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• Apr 29, 2021

Type of a scam Employment

I first found out about this “job” on Indeed while doing my usual job search. It sounded absolutely perfect so I applied. It said I could choose the hours I worked, either 9-5, 9-1 or 1-5. The pay was especially impressive. The hourly rate was to be $24/hr or $46,000/yr! Since the schools have been shut down again I thought this would be something I could work into my schedule since my husband works in the afternoons. Then, without even so much as an interview, I was offered probationary employment as a Financial Administrative Assistant. After they confirmed that I had a smartphone, I received something called a Training Period Agreement which was to last 20 working days. I was speaking with my career counsellor yesterday, who told me to not give her any additional information and that this had scam written all over it. I am attaching the document I received this morning from Maria Kruse, Regional Manager of Total-IT Solutions. She asked for me to attach a piece of ID (driver’s license, passport, or State ID). The email she sent me had very poor English as well as many grammatical errors.

• Mar 08, 2021

Type of a scam Employment

I've been applying for jobs mainly using Indeed jobs. I posted my resume for administrative assistant jobs. I was contacted via email regarding a financial administration assistant position that paid very well. It seemed like good employment. Their website looked good etc. The job posting itself seem professional. They sent me a couple emails all about the position. Then they sent me the employment contract and in the contract they insisted I gave them my credit card and banking info so they can deposit funds into my account, then email or call me with instructions on which ATM to go to and withdraw the funds at which time they would contact me again with further instructions as to where to send the money. Below are the emails they sent me.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I've attached the "Probationary Employment Agreement" document to this email. The probationary period is paid and lasts 20 working days.

You will find full information regarding the probationary period in this document.

The probationary period is an ideal way for us to check how responsible you are and if you have the skills we desire.

Simultaneously, this allows you an opportunity to get acquainted with

the duties of Financial Administrative Assistant.

The probationary period is combined with training. I will provide all required training and instructions by email and phone.

This is remote position. You will receive payments to your account online,

then withdraw cash from the bank branches and buying digital funds in the specialized ATM's.

I will coordinate with you the possibility of processing each payment within a certain time frame.

Each payment is accompanied by step-by-step instructions from me.

The position is competitive, so I will wait for your decision regarding this offer within 5 working days.

If for any reason you can not start work within 5 working days, please let me know.

To accept this offer, please complete the following:

1. Fill out the required information, print and sign Probationary Employment Agreement document.

As the start date, specify the date when you are ready to start the probationary employment.

Afterward, please, scan or take a picture and send it to me by email.

2. As the Financial Administrative Assistant position is remote, please scan or take a picture and email me a copy of your document so we can process and verify your identity.

It can be one of the following documents: driving license, passport or state ID.

If you have any questions, please contact me by email.

Maria Kruse

Regional Manager

Total IT Solutions


The offer of the Probationary Employment as a Financial Administrative Assistant at

Total IT Solutions


1. The Company – Total IT Solutions

2. The Candidate – a person who is offered the position of a Financial Administrative Assistant

at Total IT Solutions for the Probationary Employment.


According to the terms of this agreement, the Company will employ the Candidate for the

position of a Financial Administrative Assistant for the duration of one (1) month.

The purpose of the Probationary Employment is to provide the Company with an opportunity

to evaluate the Candidate’s skills and performance. We familiarize the Candidate with

processing the payments according to the company’s standards and determine if the Candidate

gets permanent employment.

During the Probationary Employment, the Candidate must fulfill a number of tasks

representing the basic duties of a Financial Administrative Assistant, including payments

processing and report preparation.


To be accepted for the Financial Administrative Assistant position on a permanent basis, the Candidate has to complete the Probationary Employment.

The Probationary Employment lasts one (1) month or 20 working days.

The position of Financial Administrative Assistant includes outside tasks such as visiting

bank branches and specialized ATMs. The Candidate must be accessible by phone and e-mail

during working hours.

