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Matching with someone and they give you there number saying text me, after texting them they seem normal but then send pictures of the with no clothes on, after that they wait a little bit and you get either a text, phone call or both saying it’s her dad and his daughter sent you an appropriate photos and wants to press charges and tells you to call him back. If you do call back he seems like he’s on your side and wants to resolve the problem but his “wife” wants to press charges he says he needs money for the damages his daughter did to her phone/tablet and he will talk his wife into not wanting to go any further. If you do pay he will keep asking for more and if you say you’re not paying he will call you off another number saying it’s his “lawyer “ but it’s his phone in the voicemail. He might even be able to get you full name and family members name. It’s scary but it’s a scam. If an underaged girl is on this app and does send you pictures she’s in the wrong because she agreed she was over 18 signing up for the app and she sent the pictures without you asking.


I just had similar instances the past two weeks. Engineer name of David Bright says was a widower raising a young son, was in the UK on a contract and would be back in the states in 2 weeks. Offered to activate his FB page to video call because I was so skeptical. He did and videod for about 30 seconds and it cut off, he said it was the reception. I saw his face and eyes and felt assured it was the guy on the profile ( now I wonder how he did that and if I was talking to a picture or video or something) Said came from Guyana to Baltimore with his parents when he was 13. Late wife passed giving birth to his 2nd child. He tried love again and found his girlfriend cheated with his best friend. Had not been in a relationship in a while because of it and decided to give another try at love because his son needs a mom. We connected for a while and on the day he was supposed be done with his contract and come to visit he lost his wallet and his son went into the hospital for his asthma. Since he lost his wallet he had to lock down his cards and can’t unlock them until he gets back to the states. He had me call his account to ensure his money was safe. We talked through telegram (that was connected to a google number) since he was overseas in the UK for the contract and reception wasn’t the best. He called yesterday saying he just needs for him and his son to get back to the states…. Red flag he needed flights! Then I went back on the app and a guy liked my profile that had exact wording of a conversation me and this guy had… the wording was verbatim and it was different pictures and a different age… super red flag! I deleted telegram and started doing research of this app and scams and found this almost exact scenario. It’s horrible this is happening on a Christian based dating site! This guy was very romantic as well with his words and scenarios!
Engineer, Widower working overseas on contract, romantic guy, telegram app… BEWARE!!!
Engineer, Widower working overseas on contract, romantic guy, telegram app… BEWARE!!!


Fake faith statement and profiles, and fake age. Asked you for phone number and then texted you picture without clothes on. Afterwards, a person with claimed to be “her dad” called you and accused you for texting an underage. Be aware with these like “boyfriend cheated on me, babysit, and at cousin home”. Almost same story line everytime.


For some closure on your scam affiliation, on iPhone, you can use ScamShield and tap the uppermost right icon which looks like 3 dots. Tap “reverse number lookup” and the software will tell you that the number is in a location likely away from you. Maybe another state. It may even be associated with the same state as the first number as the first number you may have blocked.

Most of all, the Carrier is TextNow, the free messaging software which allows you to generate as many fake numbers within any area.

Happened to me too. If you don’t respond right away, they keep pressing.

1) First it’s “I don’t feel like living anymore”.

2) If you don’t respond to that hours later it’s “I’m her dad, I’m pressing charges call me now.”

3) If not to that then it’s “Hey it’s investigator Morgan, I tried calling you (they didn’t it call through that number, it if they called, they gave away they were a scam because it was through the last fake number lol) there is a court hearing because you’re in contact with a minor.

Even if you did respond they ignore your framework like bot (although they are real people using TextNow) to generate a fake number in your local area, that’s why they have a story that their nanny died and they just moved by you.

Wait the one with under age.. does that happen a lot? They got money out of me and I have been living in fear of it being real..

UPUpward dating app, the Cyber Actor "John Michael Bradley" aka the real photos belong to "Cameron Byrnes" a fitness coach. Connected with me on Upward and immediate signs should have been, I'm leaving for Lagos Africa to work and won't be back for 5 weeks. Gave me his phone number and we chatted for four weeks. Took me exactly four weeks to track his real identify. The turning point was when he used a poem, title strangers, commonly used by romance scam artists. The words were not exact on all of it but enough that I questioned the validity of it all. Tracked down the poem and verified he was using someone else's words. Uses this phone number 332-333-1622 which when searched the real name comes up as James Hohl. He claimed to be a Private Business Contractor, engineer working on a hospital in Lagos Nigeria. Claimed his paretns died in car crash when he was little, was raised by his uncle. Girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend, and has been purposely single for the last two years. Claimed he went to Harvard, worked in London for a stint.

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