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US Bank

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Screenshot attached. I received two text messages from the number above simultaneously. They were identical texts and read as follows:

U.S Bank Fraud Dept:Did you attempt $2500.00(Pending) at Bank of America Zelle QuickPay -Reply YES/NO/HELP. Don’t want fraud txts? Reply REMOVE

I replied via text to that number with the word NO.

Minutes later, I received a phone call from a number that read US BANK on my caller ID. The man confirmed that 2 pending Zelle transactions had just been done online. He told me that my username and password must have been hacked and that I needed to do two things:

1: log into my US Bank online account and cancel the 2 pending Zelle transactions.

2: change my username and password on my accounts.

I told the caller that I was driving and unavailable to do it. I asked why he couldn’t do it for me. He offered to text a click so I could access my account. I told him that I would call the bank when I arrived home. He offered to call me back in 20 minutes. We hung up.

I was already suspicious for multiple reasons. US Bank has two-factor verification as well as multiple alerts for new device log ons as well as notifications any time personal or online information is updated. I get these alerts via text and email but had not received anything regarding any activity.

I called US Bank. They confirmed it was not them who phoned, absolutely nothing was wrong or suspicious on the account, the account had not be accessed outside of my known activity and there were no Zelle transactions. US Bank did change my username and password out of an abundance of caution.

A number displaying as US Bank on my caller Id tried calling me multiple times while I was on the phone with the real US Bank. I received all the expected notifications and alerts when the real bank updated my personal information.

Because I refused the scammers’ offer to text me a link and did not continue to engage with him, I do not know what he would have requested I do after completing his first two tasks. I am going to select “yes” in the box below asking if the scammer attempted to take money because the context of the scam is financial.

US Bank emailed me a promotion for Skypass Visa credit card and said cardmembers get 2x miles on Korean Air ticket purchases. I activated it and tried to purchase a Korean Air flight ticket using this card. However, it kept getting declined and I called the bank to ask why. The bank said they do not know why Korean Air purchases are declined while all other purchases are going through. I contacted Korean Air and they said it's the bank's problem.

Since the reason for opening up this card was to collect Korean Air mileage, I requested to cancel the card and asked for a refund of $95 annual membership fee that I was charged a week after opening my card. The bank said they will not give a refund. Be aware of this bank and this credit card because it doesn't allow you to take advantage of the cardmember benefits and they just take away your membership fee.

Received call from number attempting to be US Bank. Gave me a reference number: 2749202311. I requested they provide me w/additional info, i.e. a conversation I previously had w/the bank but they were unable to do so. I called US Bank who confirmed my intuition. This is a scam!

They said that in order to receive 7500 dollar loan that I'd have to purchase an insurance plan of 300 dollars the insurance supposedly covers any missed payments but they ask you to pay for the insurance buy purchasing a usbank gift card or vanilla visa gift card for 300$ to complete the transaction!!! Leaving no resolve if anything were to happen you can't return money to a gift card once spent and who to say they'll give you the loan loan officer would not provide email or physical address when asked and never provided any type of website.

- Owingsville, KY, USA

Will not stop calling me

This company claiming to be Us Bank called me offering me a loan for $5000.00. They asked me to pay for insurance, then closing cost, then taxes from the IRS. In total I was out $1300.00 dollars and still no loan. They have you go get a visa vanilla one debit card to pay for the payments made. When I tried to make the last payment ( the taxes to IRS),the server went down and they could not process the payment and wanted me to go get another different card for the same amount of the one I had already purchased. At that point I finally got wise.

