some “gun basics” click here and download the certification today.

What they delivered:
A 30 minute video that was “common sense” and kept on telling you to refer to your owner's manual. After talking a “test”, you got a useless “safety certificate” and directions on what steps to take in order to get a CPL through the State of Virginia. (Not valid in Michigan!)
Not a CCP, Concealed Carry Permit. Not a CPL, Concealed Pistol License.
I called US Concealed Online and was offered a 50% refund. I declined and asked for 100% refund.

I disputed the charge with VISA.
I would join a class action lawsuit against US Concealed Online
I may complain to the BBB and/or the FTC.


total scam, clearly. nothing is clear till you pay and then find out you have been scammed. 2 minutes after paying, I was on the phone trying to get refunded. buyer beware! it's not legal where I live. the BBB has almost a complaint every day on this place. please don't be a victim like most of us


Initial means of contact Not applicable

To me this is a scam by omission, if you knew that you would have to after paying $79 plus for the so called class (which is a joke) to get your permit to carry you then after paying find out you need to download a non resident document which I could not download because I kept getting an error no document sign, fill it out and send it to Virginia with another $100 money order, then a fingerprint card and get a notary to verify and then I find they don't cover Colorado so I have to go get another certificate. I called same hour I was certified and tried to cancel and was told only $10 would be refunded because I passed the 12 question quiz and was certified even though I have no certification to use without spending $100 plus to get certified and all the other things I would have to do to get certified. This is a total scam. Steven B Coy


Took the course, but even though US Online says differently, Colorado does not recognize this training. And I'm still being billed $9.00 per mo.


Scammer's phone 8009905594
Scammer's website
Country United States
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product
Initial means of contact Email

It is a fraud and a scam. Please help me get my money back. I paid $65 for this mess.


Ii am SO glad I decided to search for reviews after I took the test and BEFORE I entered my credit card information! Thank you to everyone who has shared their story, and I am sorry you have been scammed by this company! I hope you get some comfort knowing that you saved at least one person from getting scammed! When I first started the process it told me that I was on my way to "joining thousands of other Michigan residents" who have their concealed carry permit! Of course that was what I was expecting to receive. I saw the price tag at the end, being the "tightwad" that I am I decided I best check for reviews on the site before I went through with the process. Very thankful to all of you who have shared your experiences and I hope you all are successful in obtaining your refunds!


I should have read these comments before. DO NOT USE US Concealed Online to try to obtain your CWP. After I took the test and got my certificate to apply for a Non Resident CWP in VA, I found out that South Carolina does not accept Non resident CWP's. I called for a refund promised in there 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and I was denied. I disputed the charge with AMEX so they won't get paid BUT I should have been more diligent. DON"T be fooled by these scammers!


Same thing happened to me. State of Iowa does not honor this certificate. Usconcealed then told me I could get a state of Iowa one for an additional $34. They were promptly told no and I filed a complaint with the BBB.

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