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Travel Reports & Reviews (20)

- Pensacola, FL, USA • Oct 23, 2023

Received a phone call that i didnt answer from an area code I used to live. Called back using "*67" to see if it was someone I knew. He identified himself as Joseph and knew my name, resorts i had stayed at, and tried to convince me I had booked a trip and did not travel. I told him I had no idea what he was talking about and to please remove my number from his list. He began speaking rapidly about me losing thousand of dollars and would not let me speak. Only when I mentioned the did he abruptly hang up.

• Sep 01, 2023

This person claiming to be Alejandro Lashawn Reed is a total scammer. They claim to be a travel agent and stole money from a party of 10. They created fake invoices and receipts (including fake documents appearing to be from the cruise line). Once we called Norwegian Cruise Line, they confirmed we never had existing reservations. This person stole about $900 each from a party of 10 people to go on a cruise for a milestone birthday.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA • Jun 01, 2023

My daughter booked a reservation for a Hotel in Palm Dessert in April , was not able to go I tried to call them without any luck , called the hotel to let them that I was not going to make

They refused to refund the money charged to my paypal account , $407.94 , they don't answer the phone , they have a bogus chat and they never respond

- Orlando, FL, USA • May 17, 2023

I booked a flight on February 19th, 2022 online with which website uses a third-party Travel2be agent. A few months later I found out that I am pregnant and the doctor told me that I am high-risk pregnancy and I am not able to fly. The email from the company does not have a phone number and a contacted Turkish Airlines on July 9th, 2022 what my options are. A person on the line transfer me to another department and they told me if a pay extra $400 my ticket is going to be an Open ticket that I can use until August 15, 2023. I received a confirmation e-mail. This April I believe that I have an open ticket and I plan my trip for this year, when I contact Turkish Airlines they told me that they do not know anything about my tickets and did not want to help. They told me to contact the agent who I pay the $400. The phone number on the confirmation e-mail is not valid, and the website on Travel2be is not existing anymore. I have no one to help me. I send a copy of the e-mail that clearly said thank you for your payment of $400 and you have an Open ticket good until August 15, 2023, but Turkish Airlines did not want to accept that. First time when I contact Turkish Airlines they told me to file online feedback and in two days they will help me. I was waiting 15 days, and when I called them to ask the agent kept telling me I need to wait. At that time the price of the tickets get higher and I believe that they will help me. After 15 days they did not want to help. I have a history on my phone that they are the one the second time when I cancel my flight who transfer me to this agent who is me, but they said they do not have a history of these calls. Turkish Airlines said that they are not the ones who charged me the extra $400 so they are not able to help me/ I chacked the history of my ban account is said that is charged by a travel agency. For all the time I pay that money I believed that I speak with a person from Turkish Airlines.

- Milton, FL, USA • Apr 30, 2023

It was supposed to be a free trip to Orlando and Daytona cause I won it from the Pensacola fair. One time fee of $398 a family of 4. I talked to the guy up until I made the dates in the summer then kept on calling and leaving messages and no one will ever call me back. Trying to still talk to my bank about it but they said they might not be able to do nothing about it. So sick of dishonest people ughh it’s ridiculous. I’m a single mother of two. If you all could help and get these sorry people thanks.

• Feb 16, 2023

On 2/16/22, I was called by a company called “US Airways Internal Travel Agency”. They were offering me 2 free US Airways airline tickets if I attended their grand opening for the new travel agency on Laskin Road. As we were on the phone, I was searching the web to see if I could find anything about this company, news information about a new agency opening up, social media info, etc. I was unable to find anything. Searched and saw that there have been scams related to this. Wanted to report the number and name of the agency being used.

• Feb 08, 2023

It is the exact same as the aforementioned. Just a few different names. It started with a call from Josh Smith from Travel Planners followed by an email of an offer to buy our vacation membership. A few back and forth emails with Daniel Lee, Sales Advisor, discussing our membership and what I believed it was worth before we agreed on a price. Intent Letter was signed, and he told me the Law office would be contacting me that would be helping with the rest of the documentation and contracts. I received an email from them about being closed for Christmas and the New Year, as well as one from Travel Planners stating the same. The Law Office involved with ours is Timothy Everett Bott Law Firm in New York, NY. There was phone calls and email communication frequently beginning the middle of January with the law firm between getting the contract signed with them and contacting my vacation club to pay off the balance of my membership. That was when I was contacted by Laura Castro posing as a person from our vacation club, Unlimited Vacation Club (which at the time we didn't know). All her documentation seemed legit. The same letterhead, had our membership number and personal information, even had the emails and contracts set up like the ones we regularly receive from our club. The email address was almost the same but since she was from a different department, the member services transfer department; I didn't think anything about it. Then once we wire transferred the money ($11,459) to pay off our membership, a bank in New York (or that's what the caller ID said) called to confirm where to wire transfer our payment of funds. Then we receive an email, and another email, and they kept coming from the Hacienda (the Mexican IRS they call themselves) telling us we owe $16,081.60 in taxes on money we never received). The emails state if we don't pay the money, we will be charged with tax evasion and a warrant will be issued for mine and my husband's arrest, but we have to appear in court this month in Mexico to handle it if we're not going to pay the money. I believe the Law Office is in on it too, because they are refusing to talk to us about anything now and threatening us as well telling us we stole the money from their clients and backed out on a contract deal. Plus the $11,045 we supposedly paid to our club to pay off our membership never made it there, so we still owe on our membership and now owe the loan that we borrowed to pay off the membership. The people from the law firm I spoke to was Sophia Anderson via email and Samuel Diez and Daniel Stephens via phone, number 929-480-9547. The rest of the information of how the events have taken place is the same as the other guy that mentioned Travel Planners. The problem is it's more than just one company involved. This just happened to us. Started end of December 2022 through now February 8, 2023. We don't know what to do at this point.

