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Tru Belleza

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This was framed as a free gift for filling out a survey. I can't remember who I filled the survey out for but it seemed official. The page offered skin cream and the only cost as the shipping of 4.95. I then received my skin cream and 14 days later was charged $120. 10 days later I was sent another tube for the same price and then a different kind of tube was sent for $150. No where on the website does it state that by agreeing to this "free gift" you are accepting hidden terms...namely that you have 14 days to cancel or be charged the full price and that you will continue to receive the product every month. I had to cancel my credit card and then demanded my money back for the returned tubes. They did comply but not completely until I had sent a tracking number for the tubes. That's 2 different tracking numbers at $15.00/tube. They did comply but refused to reimburse the original charges. Plus the cream is a hoax as well. It feels like glue on your skin. Is there any way to shut them down?

the scam consists of telling you you've won a free trial size product....and before you even receive the product they charge your card for the full amount of the full size product, and continue charging your card, because you have, unbeknown to you --you have enrolled in a monthly subscription of their product. I was charged over $500 in a three week period--and had only ever received was a free sample....or what i thought was free---i went back to look at the ad to see where they say this is a subscription service etc...but could not find any fine print, it must be there--but definitely hidden.

I ordered a sample of the Tru Bellza Wrinkle cream which I understood was a $4.95 charge for the shipping and the product was free. I didn't see anything that stated that I would be enrolled to receive this product monthly and be charged $150 a month for a tube of cream smaller then a travel toothpaste. I called the company to tell them I would like to return the 2 months of unopened products for a refund and they told me they could only reimburse me for $50 US now and then $69 US after I call them back with a tracking number and they receive the product. I am completely unsatisfied with this and asked to speak to a manager at which time they told me there are no managers to speak with. I have now spent $450 CAD up to date, unknowingly and there is no resolution. This company is a complete scam. There was no return information with the packages I received and no return address. How do you return something within their 10 days if you don't even have the information to do so. I was also never provided any kind of receipt or invoice. This company needs to be shut down ASAP.

When you sign up for a free trial of their product, they will ask for your credit card number for shipping. They will start sending you monthly products in the amount of $214.58 American dollars which you did not ask for and can't seem to cancel or get a refund. They say you agreed to them sending these products, but I did not sign up for this. I tried to put a stop payment on my Visa. VIsa said I had to sort it out with the company. They would not refund my money. I have had to cancel my credit card.

Company charges your credit card for ONE agreed to online purchase, and then charges again multiple times with no notification, agreement or authorization. Refuses to reverse the charges.

On May 5, 2016, I saw an advertisement online about beauty product called 'Tru Belleza Instalift Rapid Wrinkle Control'. It said the product is free but 5$ for shipping fee. I ordered a free trial bottle, and paid the shipping fee on my ***.

Then some ads were popping up attempting to charge me money. So I realized that it was not an honest company's site, so I cleared the monthly subscription which was already ticked off, and clicked the decline buttons of other offers.

Through no caller ID, I immediately got a call from a lady (with Asian Accent) claiming she was from that company. She asked me why I declined the offers, and asked me for the three-digit security code on my ***.

I told her that I declined because I didn't trust the site, the company, and the deal. I also told her that she didn't have the right to ask me for my security code. She persuaded me for about 5 minutes but I said no to everything she said, and I said goodbye and hung up.

Shockingly, I found that $138.11 from my *** was charged by this company on 5/22/2016 without my prior consent, authorization, and no official invoice from them. So I made a phone call through 905 581 5576, and a man (speaking in British Accent but not native) answered my phone. He said he was going to ask his boss, and asked me to stay on the line till he comes back. I waited him for a long time on the line, but he didn't show up. So I called the same number again, the phone was picked up but no body talked at all.

I am very sure that someone of them must have ticked off the monthly subscription that I cleared. I want them to refund the amount charged to my credit card.

This is one of their sites:

The company advertised their products with a "free sample" option to try their product. The samples were offered for only $4.99 for shipping and handling cost per sample. On the web page, there's no contract or explanation that if you don't like the product then you have to return within 14 days; otherwise the company will automatically ship the products to you monthly for $99.95 or $89.95 per item. In fact, this is what they did. When we called and complained, then they said this is their policy and that what we signed up for.

Many people have been tricked to do this, thinking we only ordered the sample products for $4.99 and had no obligation to buy their products. I didn't realized this until checking my credit card statements and found out these unauthorized transactions.

This practice must be stopped, to protect the naiive consumers like myself. I would like to report the scam, so that some thing to be done to prevent them from their fraudulent business.

