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• Feb 15, 2023

The link in the message had a link to click so that my package could be redelivered. The site looked like a legitimate UPS site. It asked for my zip code. Then it wanted my name, address, birthdate, telephone number and email address. I was not suspicious until the UPS site said that there would be a $1.75 redelivery fee to redeliver my package that didn't have a zip code. So, when it asked for my credit card information, it became suspicious. I did not enter any credit card information, but I did enter my personal information before it asked for credit card information.

We received a letter from UPS claiming to have delivered a parcel, but they never received a payment for the vendor. We were asked to send a payment to their COD site within 10 days. We figured it might have been lost by our UPS carrier, and didn't question it. When our UPS carrier came back the following week, he was surprised to find out we had received such a letter. Now we think we might have been scammed.

Received a message stating that we need to get your details as we only have your name, phone number and email address the rest of the label is not readable. I will redirect you a form where you can fill in your delivery details as the details of the sender are not readable, we have to charge you for the manual handling of the package, as we cannot bill it back to the unknown sender.  The insurance and transport costs have already been paid. There is only a small amount under $1 to $5 left to be paid by you for the storage until final delivery

Simply put, I received a text message stating the following "Our driver couldn't distribute your parcel today. Answer ok for information. Stop to End."

I replied what parcel & I was not expecting any package today. To which they replied back with a link which I opened & at the top was the UPS logo. So it looked official to me.

Then there was a generic picture of the supposed package in question. I couldn't make out the item, so I read further. It continued by explaining my package was partially damaged & neither the label of the sender was readable nor of the recipient which aroused my suspicions but I kept on reading & when I got down to the area where I would have to pay money to get this package, I stopped right there.

Most likely they were going to require, at the very least, my Credit Card number. But I didn't go any further to find out that information.

Still upset about a possible package for me not being delivered, I called the local UPS office myself & as I suspected, the woman confirmed for me that this was indeed a scam & that UPS would never contact customers in this manner under such circumstances.

I received a text saying my parcel was being held and to click to reschedule a delivery date. The site looks just like UPS at first glimpse so I thought it was legit until it asked me for a credit card for a delivery fee. Then I knew this has to be a scam. I did type my address and name in before hand and really wish I didn't now. But I halted at the credit card info. So don't click on this, It looks legit at first glance

I received a text from what appeared to be UPS about a missed delivery on Mothers Day because no one was home to sign for the parcel. When I clicked on the information link I was taken to a site entitled "". This site had a form to fill out giving personal info including birthdate . It also stated that the package was being held at a warehouse where I could pick it up. (There was no UPS facility at that business park.) But I could request redelivery. There was a small charge for holding the package, $1.20. This would require my supplying my credit card number.

I contacted UPS customer service who confirmed that the tracking number was not valid. Thankfully I did not supply any info to the scammers.

I got a message saying there was an incomplete address,and a web site to send address and "payment" The site look legit and I thought someone was sending me something so I sent the info. Later I thought something was wrong so I cancelled my credit card.

Received a text with the following information:

#INFO UPS - Your package could not be delivered. Visit the secured link for more info: https://[email protected]/32xjcit

When I clicked on the link, I saw dates and status of a delivery.

They said they tried to deliver my package, and that it was available for pick up, but that I could reschedule another delivery time if I paid $2 using my credit card.

I inserted my credit card information. But then my phone will try to process but it looked like it did not go through. Then I realized something was wrong, and checked the tracking number, and realized that it did not belong to any of the two packages I was waiting on. Then I got concerned.

They sent multiple tracking numbers called ups said it was a scam.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

3 Phishing emails claiming UPS My Choice (which they refer to as My UPS) account is about to expire.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I am reporting a call I received on my cell phone. I did not answer the call. My caller ID showed unknown private caller. The caller left a message. This is Barbara from UPS. Call them back at 617-706-5949. She did not say what it was regarding. I did not call the phone number back. I located another phone number for UPS. I called that number. They said we cannot say is that is one of their numbers. This is unusual for a call to be private from UPS. I wanted to warn others.

- Orlando, FL, USA

Just a text received when I’m not expecting any packages

I got an text message to track a ups package I had never ordered with a link to track said order , I do not know what would have happened if I clicked on said link but I suspect it contained malware or phishing

- Abilene, TX, USA

Received a call supposedly from a UPS driver who said he was trying to deliver a package to me and the PO Box# had been speared. I didn't think about UPS not delivering to PO Boxes. He called back and said he needed to verify my Credit Card # and the Billing Address I use for it. I asked how he got that info and he said his supervisor called the business sending the bill. I told him I wanted his supervisor's contact info, because I knew businesses wouldn't do that.

I then called and cancelled my Credit Card.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

I was contacted to answer 5 questions about recent ups delivery. I answered the questions and received a reward message for my participation of an I Pad. I had to pay $19.63 for shipping and handling. After I added my correct debit card information I got a message that my card was not accepted and was incorrect. I was confused that I was not receiving the computer after I entered the number again. Then the company said the I timed out my information. My bank called and asked about the transaction and I told the bank the same information. The bank said it was probably a scam.

Sending me texts like:

Reg, urgent notification about your USPS delivery 5F73D5 from 05/18/2020. Click:


OMG Regis: You have nearly confirmed the one-hundred Google Play Certificate! To complete, text yes! It just takes a few min! Stop by sending No - Kelly w. DealsToday

You recently did our survey and can now get a Free reward;

This call was received at 12:28 pm PST (perhaps when regular staff are most likely away from workstation for lunch and perhaps someone filling in to answer the telephone may unknowingly provide information requested).


“This is an important message from UPS. If this is the Accounts Payable Department, please press “1”.

If this is not the Accounts Payable Department, please transfer this call to Accounts Payable.

If no response is received, this message will repeat”.

After no response to the call, the message repeated as indicated.

I terminated the call, based on the fact that it was a recording and most likely a scam.

- Columbus, OH, USA

A scam from Chinese. He told you that you sent a package to China mainland which contains credit cards that are not declared. Customs wants you. He told you to make self report to the police by a "ridiculous" through connection. I think it is funny that why a so-called UPS company will have the phone to a random police station in China mainland so I directly hanged it up. After that, I tried to recall the phone but it told me it's an empty number, 614-247-2914.

- Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Said he was from UPS trying to deliver an unclaimed package from PCH. I asked what I won and he said a 5.1 million dollar check and a Mercedes Benz. I then asked him “who am I, and what’s my address”. He asked why I was asking, I responded because I want to make sure this isn’t a scam. He spouted back with several questions why I would even ask. I explained, if I won a prize, UPS should have my name and address. I told him I would be reporting this number as a scam then he hung up on me.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

Man named David Myers called numerous times informing me that I had won $255,000 and needed to go to Walmart to pay taxes on the award before it could be processed.

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