hi ajent name ravi book tickets for me on their web site., he said gave me return tickets with Air India air line for $1575 and purchased couple of tickets from him. and he said to send him money thru remitly money transfer company like western union. ravi said this way you will save some money because this way you not paying directly to travel ajants, he said we are partners with air line so we get the best price. so he talk me into it to make account on remitily and send them money. they send me tickets copy in my email and i sent the some money $2400 candians. then i called the air line to see if my tickets are confirmed, and air line said tickets are not confirmed means its not paid for. then i called remitly and ask them to stop the transfer and they said its to late its in process still, and they can’t stop it now. called the bank and try to stop them and they said they can’t stop it either. so now my money is gone and ravi and rahul they were two guys. and they stop answering my calls. i have made ploice compliant and remitily is working on it right now so lets what happens. i wish to she them in jail.

OMG where do I start. Please be aware of this company's tactics and avoid them at all COST. So, we were granted the Orlando trip for hotel stay, round trip air fair fees and tickets to Universal Studios for 4. I cant roll my eyes enough to display the amount of dismay for this made up group.

Let me just sum up this conversation by saying they wont even address the concerns you have until you've paid $390 off top. But people/customers whomever just recognize......these people say that they will have you fly out on a Monday between 3pm-10pm. You are responsible for paying all the taxes at the airport, hotel taxes, and of course theme park taxes. You have Tuesday to explore the park you chose after you pay again for any breakfast and commute to the park. ( This is IF the park will even accept your voucher) then you have to fly home at 4:30am the next morning in which the flight actually leaves at 6am. If this company was legit they'd send you your vouchers for the park, hotel voucher, and flight vouchers in the mail or email for you to print, but THEY are FRAUD. If this was done you'd have time to call the park to verify this voucher is accepted on your planned day of attendance, you could pick your hotel and your flight that suits your family's needs. With this group you have to plan 60 days or more out then for your 2nd or 3rd choice of date to travel, those have to be an additional 30 days out from your initial 60 day expected date of travel. LISTEN people, it is too easy to go on southwest etc to plan your trip 2-4 months out. This group will tell you travel only takes place Monday-Wednesday. You cant be within 7 days of any holiday etc.......Then if you go through this group your agent will tell you there are more fees due than you initially paid $390 (Blows my mind) on top of what you are paying when you arrive. So go the easy route and plan your own trip on your own terms. Its too easy to do.

- West Jordan, UT, USA

I’ve asked so many times to stop calling, this company won’t stop. They tell me that I bought a travel package and I have earned more credit, or something like that. I never did this.

- Chicago, IL, USA

The number +18722159005 called me asking if I could hear them. I did say yes and I knew it was a scam.

Scammer called private caller. I was waiting for a call from my dr. so I answered it. I usually don't answer calls I don't know. Man said he was with a travel company asked can you hear me. I said yes and I knew I had fallen for the "can you here me" scam. I told him I was not interested and he hung up. I did not give any more information.

- Wake Forest, NC, USA

Sam from Travel (Something) called me from what appeared to be a phone number at my work. She asked if I could hear her. I said yes without thinking. I am worried my "yes" was recorded and will be used as consent to something later.

- Ypsilanti, MI, USA

The caller shared they were aware of my previous vacation and would like to offer a discounted trip. She asked if I would be open to hearing more. I responded YES. She then proceeded to share information, but when i paused her to ask a question, she would not stop talking. I began to wonder if it was a recording to see if I could just say YES, or she was adamant about getting through her speech. I hung up. I called the local number back, and an older man answered right away. I asked if someone from his number called. He stated that no on used his phone.

said I had a expired travel voucher and wanted to renew it.{ I had never bought a travel voucher !}

- Amorita, OK, USA

The caller, Brooke, said she was from some travel company and asked if I could hear her okay. Her number was 580-448-2976. Before thinking, I answered "yes". She hung up. I was scammed. I phoned the phone company, who had no idea what to do about it. I contacted all credit cards, and the bank.

- Tacoma, WA, USA

Received phone call 2/ 14/ 2017 10:50 am. She asked if I could hear her. I said yep. Caller claimed "headset problems" and she sounded like a real person , She said 'our records indicate you have stayed at one of our properties and what not I hung up. I heard about this scam on the news.

- Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Incoming call asked if I remembered that I signed up for Travel something or other. A foreigner voice. Im assuming ive lost nothing, but i did relpy no to the question! D:

- Millersville, MD, USA

Called and made me say yes by asking for someone and I said no, then saying my first name and I said yes. Senior citizen here. I am distraught that I might have been recorded and agreed to something. Tried to call number back, and person is unavailable and mailbox is full.

- Buffalo, NY, USA

The scam said that I have been selected to take an all inclusive vacation, ple[censored]d to speak to our representative about what you've won

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