I purchased 2 of the trial items on line and called immediately to cancel when I realized that it was a scam. I have tried to contact the email address with no success. I called the phone numbers above but was put on hold many times. One person told me they would refund $50.00 US while another told me to return the products. The people involved in selling this product should be investigated for misleading and incorrect information. I did not give permission for them to bill my visa for $284.02.

On May 4, 2016 I was on Christie Brinkley link from an online article so I thought I was ordering a "free sample" of a skin care product. After I used my credit card to pay for initial shipping & handling or "Free sample", there was another skin care product for a "free sample" which I proceeded to order. But after I clicked it, the button changed to something else, like I agreed to order some kind of subscription. I checked my email, and I got 2 email confirmations for 2 "free shipping" orders for $4.95 & $3.95.

Yesterday, May 16, 2016 I was going over my credit card bill and noticed the charges $5.20, $223.49, $6.52 from 3 different Transaction Descriptions. I went to my email confirmation and noticed the name was not Christie Brinkley, but I called their number to try to cancel but the options were automated and for me to cancel wanted me to pay more and they automated response knew my name so i knew they would know my credit card information.

I have not received anything in terms of product since.

I emailed them, and the response was the following:

Hi Janet,

Thank you for contacting us.

The products that you ordered are part of the Tru Belleza Skin Care Products monthly subscription program. You received a 30 day supply of our Tru Belleza Anti-Wrinkle Cream under the 14 day trial offer for $4.95 USD and Tru Belleza Eye Serum under the 16 day trial offer for $4.95 USD for shipping and handling. You are given 14 days to notify us upon signing up for the trial, if you do not wish to continue with the program.

Within the trial period, a customer can opt out of the program and he/she just needs to return the remaining supply of the products for cancellation.

Any customers who chose to continue with the program, on the 14th day, you will be charged for the full cost of the initial bottles and every 30 days thereafter, be shipped another bottle of each product ordered for the same regular price. The prices are as follows:

For our customers who are still in the 14-day grace period, you can keep the initial bottle for only $39.95 USD for each product you ordered and you can opt it to be a one-time payment or a monthly subscription.

Like the others I ordered this product on line and did not read the 20 pages of terms and conditions where it apparently was itemized exactly what happened to me. I thought I would pay for a trial, only postal costs and received the product, which I liked. Soon after I was charged the full amount 147$ and 132$. Apparently this was explained to me fully in the terms and conditions: that if I did not return the product in 14 days that I would be charged the full amount, and I would be sent a new order monthly. The company names on the credit card were New London and Beauty Skin. My credit card company said that they keep changing their name so that they will not be caught. This is also a scam out of England so do not comply with Canadian they get away with it. Buyer beware

They offer a trial sample of their product for a small fee 4.99 and promise no other charges or products will be sent to you. then they lie and charge you anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars for products you didnt authorize until you cancel..and you cant get your money back and the credit card company wont help. they claim you agreed to a trial period..which of course they don't tell you until they have chaged your credit card . then it's too late.

Then you have to cancel or there will be more charges for stuff you didn't authorize.

I ordered an online trial product from Tru Belleza, I gave my *** *** MC to pay the cost of USD 4.95 on Feb 27, I have never opened it since I received the product on the week of March 4. When I received my credit card statement on March 26, I was charged USD 89.95 (CAD 122.69) for a transaction that I have no idea. I called the credit card company to dispute this unauthorized transaction, they said I have to call back on March 28 to dispute because it was weekend. I called the PC MC on March 28, and I was told I signed up a 14 days trial contract which I am not aware of, and the credit card company has nothing can do to avoid this incident and the company will continue to charge my credit card thereafter. I requested to block this company on my credit card, issued a new card with new number. I was suggested that I call the company which I did call the phone number on my credit card, I can not leave any messages. I sent an email to the email on the website: [email protected], a person name: Sam Delos Santos, who said he is the product manager, I cannot cancel my account, stop any future charges, no refund and I have to mail back the product because I passed the 14 days to return or cancel any future payments. I told him I did not see any terms and conditions provided such information before I make purchased decision, I did not have 14 days to try the product and make a decision, then they charged my credit card for the full amount of the product. It cost me CAD 20.67 to mail back the product. I told him that his website misled consumers, no clear information provided. Sam told me “Upon checking on the checkbox for the terms and clicking "Order", "Place Order" or any similar syntax, you agree to the provided terms and conditions.” I did went to the website again, and I am not able to locate any fine print regarding their terms and conditions. I told him the company website is very ambiguous, they represented the products and services in a misleading way. They provided "trial product", however, they are hiding the terms and conditions of their offers in teensy type, using pre-checked sign-up boxes as the default setting online, and putting conditions on returns and cancellations that are so strict it could be next to impossible to stop the deliveries and the billing. They have not done the duty to mitigate loss, they have not cancelled my account as per my request. They are selling products to Canadian, but they are not complying with the Consumer Protection Act, Competition Act and the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act, their terms and conditions are using vague language, they are hiding the true details in the fine print. I questioned my *** *** MC, if they have been receiving many disputes from on-line shoppers, why they did not alert their customers when they saw the similar transactions on the credit card? We were charged something that we did not agreed or signed up with, the company is not doing a good faith of business, the credit card company did not do any due diligent to mitigate the loss. As a consumer, what can we do? If our authorities do not stand out to stop this kind of bad business practices, there will be more and more innocent consumers fell in this kind of scam.

