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Tickets on Sale

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Tickets on Sale Reports & Reviews (19)

• Apr 16, 2022

Scammer's phone (888) 970-0208
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 244 5th Ave, Suite 2, New York, NY 10001
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

TicketsOnsale is a definition of Scam

TicketsOnsale is THE WORST! Avoid at all costs. To be honest, this is my once in a long time type review because I am so very disappointed. Pay more somewhere else so you do not spend time talking to their customer service team who will put you through a circle of questions. You will thank me for reading this. I paid for tickets, which I never received. I was told to accept through email, the email was never delivered. Told to check SPAM, promotions box, junk folder, in which a confirmation email was nonexistent. Eight calls, numerous online chats and six hours later in total, no tickets and no refund. I was unable to go to my event. Terrible customer service is an understatement. I contacted my Credit Card company to dispute charges, posted this review on multiple review sites and reported to BBB. TicketsOnsale is a middleman service who could care less of who you are. They connect you to 3rd Party sellers who could be scams and criminals. This company needs to be stopped and shut down. Customer service must be outsourced and have zero ability to refund, help or assist. Resolution is multiple 2-3 minute holds in hopes that you give up, hang up and stop calling. Another offer suggested that I sign into or download the following APPS; AXS, TicketMaster, SeatGeek and other potential legitimate services in hopes to find my tickets. I felt that each call provided another entirely different creative option to hopefully discover the tickets I purchased. 8 calls with 8 magical suggestions which did not work. Complete joke. After the fact, all posted reviews are bots, paid ratings and fake. Reality is F rating with BBB, falsely posted client ratings, false money back guarantee, false 100% customer satisfaction, I could go on and on. I hope whoever reads this spreads this message like wildfire. Do not buy from this company.

• Apr 02, 2022

Please shut down this business

They don’t let you see the actual seats you are buying but when you get tickets, you see that they sold you with a 100% markup for horrible seats. Seats in the same section vary a big deal. Then they don’t disclose all the fees they charge which are equivalent to the whole ticket price. They show up as first link in google search so people assume they are buy from the venue or reputable seller such as Ticketmaster and after purchase realize they have been scammed lots of similar reviews on this site and BBB, if so many people claim they habe been scammed, it must be a dishonest business

• Mar 05, 2022

Victim Location 55421
Total money lost $128.38
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On February 21, 2022, I purchased two tickets for a NBA game (Minnesota Timberwolves vs Memphis Grizzlies) that was scheduled on the 24th of February in the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They claimed after purchase of the tickets that I had to wait for a link to come from a third party. Every leading up to the game I contacted them for the link was only hung up on until the event passed. Then after contacted them afterwards and being continuing to be hung up on, they finally said it was an internal investigation but would not provide any confirmation to this process.

• Mar 04, 2022


PLEASE do not use this site. I purchased tickets from TicketsonSale in April of 2021. A link was sent to me but every time I clicked on it, a message would pop up saying "oops, something went wrong." I tried religiously to get someone from TicketsonSale to resend me the link and they simply wouldn't. I was never able to use the tickets and had to eat the cost. Financial deception at its finest. Needless to say, this company does not stand by their consumer purchases. AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

• Feb 18, 2022


I bought 2 tickets to Frozen to take my daughter paid $439.00. I never received the tickets and was out the money! How are they still able to scam people! SO UPSET!

• Jan 29, 2022

No weather policy

Avoid. Was informed by AXS that I had bought through a third party website and would have to contact them regarding refund because of weather conditions that made it impossible to attend the show, all public transportation was shut down. Contacted customer service spoke to a representative and they refused a refund. They said they are a secondary market for resale that they have a disclaimer on the website. You are not buying directly from the venue when you purchase here.

• Jan 26, 2022

Victim Location 96734
Total money lost $337.49
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ticket scalpers on refund options

• Jan 23, 2022

Victim Location 02118
Total money lost $684
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website sells resale tickets at 3 times the value. As per the protection for buyers policy, I kindly ask you to help me on this matter. We as a buyers should feel safe and not being manipulated and charged triple of the actual cost.

These tickets are meant for my 3 children to see disney on ice and there are so many tickets left in same section row for $40 each. I paid over $684 for 5 to give you the idea.

• Jan 16, 2022


When a show is rescheduled, you should be able to (as so many other vendors do) to get a refund for your purchase. Evanesence & Halestorm rescheduled 3 days before their 12/17 show in Camden, NJ. I am unable to make the 1/16/22 show at an OUTDOOR venue during a NAMED winter storm that is bringing freezing rain, ice, high winds, and windchill below 0! Ticketsonsale REFUSES to do ANYTHING -- FINAL SALE is all the customer service department says...FINAL SALE

• Jan 03, 2022

There is no 100% Guarantee as advertised

Purchased tickets through Tickets for Sale as a reseller. They forwarded a link for the ticket transfer from Ticket Master. The link states that the ticket transfer has been cancelled by the seller. After over 20 calls with a foreign customer support office, still the same run around. We are out over $400 and no tickets. Don't buy tickets from them.