The company sent an email stating that a loan was available for $5000 if I filled out the application online. I completed it and then it said I would need to purchase a prepaid card and send $300 and the funds would be deposited in my account within 24hrs. I was told to send a picture of card and receipt to phone number 612-979-3888. I received a call afterwards saying it was my loan officer Richard Williams with US Bank. He said I would need to send another $200 card in order to get the loan processed that I was approved for. So I sent another receipt with card. I received another phone call from Richard who stated the bank still required more money in order to activate the loan. I told Richard I had only $100 more dollars and could not send any more. He said the bank agreed to that amount. So I purchased another $100 card and text the card and receipt to the same number. Richard called again and said I would need to set up a bank account so they could deposit the $5000 in my account. I advised him I had an account with Rush and the funds could be deposited there. He said no I would need to set up a bank account and the funds would be available within 24hrs. I said no, something was not right. I said I will not take the loan out if I can not get the funds deposited to my account and that I would like a full refund. From that moment on, I was hung up on repeatedly every time I called back. Until finally when calling the number it said the number was no longer in service. When I called Vanilla customer service (the prepaid cards I purchased) they stated the money was taken off from merchant DropAir or AirDrop and the number attached was 800-516-2936. This number was an automated message saying to state my name for google voice match but then ending the call. I tried that number continuously throughout the day until it finally just start giving a busy signal.

- Elsberry, MO, USA

text from 1410200501 saying us bank locked call 314 260 7530

Then they want you to enter your card info in,

- Cascade, CO, USA

I received a US Bank Reliacard which is supposed to go to anyone who has filed for unemployment. This is the 2nd time I've received this though the last time it was to an unknown name but my address. Obviously I've shredded all the information from both, including the cards. And since it has happened 2x I decided to report it. It says it is generated by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Do they just have crappy record-keeping or is this a real scam? I don't know but won't take any chances!

Scammers pretending to be US Bank, threatened to have me served, and to repo my car. I have never had a loan with US Bank, or any bank for that matter.

I received a Visa debit card from US bank in the mail. I did not request one, nor do I have an account with this bank. When I tried to call the number I could not talk to a person--I kept being prompted to enter the card number, then my SS # (which I did not enter) or to give them my phone number and birth date (which I also did not do).

I called another number listed at the bottom for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and was told this was unemployment fraud and to report it to Indiana Unemployment, but was unable to do so.

I received a US Bank Relia card that I didn’t ask for. I did some research and found out that people are filing unemployment fraudulently and the reliacard is coming to the actual victims house.

Been working on my credit excited to be getting my first loan after my separation. So I could purchase a RV to live in. But after 2400.00 approximately, I discovered I was being scammed. They even threatened me saying they were going to be sending the FBI TO ARRESTED ME FOR NOT GOING THROUGH WITH THE LOAN...

- Mount Olive, IL, USA

Claimed to be US Bank in Collinsville, Il. Wanted me to return call. They even had the wrong area code, last time they called told me my car was impouned because it was contaminated.

Received a text from "US Bank" saying my account was locked and to call that number. I do not have an account there.

- Northwood, OH, USA

Offers a $5000 loan if i call them back at # i listed. Initial call is automated with no option to opt out. 10 calls today.

- Portland, OR, USA

[message sent exactly as below; note that this is not my bank]


SUBJ:USBANK Call (866) 316-9029

MSG:For security reasons,

please call us! Reference :



- Warrensburg, MO, USA

Text included

“Notice from: U.S.BANK Status: temporarily disabled account; follow >> to resolve the issue.“

Info leaked possibly stolen

- Chillicothe, OH, USA

I was looking for a loan online. US Bank called me and said I was approved for a $5000 loan. He had an accent. He wants me to pay $200 with a Google Play Card. He said to buy it from Walmart. I filled out a loan application with my bank account information, social security number and driver's license number.

Upon receiving the phone call, you will hear an automatic message about being eligible for a loan of up to $7000. I've asked numerous times to be removed from whatever call list they may have me on, and every time I've called back, I've been put in touch with multiple different people as soon as the call goes through, all of whom immediately hang up on me as I start to speak. They must have realized I blocked the first number they were calling me from, which they were doing about every 10 minutes some days, and started calling from a new number, only one up from the previous.

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