I found a website as "endorsed" by Dr Oz, for eye serum - Tru Belleza. I ordered their trial products for moisturizer and eye serum. I paid the shipping and handling, unfortunately I did not do my due diligence and research this company further.

They siphon money out of your account if you do not cancel your subscription with them within 30 days. Well I didn't even get half of the order I placed and was well within my 30 day trial period. Even if it was a two week trial period from the time I received my product, I was still within my time before I needed to cancel.

They removed two separate amounts from my account totalling $225.00 with no other products provided.

I've emailed them repeatedly and I have left a voicemail requesting them to make this situation right.

I'm left with little recourse but to file with the BBB, the Anti Fraud Dept and the OPP.

An order for samples of these products was applied for giving credit card information

the cost was to be $4.25 and $7.15 which I agreed upon

Within the week the products arrived

I remember thinking the sizes of these items were large to be samples so I did go onto my bank site to check and to see that I was charged the correct amount

I was happy to see the amounts were correct and I forgot about it till the end of month when I went to pay my credit card bill

Not only was I charged the $4.25 and $7.15 but two weeks later I was charged two more amounts one for $127.83 and $142.04. This was not what I had signed up for

The first thing I did was call my credit card company but they told me there was nothing they could do other than cancel my credit card and issue me a new number.

It was suggested that I call the company which I did

When I received these items in the mail there was no return address on the box, no information inside with a receipt or anything so I had a problem, how did I get hold of this company

The credit card company told me there was a phone number on my account where the company had taken the money, I have a phone number for each transaction. I called one and had really bad reception . The fellow told me I had 14 days to return the product and as the time was elapsed they would not refund me. I asked where this information was and was told in the small print !

They did offer to cancel my account ? Didn't know I had one ! I said yes to this so they wouldn't charge me for anymore products but I had also cancelled my credit card number . I then asked for an address but was told they only gave clients the address and that I had cancelled my account so they wouldn't give it to me

I lost it then and started to say what I thought . I was hung up on. I have not opened these products and am appalled that a well known singer had her name attached to this promotion. I did go on the site again to look for the small print that would explain the way this works but couldn't find anything indicating I was signing up for an account , had two weeks to return the products or would be charged for products other than the samples

The cream Tru Belleza from Dr. Oz the serum and night cream promises a firmer looking skin with a 14 day trial for $4.95. Not true was charged over $300.00 to my credit card without notification. The eye cream is not a cream, but waxy and does not blend into your skin, but flakes off producing rashes.

The company is called Tru Belleza.(Greenville SC). I Order this product while on facebook. The article I was reading was on a famous person who has used this product. Tru Belleza stated that this product was a special time order for $4.95. No where on that page or in the box they the product was in, did it state that once you order this product that you would be sucked into receiving more products at the ridiculous price of $350.00. Or that you have 30 days to cancel from the first day you ordered the original product. I never never in my life have ordered items like this before. Please advice the public about this company,(dishonest) I am not working at this time and I have no idea as to how I can pay this stupid bill for $350.00. I guess the saying is true. (if its too good to be true its not)

Trubelleza advertised cosmetics for free trial, just pay shipping. Received products 17 days later and VISA charges from 2 companies, Skinbeauty and Pureskin totally $290.36. Phoned the companies to complain and was denied access to management or any refund. Skinbeauty even said they had no record of our credit card numbers or any product transaction with us but were not willing to refund any money. Called VISA to report the scam and after they investigated. we had the total amount of $290.36 refunded on our account. We also cancelled that card so no further charges could be made by any of these companies. Very dishonest advertising and a shell game involving several company names.

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