• Oct 28, 2021

There is a reason this company has an F with the BBB. You think you're purchasing from TicketMaster only to find out you purchased from TicketsOnSale which then transfers the tickets to TickeMaster. Unbelievable "service charge" and "delivery fees." If your event is postponed or cancelled good luck getting in touch with anyone for a resolution. I was on hold for 30 minutes. I had to try Live Chat multiple times since it would close after telling me "This event was cancelled." It's near impossible to get a real person. And if your event is cancelled good luck using the "refund coupon." They won't refund your money.

• Oct 25, 2021

When you go online, watch out, you might think you are buying a ticket from the venue box office but no this website will misled you and sell you overpriced tickets. Even worse, they will not refund you if you are unable to attend for very legitimate reason -- even if you cancel 2 weeks ahead of the event they will not refund you - they are very slick. No one answers the phone; their chat line is useless. They are fraudulent. They scammed me for $344 -- Anastasia Musical in Palace Theater Waterbury Connecticut. I and wife were not able to attend due to medical reasons.

• Sep 23, 2021

Victim Location 29412
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Company sold me two tickets to a concert that was cancelled. They never sent any tickets and refused to refund money back in the amount of $400. Sent me bogus credits that I have tried to use and doesn't work for any purchase on their site.

• Sep 22, 2021

If it would let me do Zero Stars I would. I purchased tickets five months prior to the KISS final tour concert. Tickets On Sale/ Tickets Master not only lost my seats, they replaced them with other seats, only to tell us THE DAY OF THE CONCERT that they had canceled our tickets. They literally gave our seats away. The final tour concert was missed, and so was the only chance for my parents to see KISS in concert. Drastically mismanaged, absolutely failed customer service. Whole experience was horrific. Buy somewhere else. Please look ANYWHERE else. Save yourselves the money and trouble.

• Sep 20, 2021

Victim Location 47111
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They said that if I bought a ticket through them they would guarantee delivery and usability, but they didn't, and then refused to refund the money I paid out. They changed the status of the order to delivered after a conversation I had immediately before.

• Sep 05, 2021

I placed several orders on this site because they offered discount prices for a judas priest concert , at the oklahoma city zoo amphitheater on October 17th. I even purchased the insurance from them because it stated I would get a refund and such if I couldnt attend. I can't get ahold of anyone from customer service the " live chat " is a bot not any actual person I spent over 500 dollars for 5 tickets and due to some family emergency I can't attend now I am absolutely destroyed.

• Aug 09, 2021

I bought two tickets for a concert and was told I would receive them no less than 24 hours before the show. After I paid for the tickets I received one within a short time. I then received an email telling me that the sale was canceled. I spent countless hours online and on the phone trying to rectify the situation with their customer service. I was told consistently to wait and keep checking my email for the other ticket. The day of the show I spent over 2 1/2 hours with customer service trying to figure out if I had tickets or not. They told me I would have to continue to wait. After 2 1/2 hours the show had already started and I was told again to keep checking my email. Since then I have requested a refund and I was just told, that I did receive the tickets. Even though I did not. Every time you call they tell you it's over an hour wait and anytime you go online it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get a customer service rep. This is not a reputable company and I would avoid at all costs.

• Jun 19, 2021

Victim Location 37027
Type of a scam Online Purchase

"Ticketsonsale" is a scam second party ticket sales site. They email you with information about tickets being available and they ultimately double or triple the tickets face value. Then they charge a Service fee that is completely ridiculous($250). My tickets were face value of $175 and I bought two. When they charged my credit card it was over $1,000! False advertising, hidden fees, misleading. This company has bad reviews all over the internet. I called the company to get a refund and they said there was nothing they could do. I had to wait over an hour to speak with a person in the Phillipines who was no help and said that they could not forward me to anyone above them. They should be shut down.


Victim Location 98282
Total money lost $202.57
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My younger sister mistakenly "bought" tickets on this website that are not even available for public sale yet. This website is falsely advertising that it currently has tickets to shows that have not gone on sale. The scam website was the first several results online when she google searched about the concert (including as an advertisement result) and they were advertising to her on facebook. When you go onto the website they also are advertising that they are also reselling certain tickets that when bought from the venue are non-transferrable (meaning the name on the ticket has to match that of the original purchaser). My sister realized this was a scam after she received her receipt and it was flagged by gmail as being a possible scam and the sender's email address did not match the name of the website (listing the name as, which was not the name on the website when she purchased them and the email address for the sender was from [email protected]). On her bank account their are two charges, one of $188.57 for the tickets (listed on her bank statement as TICKETSAJR QUINN XCI) and second charge that she did not authorize for "insurance" for $14.

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