There should be the following requirements for the successful completion of the

Probationary Employment:

1. The Candidate must follow all managers’ instructions and confirm that instructions are

received and understood.

2. The Candidate is required to have a smartphone with a camera.

3. The Candidate must be accessible by e-mail and phone during working hours.

All communication with the manager during the Probationary Employment will be processed

by email and by phone.

The Company will provide the Candidate with step by step procedure description, training

materials, and specific instructions for every task.



Total IT Solutions


Working hours during the Probationary Employment are from 9.00am to 1.00pm. or from

1.00pm to 5.00 pm. Also available full time, 9:00 am. – 5:00pm.Working hours are flexible,

which means the manager will coordinate with the Candidate the possibility of processing each

payment within a certain time frame.


Compensation paid to the Candidate will consist of a wage the hourly rate of C$24.00 (

$46,000 annual), plus a bonus. Bonus is counted according to the following bonus formula:

3% for each completed payment. A payment is considered to be completed when it is

confirmed by the manager. (Ex.: the Candidate receives a bonus of C$30.00 from payment of


A 3% bonus will be paid on the same day of payment.

The hourly rate will be paid twice a month.


During the Probationary Employment, the Candidate is required to perform the following

duties and undertake the following responsibilities in a professional manner. During the

Probationary Employment, tasks assigned to the Candidate present the full cycle of work as a

Financial Administrative Assistant, including the following:

1. Receiving payments

2. Withdrawing cash from the bank account in bank branches

3. Exchanging digital funds using specialized ATMs.

4. Improvement of the invoices processing efficiency

5. Performing reports



Payments will be sent to the Candidate's personal bank account directly to the Credit Card or

by Interac E-Transfer. A personal bank account is used only during the Probationary


Having received the payment, The Candidate must exchange digital funds using specialized

ATMs. The Company provides a list of suitable ATMs.

The Candidate must confirm his identity to work with payments. The Candidate must make

sure that the documents confirming his identity have not expired. The Candidate must process

the payment in accordance with the instructions received from the manager.



Total IT Solutions


The Candidate assumes all financial responsibility. All funds received during the

Probationary Employment are the funds of the Company. Any unauthorized attempt to

misappropriate funds of the company will be punished by the law.


The Candidate is required to provide a copy of the ID to verify his/her identity. All personal

information and copies of the documents are used only within the Company.

To accept this offer, the Candidate must complete the following:

1. Specify the date to begin the Probationary Employment:

2. Fill in the account form below to be able to receive payments

3. Sign the “Probationary Employment Agreement” document.

4. Send “Probationary Employment Agreement” document and copy of ID to the manager

by email.

Please specify the start day of the Probationary Employment

/ /


Holder Name: ____________________________________________________________

Credit Card Number: __________________________________________________


Online Banking Details:

Holder Name: _______________________________________________________

Bank Name: ________________________________________________________

E-mail for Interac E-Transfer: ___________________________________________

Experience of using online banking

Do you use internet banking: ____________________________________________

Have you ever used the Interac E-Transfer system: ___________________________

How long you have been using internet banking: _____________________________



Total IT Solutions

By signing below, I accept this probationary employment agreement:


Total IT Solutions


In the person of:


Maria Kruse, regional manager

• Mar 08, 2021

Type of a scam Employment

I’ve been looking for work and an email came in offering me a chance to apply for a position as an Administrative Assistant. They provided a web site with the job description. Upon first glance, I looked over some oddities. Like, how there were no phone numbers provided, physical address, and just the flow of the email. I didn’t catch this at first and told them I was interested. It was the second email offering me a probationary position that really raised the flags. First, the wording was changed. Administrative Assistant became Financial Administrative Assistant. Then a line in the email read “you will receive your payments to your account online, then withdraw cash from the bank branches and buying digital funds in the specialized ATM’s”. That’s a direct quote, no editing on my part. The form they attached for me to fill out required my credit card number, they also wanted proof of my identity (a photo of my driver’s license, passport or state ID).

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