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Unimax Precision

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Unimax Precision Reports & Reviews (18)

- Liberty, TX, USA

This company said they called and got approval for a purchase of toner for a copy machine, say the package was delivered even though we do not have the package, and now has sent a invoice for the toner. The price for the toner through other vendors is anywhere from $59.99 - $199.99, they are claiming the charge is $659.98. This company is completely scamming people

- Batavia, IL, USA

Received a phone call asking about our copy machine. They asked for the model number on our copier. They said they are sending toner and asked if our address was correct. They sent toner, charged me $716.46. The toner came and I sent it back. Then I received another invoice for two more toners at $884.79, but did not receive those toners. Tried to speak to someone at this company and only got voicemail. I stated I didn't want these toners in a voice mail.

They are calling and getting the model of the printer/copy and a name of an employee that works at the organization. They are then sending toner even though it was not technically ordered and charging $700 for something that is normally $40-50.

I called and spoke with a man who said his name was Rick about the "invoice". He was extremely rude and very aggressive on the phone, over responding in a way I feel a legitimate business would not.

This is definitely a scam company. They sent us a toner we did not order. i told the fiscal to not pay the invoice when it arrives. The company does not have a website. I haven't seen the amount on the invoice but it looks like from what i see from other complaints it will be around $700.

- Denver, CO, USA

They shipped us product that we did not order via a scam phone call received by the receptionist. before the date of 11/09/2020 Unimax Precision called our facility and represented themselves as the copier company we use. They sent us an ink that we do not have a copy machine for. In January, I came back from FMLA and my office assistant told me about the ink and the invoice she received. I called to get the correct inks as we still did not recognize this as a scam and gave them the model number of our copier. They then sent the cartridges that we did use, but we received a bill for over 2500 dollars I became even more suspicious. I called my Ricoh rep and the told me that we do not use this company. I called them and left a message stating I needed to pay an invoice. They called me right back and I told them that I did not order these inks initially and that I thought we were speaking to our organizations supplier. She informed me that she was going to send a mailing label and that my invoice would then be voided.

- Xenia, OH, USA

I received a phone call from the company saying they were my companies copier provider. They had me check our copier number to verify that they had the correct number. They stated that they wanted to send my one toner to keep us at the same $49 rate for the next year. Several days later I received another call from a gentleman saying he was with delivery and checking our address for delivery. Once I received the toner it was not from our provider and I put it straight back in the box to have returned to sender. When I did receive the invoice the price they charged me for the toner was $663.29. I was also charged $57.77 for shipping. None of the companies phone numbers work.

We received a strange package from a business marked "Unimax Precision". It was toner for a printer we do not have. Then began the calls. They called and emailed us requesting money for the toner non-stop. They sent an invoice for almost $3k for the toner too.

- Brea, CA, USA

Unimax Precision contacted our business and claimed to have an order from us, asking us to verify or printer ID and shipping address. No such order had been placed, but unfortunately because it was my first week at this job I was unaware. It was a cheap and sneaky tactic, and we were shipped toner we did not need and sent an invoice for $750. Luckily no payment information was given, so we did not get charged, but it has been an aggravating progress to send this back to Unimax Precision.

So our company was recently contacted by Unimax Precision. They start by asking if you have Canon printers. Then after you say yes they start saying they are sorry for the delay in your toner order. They told us they where the toner supplier for Canon. Then they started sending us toner that we did not order. They were sending it over, and over again trying to get money out of us. If we need toner for our copiers we call Canon personally and order it. So I decided to Google this company and it was all over the internet that they are scammers. I tried to call the company number, but of course no one answered. I want to report them so no one else ever agrees to pay this company any money for something they did not order.

Our agency has been receiving invoices for a copier toner delivery from Bay Imaging. After many calls and emails with Bay Imaging they agreed the invoicing was in error for our company. They have complaints against their company too. As soon as that was "resolved" Unimax Precision started with the same billing issues. They said they received the order for copier toner via a phone order. We do not use this company for copier toner, it's provided by our leasing company. I've requested that Unimax provide a signed contract, a written order for the supplies and the W9 form we use to set up approved vendors. They provided me with a W9 from 2016 (this is April 2020).

This is a scam company.

- Boston, MA, USA

We believe that we received a call from this company a few weeks prior to receiving the invoice. However, on Friday, February 7, we received an invoice for toners that we didn't order. The invoice even states the name of our office manager as the person who placed the order. Our accounting director immediately recognized the scam as Unimax Precision is not our copy toner provider.

The person ask for our address, the employee was told that we were a client with them. Wanted to send a catalog with new prices. She told the person she could not approve the toner to be sent. She was told only a catalog would be sent. They did not send a catalog just the tone for our copier for $715.63. We have a contract with a company that sold us the copier and they provide tone. We both have tried to reach Unimax Precision but can only leave messages. If they ever call us back will return the toner and the bill.

- Palmdale, CA, USA

We received several phone calls from this company. The first call we questioned who they were and they hung up. The next time they called they spoke to our Receptionist and wanted to talk to our Purchaser. She told them that they were gone and they asked about our copier. They told her that they only had one toner left. We ordered nothing. Then we receive a box from Unimax Precision and in the box is a toner. A few days later a toner showed up. I tried to call them back and they do not answer. We returned toh toner they sent us.

- Vallejo, CA, USA

I received a Call from a guy named Chris Williams saying he's from the accounting department at Unimaxprecison.. stating our company has a invoice that is passed due and needs to be paid as I am accounts payable I advised him to send the invoice to me. I received the invoice and upon further inspection I realized we were being charged for a toner in a ridiculously high amount and we get our toners from a vendor that we are in a contract with. this person also has UPS tracking numbers stating that the shipment has been delivered and the tracking number traced back to a place called toner spot in Chatsworth California whom confirmed that a placed called unimax sent the toner Hmmmm.. so at this point this is beyond crazy because on the invoice it states I myself ordered the toner so I then hang up the phone after calling toner spot and contact our copying company and ask them where do they order their toner from and they informed me it comes from them directly... This company is a complete scam and this guy Chris pushes a hard line on a fake invoice trying to get paid. there is no inventory on the website what so ever. DO NOT BE FOOLED AND PAY THESE PEOPLE!

"Chris Williams" calls and gets name of employee's then submits an order and invoice stating person made the order for Canon Toners that cost no more than $75.00 but Invoiced amount was $741.17. When we called to dispute the order and invoice, he then uses vulgar language. When I called back to file a complaint the woman that answered was equally rude and said she refused to believe that he would use such language and said " Well the person on the phone was probably acting like what he called her", then hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor. Be aware of this scam!!

Received an Invoice for a Konica Minolta Biz 501 toner. We did not order this toner or have we ever worked with this company. The total price with shipping was $716.15 which they are normally about $65.00

They are calling and getting the model of the printer/copy and a name of an employee that works at the organization. They are then sending toner even though it was not technically ordered and charging $700 for something that is normally $40-50.

I called and spoke with a man who said his name was Chris Williams about the "invoice". He was extremely rude and very aggressive on the phone, over responding in a way I feel a legitimate business would not.

They are calling schools in Wisconsin saying they have toner at discounted rates. They ask for a make and model of a printer you have in your school so they can send you a price quote, but instead, they send you a toner cartridge and a bill that is about 8X the normal cost of the toner plus $60 for shipping.

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